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Non Realistic Dildos

Non Realistic Dildos

  • 8.7-inch Silicone Blue Alien Dildo With Suction Cup - Peaches and Screams
    8.7-inch Silicone Blue Alien Dildo With Suction Cup - Peaches and Screams
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    8.7-inch Silicone Blue Alien Dildo With Suction Cup

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    Experience pleasure from beyond the stars with the 8.7-Inch Silicone Blue Alien Dildo. This one-of-a-kind adult toy is more than just a dildo; it's...

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    Original Price £45.62
    Current Price £35.09
    Save £10.53
    Only 6 left!

Non-Realistic Dildos - Shop Non-Phallic Dildos

Non-realistic dildos are a type of sex toy that are designed to be inserted into the vagina or anus for sexual pleasure. Unlike realistic dildos, which are designed to look like a human penis, non-realistic dildos are often more abstract in shape and may feature unique textures or designs.

Before using a non-realistic dildo, it's important to make sure that you are properly cleaned out. This can be done by using an enema or by going to the bathroom and making sure you are completely empty. It's also a good idea to use a lubricant to make insertion easier and more comfortable.

When using a non-realistic dildo, it's important to start with the smallest size and work your way up to larger sizes as you become more comfortable. The unique shape and textures of a non-realistic dildo can provide different sensations than a realistic one, so it's a good idea to experiment with different types to find the one that feels best for you.

To insert the dildo, you should relax your muscles as much as possible. You can do this by taking deep breaths, or by engaging in other activities that you find relaxing such as music or a warm bath. Slowly insert the dildo, making sure to use plenty of lubricant, and then pause for a moment to let your body adjust to the sensation. Once it is inserted, you can move the dildo in and out, or experiment with different angles and motions to find the sensation that feels best for you.

When it comes to removing the dildo, it's important to do this slowly and gently. Never pull it out quickly, as this can cause discomfort or even pain. Instead, use your fingers or another toy to gently guide the dildo out of your body.

It is important to note that dildos should never be shared with other people, as they can spread infections. Also, it is important to clean them thoroughly before and after each use, using warm water and soap or a sex toy cleaner.

Non-realistic dildos can be a fun and exciting addition to your sexual repertoire, but it's important to use them safely and responsibly. If you're new to anal or vaginal penetration, it's a good idea to start with smaller sizes and work your way up as you become more comfortable. Be sure to use plenty of lubricants, and listen to your body to ensure that you're staying safe and comfortable throughout your experience.

How Non-Realistic Dildos Differ from Realistic Dildos

By buying a non-realistic dildo, here are a few differences you expect to see


Non-realistic dildos are more designed compared to other dildos. They have features that make them more different from realistic dildos, which are often very simple. However, both dildos often come in different colours.

Level of Stimulation

Both dildos provide a good sensation for masturbation or sexual activities. However, non-realistic dildos give extra stimulation than real dildos. They are designed specifically to give unique sexual pleasure and satisfaction from what one can get from realistic dildos.


Non-realistic dildos come in unique shapes to provide something unique. Most of them are curved to give internal and external stimulation, unlike realistic dildos that are often straight.


For extra stimulation, non-realistic dildos are often textured to give more pleasure. Unlike realistic dildos, they always come with ribs mounted on the surface of the dildo.

Types of Non-Realistic Dildos

Suction-Cup Non-Realistic Dildos

These dildos are hand-free and are the best non-realistic dildos for masturbation. The suction cup is attached to the base of the dildo, making it easy to stick on the wall or floor. These suction-cup non-realistic dildos are ideal for people who love solo masturbation play.

Vibrating dildos

Vibrating non-realistic dildos provide an intensely erotic feeling since the vibrating functions give faster stimulation for the best orgasms. These dildos can either be used with a partner or alone. Different vibrating non-realistic dildos have different vibration patterns, speeds, and levels.

Guideline for Choosing Non-Realistic Dildos

With the wide range of dildos in the market, you can be daunted when looking for the best non-realistic dildos. Here are some guidelines to read when purchasing a non-realistic dildo.

Check the Size

Non-realistic dildos are available in large, medium, and smaller sizes. For a beginner, it is ideal to go with a comfortable and pleasurable size. The vagina is more flexible and can accommodate larger sizes comfortably. For anal play, begin with a smaller size and work some way up since the anus is not self-lubricated. It will also be vital to add plenty of compatible lubricant for smooth insertion and penetration of the dildo. You can also get a butt plug or anal dilator to train the anus to accommodate the dildo.

Look at The Material.

Non-realistic dildos are made with different materials. Choose a material that is hygienic, easy to clean, and pleasurable. Rubber and jelly materials are highly porous and are not easy to clean. They encourage bacterial growth and moulding and are unsafe for people with sensitive skin.

