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S8 Strawberry Flavored Lube 50ml

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Our Strawberry Flavored Lubricant Gel is a stable and comfortable lubricant gel for increased and exhilarating interaction. It is soft, constant, and thin and it feels like silk, all aspects that give rise to improvement for a calming massage above the body, even the private sectors. You can find one that suits your pleasures from among the wide range of our S8 Strawberry Flavored Lube contraceptive.


Our S8 Strawberry Flavored Lubricant Gel contains Strawberry flavor, which enriches mood and assists you have an incredible perfume ordeal. Our S8 merchandise is formulated to fascinate and enrich couples' sexual ordeal, spouting outlines like Additional Assume, Adaptable size or much convenience, much sensation, High Enduring, and Flavorful. By medical-grade approval, Our S8 Strawberry Flavored Lubricant furthermore clasps to all recent EU-regulations respecting private care products and it gives rise to reliable, full of integrity, athletic pricing and the translucent option to others, and also none authorized intentions on the demand.

Our S8 Strawberry Flavored lubricant is a flavorful choice for buyers who prefer extraordinary glide and indulgent flavor, behaving toward their hot spots and taste buds to pleasing incitation. Dedicate the scarcity of everything that brawn intervene with your private fitness or satisfaction

It does not adhere to and won't smudge, even so, it is generously to prevent a reference from eyes. It is unlike silicone and no want to wash out after then.

It is formulated to approximate tissue osmolality.

Please keep in a cool, dry place and off from explicit sunlight.

Lube Type: Water Based
Liquid Volume: 50ml
For Who: Both
Features: Gluten Free
Brand: Various Drug Stores