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Rouge Garments Leather Croc Print Collar With O-Ring

Enslave your submissive partner with the magical design of the Rouge Garments Leather Croc Print Collar and derive extreme pleasure from your role play fetish.

Fancy a partner who follows all your orders and instructions without hesitation or second thoughts? This gorgeous leather collar is what you need. The device is made from top-quality soft leather, has slight flexibility, and will make it seamless to fit your neck if necessary. The leather used is strong and long-lasting to ensure non-stop pleasure sessions with your partner. The device comes with a removable O-ring that adds to the versatility, and also offers extra attachment options to incorporate other bondage gear.

The erotic Rouge Garments Leather Croc Print Collar features alligator cued padding along its length that gives it an exotic appearance. The O-ring makes it a perfect fit for all neck sizes, plus it is fully adjustable. It is a great choice for both veterans and newbies, as all you need is to apply sufficient pressure and observe how your sub will get on off of it. It has simple usage criteria, requires a wipe down after usage, has a soft interior lining to avoid bruising, and can be used by both genders.

Washing: Wipe down
For Who: Both
Brand: Rouge Garments