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Intimate Lemongrass Adventure Anal Relaxing Gel, 30ml

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The Intimate Earth Lemongrass Adventure Anal Relaxing Gel, 30ml is a benzocaine free anal spray for men. Guys, be sure to enjoy your anal sex without losing the incredible sensation and feeling. With a certified organic blend containing clove, goji berry, and aloe, this unique anal relaxant formula combines natural ingredients to relax your anus so you can experience the joys of anal sex. Be sure to please your partner with this incredible anal gel. Some anal creams or sprays numb your body so you can take on the penetration of anal sex, but these creams or sprays can also take away some of the pleasure you could be feeling. Don’t risk tearing and pain later because your body is numb. Anal sex should be sensual and exciting for you both. Relax your body. Don’t numb it. Relax your muscles and relax your mind as you are penetrated. The Intimate Earth Lemongrass Adventure Anal Relaxing Gel, 30ml gives you a relaxing time so you can enjoy the intimate anal moment your partner would like to have with you. This gel is benzocaine and lidocaine free. You can feel the intense pleasure of anal sex, and you can enjoy anal sex while feeling relaxed. Focus on comfort and not losing sensation or feeling with the Intimate Earth Lemongrass Adventure Anal Relaxing Gel, 30ml. Enhance your anal play with this relaxant gel. This gel is perfect for your first anal experience or your next anal experience. Focus on relaxing while feeling. Allow your partner to penetrate while you are calm and ready to enjoy. Peaches and Screams will ship your anal products as well as any other sex products you need to improve or enhance your sex life directly to your door in discreet packaging. Shop for the Intimate Earth Lemongrass Adventure Anal Relaxing Gel, 30ml now!

Specifications of the Intimate Earth Lemongrass Adventure Anal Relaxing Gel, 30ml

Liquid Volume : 30ml
For Who : Both
Brand : Intimate Organics

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Sherlock (Helsinki, FI)
Soothing lemongrass scent, gentle relaxation effect; reapplication may be needed.

The allure of a lemongrass scent immediately caught my attention. The packaging was discreet, and the compact 30ml size was easy to manage. Opening the tube was a breeze, and I was eager to explore the potential benefits of this gel.

Applying the gel was straightforward and mess-free. The texture was smooth, making it easy to spread and use. The lemongrass scent was indeed soothing and added a unique twist to the usual anal products I've used.

In terms of its relaxing effect, I did sense a subtle difference. It seemed to contribute to a more comfortable experience during play, helping to ease initial tension. The sensation was gentle and didn't overwhelm, which I appreciated.

The gel's compatibility with toys and condoms is a definite plus. It offers flexibility and reassurance during intimate activities.

However, individual responses to the relaxing effect can vary. It's important to manage expectations and remember that not everyone may experience the same level of relaxation.

The gel's longevity was decent, though reapplication might be necessary for longer sessions. This is something to keep in mind when planning your intimate moments.

Cleanup was relatively easy, though similar to most gels, it requires a bit more effort compared to water-based lubes.

In summary, the Intimate Earth Lemongrass Adventure Anal Relaxing Gel is an interesting option for those seeking a soothing and relaxing experience during anal play. The compact size, smooth texture, and unique lemongrass scent make it a practical choice. However, keep in mind that individual responses can differ and be prepared for potential reapplication during extended play.