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Rimba Electro Sex 2 Flexible Penis Straps Set

You’d love to feel bigger. You’re fine now, and you rock your lover’s world every time you insert yourself into them. But wouldn’t you be able to give them the fucking of a lifetime if you were just a little bigger? How about a little harder? Or maybe you lasted just a little bit longer? If you didn’t already know, cock straps can help you achieve every single one of these. Just strap them on and viola, you become the sexy animal that you’ve always dreamed of. Once you lock yourself in you can watch as you become larger than you’ve ever been before almost instantly. It’ll do wonders for your confidence, which may actually translate into your performance in the bedroom. Who knows? Do you think you’ll be able to do more if you were a little more confident in yourself? You most definitely will. Once you’re strapped in you’ll become rock hard and you’ll be able to feel every ounce of blood pump through your pulsating cock. This alone will allow you to reach those intense orgasms that blind you for a few minutes. You know what we’re talking about, don’t you? We’re talking about those orgasms that leave you with your toes curling and your eyes rolling further and further back into your skull. Those are the orgasms we live for, and you can achieve them with the right cock straps. So, cock straps are excellent. And they’re a great way to turn up the heat in your love life, but what we have here is something even greater. The Rimba Electro Sex 2 Flexible Penis Straps Set are penis straps, yes, and they do make you larger and harder. But they also send little tiny electric shocks into your rock hard cock providing you will even more intense sensations than you usually feel. The consistent tingling sensation will simply drive you crazy. They’ll put you in a state of arousal that you never even thought imaginable. The orgasms you reach with this hear is so intense and so mind-numbing you’ll just have to experience them yourself to truly believe it. Get your electro cock straps today and try them on immediately. You may not ever want to take them off. Shop for Rimba Electro Sex 2 Flexible Penis Straps Set now!


Fastening : Velcro
Washing : Wipe down
Colour : Blue
Flexibility : Stretchy
For Who : Male
Brand : Rimba

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