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Rimba Electro Shock Ball Stretcher Parachute for Him

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You need more stimulation. You aren’t a greedy person. Not at all. You’re just braver and more daring than most. You’re willing to try new things and you’re open to new experiences. The orgasms you’re having now are great; they leave you with your toes curling and your heart beating out of your chest. But you want more; you know there is another level of ecstasy out there somewhere. There are many different toys and devices you can use to intensify the sensations you feel during sex, people have been experimenting with different things for years. One of those things is electric shock stimulation. It may seem out of the ordinary, but the reports have been outstanding. The people who have incorporated a little bit of electricity into their sex lives have reported some of the most intense orgasms they’ve ever experiences in their entire lives. Since then, the addition of electric shock into sex has been growing in popularity at an incredible rate.

Rimba is a company that specializes in electro sex toys that zap at you while giving you immense pleasure and sensation. This here is their Rimba Electro Shock Ballstretcher Parachute which has a unique design that is crafted to give you all of the tremendous benefits that a regular ball stretcher would give you, like the intense and consistent stretching sensations on your balls, while also sending tiny bits of electric shocks into your body. This type of stimulation is incredible and like nothing you’ve ever felt before. Strap yourself into this ball stretcher, which is very high quality and has these two little belt straps that add a nice element of taboo and kinkiness. Once you’re in you’ll feel that light stretch on your balls which is not only pleasant but will also help you last longer during sex by preventing your balls from tightening too easily. All that’s left is for you to turn on your Rimba Power box and let those electric shocks stimulate your balls like never before. Give it a few minutes and you’ll reach phenomenally powerful orgasms that are simply mind numbing. These are the soul-snatching orgasms that make your eyes roll into your skull and make you forget your name.

Get your Rimba Electro Shock Ball Stretcher Parachute for Him today and have the experience of a lifetime. Shop for the Rimba Electro Shock Ball Stretcher Parachute for Him now!

Specifications of the Rimba Electro Shock Ball Stretcher Parachute for Him

Fastening : Buckle
Washing : Wipe down
Colour : Black
Flexibility : Slight
For Who : Male
Brand : Rimba