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Sliquid Lubricants

Sliquid Organics Natural Botanically Infused Intimate Glide

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Lubricants make for a great addition to the sex play, especially when it comes to anal play which does not have any form of natural lubrication available. However, many lubricants make for lousy choices especially for those with sensitivity issues. Lubricant composition varies from one product to the other, sometimes making it impossible to figure out the ingredient responsible for the intense reactions experienced. However, the Sliquid Organics Natural Botanically Infused Intimate Glide is a product designed to achieve the intended lubrication quality without the unwanted and painful side effects. Made from only the cleanest and most natural ingredients, this lube is composed of an aloe based blend that is infused with organic extracts. Designed to emulate the body’s natural lubrication, the Sliquid Organics Natural Botanically Infused Intimate Glide doesn’t feel sticky or tacky, enabling you to enjoy the slick experience offered by the lube. This water soluble lube is easy to clean up, making sure that none of your fabrics get strained or subsequently destroyed as it leaves no traces once washed off. Get your hands on this lube and experience the difference. With its water solubility, the lube can be used for play with most of your toys as it is compatible with latex, plastic, and rubber based toys. Completely glycerin free, petroleum free and paraben free ensuring that your sensitive skin suffers no negative reactions to the product. The lube leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth, making your intimate parts even more alluring and irresistible.


Lube Type : Water Based
Liquid Volume : 255mls/8.5fl
For Who : Both
Features : Paraben free
Brand : Sliquid Lubricants

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