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Enjoy Safe


Safe Performance Condoms x10

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Condoms have great benefits when correctly used. They are mostly effective for prevention of unwanted pregnancies as well as most sexually transmitted diseases. However, most people tend to loathe condoms for a number of reasons. Some complain that with condoms the sensations are greatly reduced in magnitude, making the experience less than ideal. Others have more substantial reasons for hating condoms. The lubricants used in condoms are harmful to those with sensitive vaginas, making the use of condoms totally unacceptable. Instead of having these people engage in unsafe sex, Safe Performance Condoms are designed to enable all persons to get a chance to engage in safe sex. The condoms have no chemical lubricant, making them ideal for use by those who find themselves unable to use normal condoms. The condoms are durable and high quality, ensuring that with reasonable use there will be no accidental breakages. Some like condoms as it allows them to extend their stroking period, making every extra second count in the final release. Safe Performance Condoms allow you to delay your climax the natural way, ensuring that you get your explosive orgasm just as you like it. The box comes with 10 condoms inside, giving you enough condoms to last you for as long as you need them depending on the frequency of use. Condoms should never be an excuse to indulge in risky sexual encounters, so always ensure you observe safe practices when indulging in oral sex and always ensure that you use the condoms as directed.

Specifications of Safe Performance Condoms x10

Flexibility : Very
For Who : Male
Brand : Enjoy Safe
Size : 10 Pack