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Shiny Black G-String Thong for Men, One Size

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The little black for you as a man. Seduce with this hot pantie in wet look. Due to the firm cuffs you enjoy a secure hold with the special design. Let your imagination, with this favorite piece, run free. Enjoy the attention you get with this exclusive part and enjoy these moments. At the incredible sight, your partner or your partner, crazy with pleasure.
These Rimba briefs in natural latex are incredibly tight and perfectly show off your attributes. For a fetishist and sensual look, these male panties in shiny latex are ideal.
Made of quality latex elastic (expandable up to 700%), these Rimba briefs will highlight your male gifts. They enhance the buttocks and mould the penis for an exquisite look.
Our tip: Wash the panties only by hand. So you will have long fun with this.
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Specifications of Shiny Black G-String Thong for Men, One Size

Washing : Hand wash
Colour : Black
Brand : Rimba
Style : Briefs