Look for dildos made with silicone material because they are hypoallergenic and safe for any skin type. Moreover, silicone is easy to sterilize and clean. However, they cannot be used with a silicone-based lubricant.

Consider Their Appearance

Choose a non-phallic dildo with a look that is extremely pleasurable. Go for unique designs that will bring your imagination into reality. Pick a more appealing colour. Most non-realistic dildos come in white, black, or brown colours. A fantastic colour will increase stimulation during solo or partner play.

Chose the Right Lubricant

Choose a non-realistic dildo that is compatible with most sex lubes. The common lubricants used with these sex toys are silicone-based and water-based lubes. Do not use silicone lubes on silicone materials since they can degrade the dildo. It is essential to apply lubes, especially in the anus, for smooth and easy insertion of the dildo. Vagina produces lubricants though adding more when using a dildo increases pleasure.

Buy Within Your Budget

This essential factor must not be left out while shopping for a non-realistic dildo. Most of these dildos are inexpensive. This can be a great advantage. The best non-realistic dildos are sold at a slightly higher price. However, go for one that is pocket-friendly as per the budget. Focus on quality when checking on price.

How to Use Non-Realistic Dildos to Spice Up Your Sex Life

First, clean the dildo properly before inserting it into your orifice. Add some lubricant, either around the genital areas or on the dildo. This will make the surface slippery and reduce friction. Partners can agree to use a compatible condom with the dildo. Never force the dildo in the vagina, as it can hurt or trigger pain. Instead, insert it smoothly and slowly to increase comfort and stimulation. The use of lubricants together with the dildo gives perfect pleasure. Let him circulate the dildo around the boobs as you kiss to arouse each other and rub it up and down around your vagina. Do it until everyone gets fully aroused. The man should lie down as you ride on him. For both partners to enjoy more pleasure. Let him put the dildo in angled towards the belly and take control of the tempo and speed.

Non-Realistic Dildos Safety Tips

  • Avoid sharing non-realistic dildos. Consider these toys as personal items that, when shared, can maximize bacterial and Sexually Transmitted Infections.
  • In case of a foul odour from the dildo or any discolouration, dispose of it.
  • Always clean the dildo before and after use. Dildos easily trap dirt and bacteria when stored.
  • Avoid low-quality non-realistic dildos like those made with porous materials. They have large holes that can accommodate bacteria and dirt.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to Do with a Dildo?

Although a dildo is primarily designed for penetration, one can also use it to stimulate other erogenous zones to gain sexual pleasure. For instance, one can use a dildo to stimulate the clit, perineum, or oral play. A vibrating non-realistic dildo can stimulate the nipple or other sensitive regions, such as the neck, to arouse the user.

Do Dildos Feel Good?

Dildos mimic the penis during penetration, which gives a pleasurable feeling similar to a traditional sexual encounter. Most dildos give customizable sensations such as cold, warm, soft, and hard. For this reason, most single people find masturbating using dildos a satisfying sexual play since they target specific spots that even the penis cannot reach.

How Big Are Dildos?

Dildos come in varied sizes, defined by their overall length, insertable length, width, and girth. That means it is challenging to determine how large a dildo should be since it all depends on one’s preferences. Generally, the average dildo is said to have an insertable length of 6 inches and a width of 1.5 inches. Beginners are advised to start with something smaller than the average penis size.

How to Have Sex with a Dildo?

Dildos offer an array of options to use during sex. First, couples can use a dildo for double penetration instead of inviting another person. In this case, the woman can insert the dildo anally as the man penetrates her vaginally. A woman can also use a dildo to stimulate the clit during sexual intercourse with her man. It is wise to ensure everyone is informed before bringing a dildo into the mix.

How to Pick a Dildo?

Before picking a dildo to use alone or with your partner, you should ask yourself what you want and how to use it. That means you should pick the right dildo that meets your sexual expectations regarding size, material, colour, and other pleasurable features. You should also pick a waterproof dildo if you intend to use its water bodies.

How to Squirt Using a Dildo?

Dildos, especially curved ones, offer the best way to squirt, even if someone has never squirted. That is because they stimulate the G-spot perfectly, an area responsible for squirting. A woman can also set her pace when using a dildo, which relaxes the body and arouses all the nerve ending around the G-spot.

What Are Non-Realistic Dildos?

Non-realistic or non-phallic dildos are penetrative sex toys that do not look like a real penis. Instead, these devices have unique shapes and sizes that make them suitable for people who want something out of nature. Non-realistic dildos are categorized based on their shaft shapes, colours, sizes, and support mechanisms. Their appearance makes one not tell easily if they are dildos.

What Are the Best Non-Realistic Dildos?

The best non-realistic dildo depends on your preferences. If you want "screaming" dildos, you can choose bright-coloured or pink non-realistic dildos. If you want easy-to-maintain sex toys, you can go for metal, silicone, or glass non-realistic dildos. On the other hand, if you want versatile dildos, you can buy waterproof and vibrating non-phallic dildos.

