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Warming Stick for Tenga Male Masturbators

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Now there’s a new convenient way to keep your toys warm and, feeling just like the real thing, all thanks to the incredibly talented chaps at Tenga who are always brainstorming on how to enhance your playtime, and make it better with their innovative products. Indeed this newly introduced Warming Stick for Tenga Male Masturbators is a perfect example of their dedication to making pleasure even better. For most men, nothing feels as good as the tender warmth of a woman’s vagina during insertion, if only they could enjoy that during masturbation as well, it would make things a whole lot better. Well here’s some good news; Tenga has just developed this incredible piece of work that lets you warm your fuck-holes to your desired temperature. Warming Stick for the Warming Stick for Tenga Male Masturbators is ideal for warming the inside of any masturbator, and can reach a temperature of up to 50 degrees Celsius and remain warm for up to 20 minutes. The easy to use hole warmer is designed with a long slim shape, and a slight depression at the tip. To activate the warmer, simply bend the metal plate inside the tube until it clicks and becomes white and rigid, watch as the heat gradually builds up within the tube, then insert the tube inside your toy and warm as you want. Once you are done warming it, slide in to enjoy the realistic warmth of a real pussy anytime anywhere and anyhow you want, isn’t that just amazing! There’s a trick to deactivating the warmer after use, you need to immerse it in boiling water to deactivate it. After it must have cooled off, this reusable warmer goes back to its original liquid state ready for next use, and you can enjoy multiple uses of up to 30 times. This warmer is approximately 6 inches long, 1 inch wide and 0.25 inch thick.

Specifications of the Warming Stick for Tenga Male Masturbators

Brand : Tenga