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Shunga Japanese Erotica Colouring Book for Adults

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You have been taught to always color within the lines all your life. From Kindergarten, the best painters were those who got to stay within the boundaries of the color lines, and also use the most suitable colors. As you grow up however, there is no room to indulge in your favorite childhood pastime as all you have are responsibilities and no play time. Crayons are traded in for pens and you forget all the pleasure you obtained from making someone’s work come to life the best way you knew how to. The Shunga Japanese Erotica Colouring Book for Adults seeks to let you indulge in your favorite pastime, with a twist. Not intended for public use, the coloring book has pages upon pages of Japanese erotic positions, missing the colors required to bring them to life. All you have to do is pick a box of crayons or coloring pencils and let your imagination run wild across the pages as you take the time to put in the shades you deem fit. The book can also serve as your own inspiration book by using it as an idea book for the sexual positions you may want to indulge in, just to test out if they are possible. Coloring the book can also serve as a bonding session as you and your partner use it on a slow night to keep yourself occupied, while also using team work to color the scenes as best as you can. Whoever said coloring is for kids hasn’t come into contact with this magical book guaranteed to change that perception.

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