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Stainless Steel Easy Removable Electro Butt Plug

You like the pain. It sends quick shivers right up your spine and devours your body with clouds of warmth and sensations. It’s difficult to explain the satisfaction to anyone else, but who cares? You have a kinky side that gets pleasure from pain. There’s no problem with that, right? Well, the only real problem is you start to develop a tolerance. You start to want more and more. If you’re at that point where you need something new, something exciting or if you’re just a little brave, then you want to try this. Allow us to introduce you to our brand new electro shock butt plug. This right here is everything you need to reach that feeling of ecstasy of that you crave so badly. The stainless steel construction makes for a perfect fit. It slides in smoothly and is easy to remove as well. But what makes this special is the little shocks that it sends up your asshole, giving you some of the best orgasms you’ll ever feel. Just imagine you come home from a long day at work. You’re stressed out and need to relax. How do you cope? You can easily take the edge off by popping this thing in and letting it run for a couple minutes. And we do mean a couple minutes because that’s all you’ll need before your eyes start rolling into your skull and your face starts to go numb. This butt plug is small, but it packs a huge punch and is guaranteed to give you some of the most powerful orgasms you’ve ever felt in your entire life. It is the perfect combination of pain, pleasure and novelty. It is easily one of the most challenging, stimulation and rewarding anal toys on the market today. Whether you just want to stick this thing in you one night before you go to bed or you’re about to have a romantic evening with your lover and you decide you want to have this inside of you during sex, it doesn’t matter. You can be certain that you are about to feel something you never could’ve imagined possible. Get your Stainless Steel Easy Removable Electro Butt Plug today because you really don’t have any time to waste. And after you’ve used it a couple times, be sure to come back and let us know how much you loved it. We love to hear about customer experiences. We’ll be waiting! Shop for Stainless Steel Easy Removable Electro Butt Plug now!


Length : 5.5 Inches
Washing : Wipe down
Width : 4 Inches
Colour : Silver
Flexibility : Rigid
For Who : Both
Brand : Rimba
Power : Rimba Power Box (Not included see above)

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