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S8 Premium Silicone Lube 50ml

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Discover the hidden pleasure of the body and enjoy the satisfaction to the fullest with the S8 Premium Silicone Lube. Spice up the bland and boring intimate moments into a much interesting memory, which the body and mind may crave again and again. The S8 Silicone Based Lube is perfect to reduce friction with its very smooth and soft texture. The premium quality silicone lube can turn those intimate moments into a very pleasing long-lasting adventure of desire. Get a wet and smooth experience without damaging the natural lubricant of the body. It is safe to use and has a very gentle approach to the skin. Grab the S8 Premium Silicone Lube for the ever-lasting experience.  


The S8 Premium Silicone Lube comes in a very compact packaging with a net quantity of 50ml. The premium quality of silicone makes it enough for long-lasting pleasure. It has a very silky wet and soft texture to it which makes it easier to slide in and out. 

The S8 Premium Silicone Lube is made up of high-quality materials and does not have any harmful products mixed. It is very gentle to the intimate area and does not harm the user. Its ability to reduce friction does the job of providing comfort to the person using it. The silicone lube leaves no after bad effects such as bad smell or bad taste or any kind of irritation to the intimate area. Get this safe to use S8 Premium Silicone Lube and take those moments on a whole new level.

Lube Type: Silicone Based
Liquid Volume: 50ml
Features: Gluten Free
Brand: Various Drug Stores