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Master Series


Tamper-Proof Locks for Male Chastity Devices, Pack of 10

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Absence they say makes the heart grow fonder but knowing it’s safely locked away makes the desire and satiation palpably well worth waiting for. This is a set of superior 10 plastic locks for Male Chastity Devices - completely tamper proof with individual serial numbers and easy to use. They ensure that you can keep track of your chastity belt protected cock and you can record the lock’s serial number so that your goods are delivered back under the same lock. These are perfect for use with non-metal chastity devices. If your fantasy is to control his cock then this is the gadget for you. No fuss and no frills locks that can go through metal detectors so your valuable cock can travel far and wide and remain safely tucked away and waiting for you to set free. Great way too to play the delayed pleasure game and know that no cheating will be involved on your chastity protected partner’s part. For the cyber savvy, the locks can also be accessed through web cams. Lock it away and know that only you have the erotic keys to your partners’ family jewels. This is taking bondage and eroticism to greater sensual heights – a move that can only incrementally boost your ardour when you finally both make it to the games room.

Specifications of Tamper-Proof Locks for Male Chastity Devices, Pack of 10

Washing : Wipe down
Colour : Black
Flexibility : Rigid
For Who : Male
Features : Unique Serial Number
Brand : Master Series

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