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Pink Water Water-Based Personal Sex Lube for Women, 4.7oz

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Lubrication is the greatest difference between great sex and a slightly uncomfortable experience. As much as you would like to, sometimes your body just does not produce lube as much and as often as needed. Especially with sex toys, extra lubrication is of the ultimate importance to ensure that you get the seamless penetration and the slick slippery strokes that will have your legs up in the air and your voice hoarse from all the moaning. For anal sex, lube is a fundamental ingredient in the whole session as the anal cavity has no natural lubrication and with the rigidity of the sphincter muscles, a good lube makes a great difference. The normal oil-based lubricants are a clean-up nightmare as they stain every surface and the stains are not easily removed from fabrics. For the best of both worlds, water-based lubricants are the greatest choice. Pink Water Water-Based Personal Sex Lube for Women, 4.7oz is easily removed from fabrics, giving you peace of mind as you engage in your play session. It is also great for both anal and vaginal play, giving you generous lubrication as you go along ensuring that your session is as pleasant as expected. However, it is not compatible with natural rubber latex or polyisoprene condoms and should be used with polyurethane condoms. Indulging in your favorite sex play is now easier as you do not have to worry about being lubricated enough for your partner, as a ready boost is available whenever you need it.


Lube Type : Water Based
Liquid Volume : 4.7OZ/140ML
For Who : Female
Brand : Empowered Products

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