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R1 Rends Series


Rends R-1 Bach Rotor Triple Caps Bullet Attachments

Size Guide

If you own the R1 A10 cyclone masturbator, then you should know that the full potential of this toy cannot be achieved without the various accessories, all cleverly designed to help you exploit to maximum the tremendous power of the R1 series. The Rends R-1 Bach Rotor Triple Caps Bullet Attachments is an accessory of the R-1 A10 Cyclone masturbator; it is designed as the standard vibrating bullet attachment that comes with the toy, it is also easily replaceable in the event that the original rotor breaks, you can simply buy the attachment separately and replace it. The rends R1 Bach rotor is made of strong plastic material, and features a round cylindrical shape, it is wired at the base, with a ring of plastic around the base covering a seam, this ring of plastic is removable and also replaceable when necessary, the rends Rends R-1 Bach Rotor Triple Caps Bullet Attachments features a cleverly designed hole at the tip of the toy, specially placed at the tip to pleasure the clitoris, it boasts a shape and size that is absolutely incredible, the Bach rotor is ergonomic, and very easy to maneuver around your erogenous zones, it also boasts a hi-tech power system, making the Bach motor the strongest and fastest rotating motor in the market. All thanks to the brilliance of the Japanese engineers; whose passion and dedication to manufacturing the best in pleasure objects remain unmatched. The R1 Bach Rotor packs an extremely powerful punch within its small frame; and can produce vibrations twice as strong in comparison to other toys in its class. It is also loaded with 50 different vibrating patterns, allowing you to tailor your stimulation to your exact tastes and preference, and even a turbo function for advanced users. This accessory is not waterproof so be careful with the way you clean it after use. Note that you require a Rends R1 controller to use this accessory.

Specifications of Rends R-1 Bach Rotor Triple Caps Bullet Attachments

Length : 2.2 Inches
Washing : Hot soapy water and toy cleaner
Diameter : 1 Inch
Flexibility : Rigid
For Who : Both
Brand : R1 Rends Series
Size : 2.2 Inches