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R1 Rends Series


Rends R1 A10 Cyclone Circular Spacers

Size Guide

If you are worried about your length not being accommodated as you would have wanted in the original size of the Rends R1 A10 Cyclone Circular Spacers electronic masturbator, look no further, your problem has found a brilliant solution in the Rends R1 A10 Cyclone Circular Spacers. Designed in the form of circular discs, the cyclone spacers are meant to extend the length of your cyclone masturbator, providing more room for the endowed man to move more freely inside the masturbator. This item is meant for exclusive use with the A10 Cyclone. The spacers or distance discs for the A10 Cyclone, helps you to extend and adjust the overall length of the unit in order to accommodate different lengths. Each spacer added increases the length of the unit by 1 cm, which means that a set of three spacers will get you 3cm, and the original A10 Cyclone will take up to 10cm depending on the inner cup being used, spacers are ideal for those with a greater penis length. The spacers are made from high-quality duroplastic plastics, and very easy to connect, simply screw the spacers together until you attain the desired length. The Rends R1 A10 Cyclone Circular Spacers are sold in a set of three pieces, you can get as many as you need; and screw them onto the unit to provide you just the right level of depth or length that you want, the advantage of using as many spacers as possible is that; using an adequate number of spacers will enable you to use the A10 Cyclone hands-free. Take advantage of these handy Rends R1 A10 Cyclone Circular Spacers to adjust the length of your unit, ensure it fits your length to perfection, and then fly to orgasmic wonderland on the wings of your customized experience. Note that this item is an accessory for the RENDS R1 A10 Cyclone Spacer Male Masturbator.

Specifications of Rends R1 A10 Cyclone Circular Spacers

Washing : Hot soapy water and toy cleaner
Colour : Black
Flexibility : Rigid
For Who : Male
Brand : R1 Rends Series