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XR Brands

Strict Full Sleeve Arm Binder

Bondage is a game that capitalizes on movement restriction for various reasons, but the ultimate goal is ensuring that the submissive has no choice but to accept the sensations coming to him or her. With the Strict Full Sleeve Arm Binder, the submissive has their arm movements completely taken out of the loop and the dominant gets to exercise his or her power without interruptions. The binder has adjustable shoulder straps that span a circumference of 6 inches to 11 inches, allowing it to fit multiple partners without the need for customizations. The total arm sleeve length is 18 inches and the whole binder is 22 inches long in total. Getting your partner in this is fun as it allows you to lock their hands behind their back with the locking buckles that are adjustable allowing you to choose the tightness of the restriction depending on the current needs. The binder has a D ring at the bottom that changes the whole experience altogether. It can be used to add a leash to the whole ensemble or even to keep your submissive restrained and held stationary against furniture or an object of your choice. Consisting of PU leather, metal and nylon, the binder is light and also very easy to clean. The materials allow for sharing if you have multiple partners, but always make sure to sanitize the binder after every use to ensure no transfer of fluids. Get your bondage game on and watch as your partner is held still for your amusement and delivery of  pain and pleasure.


Colour : Black
For Who : Both
Features : Additional D Ring
Brand : XR Brands

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