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S8 Hybrid Lube 50ml

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Enjoy the sensation of the wild and erotic pleasure a body can beg for in a smooth and silky way with the S8 Hybrid Lube. Let it glide through every part of the body and reach the maximum level of pleasure, which is often interrupted by the rough and uncomfortable body friction. Add that creamy touch to the intimate time spent with someone special and make it a memory that lasts a lifetime. Let the mixture have a natural impact on the soft skin and tender touch on the natural lubrication of the body. Get the sensational feeling of sexual pleasure in a smooth tone. Enjoy the sexual pleasures with the S8 Hybrid Lube.



The S8 hybrid lube comes in a very compact packaging with a net quantity of 50ml. It has a fine mixture of water and some amount of silicon, which is enough for long-lasting pleasure. The soft and smooth texture makes it easier to glide as it makes it slippery and easier. 

It does not harm the natural lubrication of the body and stays very gentle to the intimate parts of the body. It does not have any such dangerous elements which can be harmful to the user in it. Hence, it is safe, enjoyable, and fulfills all sexual desires. Reach the satisfaction level of those wild fantasies. Come a little closer, be a little wilder, glide some little more all with S8 Hybrid Lube 50ml. Grab the product and give the smooth sexual pleasure a shot.

Liquid Volume: 50ml
For Who: Both
Features: Gluten Free
Brand: Various Drug Stores