How Do Non-Realistic Dildos Work?

Non-realistic dildos' working mechanism is not different from other penetrative sex toys. That means they work by stimulating the internal erogenous zones during penetration. They can also stimulate external regions such as the clit and perineum to maximize pleasure. The only difference is that non-realistic dildos offer intense sexual pleasure due to their unique sizes and shapes.

Other Types of Dildos Available

Vibrating Dildos

Vibrating dildos add extra stimulation during penetration due to their powerful vibrations. With various vibration settings available, these toys can bring pleasure in ways that typical dildos cannot. Check the battery requirements before purchasing one. Rechargeable batteries often provide longer play times than standard ones.

Realistic Dildos

Realistic dildos mimic the look and feel of real penises. They come in all shapes and sizes with lifelike veins or ridges along their shaft that provides added texture while being used internally or externally. Pick your preference for skin tone. Flesh tones vary from light pinkish beiges to deep browns.

Suction Cup Dildos

Suction cup dildos are another great option when shopping for a realistic toy. They feature a special base that allows them to stick onto any flat surface, like walls or tables, giving you hands-free playtime. Suction cup models also tend to be much bigger than standard non-suction designs.

Glass Dildos

Glass dildos have extremely smooth surfaces that make insertion easy while providing enhanced stimulation due to their rigidness, perfect for G-spot exploration. They come in various designs, from ribbed and textured surfaces to curved shapes.

Metal Dildos

Metal dildos combine form and function perfectly by combining hard steel material into various shapes or abstract figures. They offer individuals an upgraded experience compared to regular plastic-type models thanks to their weight and firm construction. These will last longer than other materials, even if used frequently over time. 

Jelly Dildos

Jelly is one of the most popular materials used when creating sex toys because it offers flexibility while maintaining durability. Jelly dildos feel soft against your skin but won't tear easily like other materials might do after multiple uses making this ideal choice for those wanting something pleasurable yet practical at the same time.

Double Ended Dildos

As their name suggests, double-ended dildos consist of two separate ends designed for insertion into different orifices simultaneously, usually two vaginas or one vagina and one anus. This makes them ideal for couples looking to explore simultaneous stimulation with each other. Double-ended dildos also come in inflatable varieties that can be inserted more easily than traditional models, thanks to their ability to adjust the size according to preference.

Double Dildos

double dildo consists of separate pieces connected at the base, allowing both partners to enjoy simultaneous penetration during intercourse or masturbation playtime. This type of toy is especially popular among couples looking for new ways to explore their kinkier fantasies without worrying about having multiple partners present during sexual activity.

Ejaculating Dildos

Ejaculating dildos include a bulbous end that stores liquid inside its chamber, ready to be squirted out during climax. Not only does this add extra excitement during use, but it also allows for easy clean-up afterwards.

Fist Dildos

Fisting dildos are one such type that can offer unique sensations when using them during solo or partner play. Fisting dildos come in various sizes, materials, and shapes. They feature a fist-like end that allows the user to achieve deep penetration while stimulating larger areas than other traditional dildo types.

Inflatable Dildos

Inflatable dildos work by increasing their size as more air is pumped into them. Users can work their way up at a comfortable pace while still enjoying an incredibly satisfying feeling. With some models capable of reaching impressive lengths and girths once fully inflated, these classic favourites are sure to provide plenty of fun.

Small Dildos

Smaller dildos can offer more control over speed and pressure than larger ones. It is also ideal for those looking to explore anal sex as they have a shorter length that is less intimidating and easier to handle.

Large Dildos

Many large dildos boast suction cups at the base, making them easier to control hands-free when alone and also allowing users some extra freedom when playing with partners. They also usually have heavier materials that add additional weight, creating deeper penetration sensations throughout playtime without using excess force on the device itself.

Black Dildos

Black dildos provide an exciting twist on traditional sex toys with their unique colouring, adding another layer of fun during playtime adventures. Black dildos are usually made from body-safe silicone, meaning they're hygienic.

Animal Penis Dildos

Animal penis dildos mimic the shape, size and texture of real penises from different species, such as horses, pigs or dolphins. With their lifelike feel, these toys are perfect for role-playing fantasies or adding something special during solo playtime.

Inflatable Dildo Balls

Inflatable dildo balls have adjustable size and shape features that can be tailored perfectly fit individual needs. This is done by simply filling the air via a built-in pump until the desired level is achieved, then letting go of the pressure valve(s) once finished playing.

Dildo Moulding Kits

Dildo moulding kits allow avid sex toy fans to create unique objects tailored exactly how they want them; perfect fit every time guaranteed, giving everyone an extreme feeling of satisfaction no other store-bought product could match up against.