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S8 Water Based Anal Lube 50ml

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Hey there, are you trying to find S8 Water Based Anal Lube of 50ml pack? Than you are at the best site. Our water-based lube is especially and mainly designed for anal. It is safe to use for all contraceptives and toys. 


The modern and fresh S8 Water base Anal Original Lubricant requires a permissive, it is highly durable continually glide and it is precise for your backdoor explorations.

Our S8 Original Water Based Lube is phthalate-free gluten-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free, and also includes no enhanced colors or grating conservatives for a compelling voluntary interest.

It realizes the announcement from suspicion about artificial elements. It moderates in the confidence that you are admiring your body and also completely well or highly researched, authority developed with unique, beneficial, and verified biological elements. 

There are some significant points about S8 Water Based Anal Lube are:- 

  • It is similar to voluntary and biological rubber, latex, and polyisoprene condoms.
  • It is wide and generally extended enduring.
  • It is safe for usage with copulation toys comprising silicone.
  • It is unlike silicone and no want to wash out after then.
  • It is formulated to approximate tissue osmolality.
  • It holds to all EU regulations respecting private maintenance merchandises
  • It dedicates the scarcity of everything that brawn intervene with your private fitness or satisfaction.
  • It does not adhere to and won't smudge, even so, it is generously to prevent a reference from eyes. 

Please keep in a cool, dry place and off from explicit sunlight.

Lube Type: Water Based
Liquid Volume: 50ml
For Who: Both
Features: Gluten Free
Brand: Various Drug Stores