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R1 Rends Series


Rends R-1 Feel Mont Blanc Clitoral Attachment

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The Japanese playmaker Rends is here again with a first, this time they are introducing a new and fabulous female pleasure object, another incredible attachment for the R1 series. The Rends R1 Feel Mont Blanc is uniquely designed for unique results, offering both trembling vibrations along with sensual rotations to give you the ultimate user experience. When you put this toy on, the whole body gyrates with strong vibrations, while the upper part rotates deliciously in different patterns, this unique blend of vibrations and rotations ensures that stimulation is quickly attained, and with enormous results. The feel Mont Blanc attachment is made of a body-safe plastic base, and a soft rubber top with several tentacles set in a circle at the tip. These tentacles go to work on your clit, touching and teasing it to a shattering orgasm. The rotator offers just one steady vibration setting, and its speed and power can be easily controlled using the up and down arrows on the control. Another remarkable feature of the feel Mont Blanc is that in place of vibration patterns, the Feel Mont Blanc features rotation patterns, from short, brief rotations to longer full rotations, whatever rotation pattern you want is yours for the taking; thanks to the 50 different combination of patterns and rotations, you will certainly find what suits your particular tastes. This pleasure object is ergonomically designed, and easy to clean after use. Tantalize your clit with the amazing power of the Mont Blanc. Note that a Rends' R-1 Controller which is sold separately is needed for this product to function.

Specifications of Rends R-1 Feel Mont Blanc Clitoral Attachment

Length : 5 Inches
Washing : Hot soapy water and toy cleaner
Colour : Black
Flexibility : Firm
Controller : Wired
For Who : Female
Features : 50 modes
Brand : R1 Rends Series
Power : Needs the R-1 Controller
Size : 5 Inches