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Passion Sandra Sheer Black Bra Set With Suspender Set And Hooks

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No woman can ever have a maximum number of lingerie pieces. With each new set comes a different and more appealing design, making for a million different types of combinations to come up with a whole set of different looks, each designed to seduce and enhance the body’s beauty. The Passion Sandra Black Set is a lingerie set that capitalizes on the powerful and mysterious nature of the black color. The simple set is composed of a bra, a garter belt and a G-string. This combination comes together to create a masterpiece that will have you staring at yourself and wishing you could keep it on forever. The bra uses this simple color to come up with a design that makes your breasts stand out even with the full coverage. The lower cup, the upper cup and the underwires are made of the black colored sheer mesh. The fully adjustable straps allow you to have your breasts positioned in your most desired height, while the hook and eye fastening provide a tight and snug fit. The garter belt is made from both solid and mesh fabrics and boasts of the black colored panels. The hook and eye fastening ensures that the belt is held tightly in place, providing you with a comfortable fit. The garter suspenders are adjustable, allowing you to add in a pair of your favorite stockings to the ensemble. The black sheer G-string completes this seductive look. The Passion Sandra Sheer Black Bra, G-String and Suspender Set is a lingerie designed to give your play sessions the perfect seduction accessory.

Specifications of Passion Sandra Sheer Black Bra, G-String and Suspender Set

Fastening : Hook and Eye
Washing : Hand wash
Colour : Black
For Who : Female
Brand : Passion Lingerie
Style : Match Sets

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
testt (Ilulissat, GL)
Elegant allure with sheer fabric and suspender drama.

I recently ventured into the realm of seductive lingerie with the Passion Sandra Sheer Black Bra, G-String, and Suspender Set from Peaches and Screams. My experience with this set was a blend of elegant allure and a few practical considerations.

Starting on a positive note, the sheer black fabric of the set exuded an alluring and sophisticated vibe. The inclusion of a bra, G-String, and suspenders added to the overall sensual appeal. The discreet packaging and accurate sizing were both reassuring aspects.

The sheer fabric felt comfortable against my skin, and the fit of the bra provided a decent level of support. The G-String was in line with the set's design, and the addition of suspenders brought an element of drama that I found enticing.

However, there were certain aspects that caught my attention. The delicate nature of the sheer fabric raised concerns about potential snags or damage, which made me feel more cautious while wearing the set. Additionally, while the G-String contributed to the allure, it wasn't the most comfortable option for extended wear.

Attaching stockings to the suspenders was a bit of a challenge, particularly for someone who is not accustomed to using them. It required some trial and error to get the stockings securely in place.

In terms of pricing, the Passion Sandra Sheer Black Bra, G-String, and Suspender Set falls within a moderate range, considering its elegant design and materials.

In conclusion, my experience with the Passion Sandra Sheer Black Bra, G-String, and Suspender Set was a mixture of elegance and minor concerns. The sheer allure, comfortable fit, and overall design were highlights. However, the fabric's delicacy, potential comfort issues with the G-String, and the challenge of attaching stockings to the suspenders are factors to consider. If you're in search of a sensual and dramatic ensemble for intimate moments, this lingerie set offers potential, though it requires attention to its delicacies and potential comfort challenges.