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Spencer and Fleetwood


Sexy Black Male Strip Mug

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Staring at a well packed man is a great way to spend a cold winter’s night. It is even better when the man is right there in your hand warming you up from the inside out. The Sexy Black Male Strip Mug is a nice mug that has the tantalizing image of a handsome well-built dude staring right back at you. If you want to watch him strip for you, just fill the mug with your favorite hot beverage and his pants come right of. Once you are done with the mug and the cold sets it, the dude dresses back up and no one would be any wiser if the cup was on the kitchen counter in plain sight. Spread the joy to friends and special singles in your circle by gifting them their own special handsome guy for the kitchen cabinet. If you have a low key bachelorette party planned, use the opportunity to have the lovely bride to be drink from the fountain of sexiness before plunging into the role of a lifetime. However, always make sure to keep it out of sight if you have no interest in answering awkward questions or having your partner flip out at the site of a naked dude on a mug. The mug is dishwasher safe so there are no hassles when it comes to keeping it clean and spotless for your next use. Whether you want to stare at a sexy stripper without needing singles to make it rain or you just need something nice to give to a friend, the Sexy Black Male Strip Mug is a good place to start.

Specifications of Sexy Black Male Strip Mug

Colour : White
For Who : Both
Brand : Spencer and Fleetwood

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