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Rocks Off Golden Kegel Orgasm Balls for Her

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Maintaining an arousal is something that is no longer limited to the bedroom. The Rocks Off Golden Kegel Orgasm Balls for Her is a great accessory designed for discreet wear that increases your arousal with every single step that you take. These rose weighted colored balls fit comfortably in your vaginal cavity, massaging your inner intimate folds with every movement you make. Compatible with water based lubricant, use some to ease the entry of the balls into your vagina and feel every inch of the toy as it slides into you and settles against your inner walls. With the balls inside you, your pelvic muscles contract to keep the balls in place, increasing your pelvic floor muscles strength. The balls are easily removed, enabling you to enjoy your session for as long as you can only removing them when you feel the need to. To make the game even more interesting, have your partner put in the balls before a function and watch as they try their best not to gasp and twitch in pleasure. With the quiet sophistication of the balls, you will always be ready to indulge your senses with this simple foreplay accessory that will change your sessions for the better. With the balls, the sexual anticipation is increased, making the penetration feel so much better as it will be the end of a torturous period of time that will have had you begging for some sweet release. Embrace these balls and discover the magic of extended arousal.

Specifications of the Rocks Off Golden Kegel Orgasm Balls for Her

Washing : Hot soapy water and toy cleaner
Colour : Pink
Flexibility : Firm
For Who : Female
Material : Silicone
Brand : Rocks Off Ltd