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Vibratex Purple Ribbed Male Masturbation Sleeve

Size Guide

Give your dick the impetus to perform beyond your wildest dreams, gain extra girth to make her beg for more, as well as provide extra stimulation to your vibrators and fingers using the ultimate enhancement sleeve from Japanese hedonistic connoisseur; Vibratex. The Vibratex Purple Ribbed Male Masturbation Sleeve is a multiuse sleeve and part of the Adventure Series from Vibratex. It is specially designed to serve the following purposes.
• Longer lasting erection: the stretchy glove completely envelopes the shaft especially at the base; and the sensual constrictions help to limit blood flow out of the penis which translates to longer erections and enhanced play.
• Provides added girth for the penis: with the stretchy velvety glove around your member, your shaft size will be enhanced and you’ll be empowered to deliver king sized sex, especially if your partner is a size queen.
• Control premature ejaculation: the ringed entrance is designed to grip the shaft snugly, the result is that you will last longer and gain control of your ejaculations; so you don’t get to arrive a little too early; and be branded a wet blanket.
• Serve as a reversible male masturbation sleeve: the velvet glove is designed with soft sensual ticklers on the inside, with adequate lubrication, the velvet glove can become an instant masturbation sleeve, all you need do is switch sides and you are already on your way to orgasm land on the wings of the velvet glove.
• Serve as a sleeve for your toys and fingers: you can slip the velvet glove onto your dildo or around your fingers to increase its size, and for stimulations of a more targeted nature.
The Vibratex Purple Ribbed Male Masturbation Sleeve is produced from a specially developed elastomer material of a fleshy and cushy texture; and offers users a luxurious skin-like feel. It is designed with soft pleasure nubs on the inside and ringed ridges on the outside. To clean this toy; simply turn the sleeve inside out and wash properly with warm soapy water or a toy cleaner, and remember to always clean before and after use. This sleeve is compatible with water-based or silicone lubricants.
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Specifications of the Vibratex Purple Ribbed Male Masturbation Sleeve

Length : 5.5 - 5.75 Inches
Washing : Hot soapy water and toy cleaner
Diameter : 2 Inches
Width : 6.25 Inches
Colour : Purple
Flexibility : Bendable
For Who : Male
Brand : Vibratex Sex Toys
Size : 5.5 5.75 Inches