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Spencer and Fleetwood


Traditional Succulent Hard Willy Sweets

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Party treats are a great way to get the best host award, and with the Traditional Succulent Hard Willy Sweets, this award will include a roaring laughter. The sweets are old school boiled sweets, combining the fruit flavored delights with the naughty dick shapes that will have your guests giggling as they pick them from the display bowl. The sweets are great for adult parties and as ice breakers as the attendees will whisper to each other about the unique items on the table. The sweets come in a 90g tin, making it easy to wrap in a beautiful wrapping paper and gifting it to friends and acquaintances. Enjoy the sweets with your partner as you get the session started, using the pecker shaped treats as foreplay enhancers, trailing the sweets over their body and licking off the sweet taste and enjoying how sticky their body becomes. For hen parties, enjoy the dick themed night with the appropriate drinks and accessories, adding the sweets to the mix to keep the party going. No one can deny that sweets add a bit of sweet magic, and adult theme sweets are a great way of reminding the grown-ups a little bit about the things that dominated their childhood. Give a little bit more laughter by pranking your friends with these delights by adding the tin of sweets to their fruit basket during their celebrations. With more than one way of incorporating the sweets into your life, you will never run out of reasons to enjoy some sweet dick sweets.

Specifications of Traditional Succulent Hard Willy Sweets

For Who : Both
Brand : Spencer and Fleetwood