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Remote Control Vibrators

Remote Control Vibrators

Remote Control Sex Toys & Wireless Vibrators

Shop Remote Control Sex Toys & Wireless Vibrators at Peaches and Screams UK sex shop.  Indulge in long-distance play with remote-controlled vibrators and other sex toys.

Remote Control Sex Toys allow you or your partner to initiate movement of the sex toy without even touching it. These adult sex toys (which feature love eggs, butt plugs, vibrators and vibrating swimwear) can even function from a radius of up to 40 feet away. Using a wireless vibrator could be the best way to explore your sexual fantasies and allows you to enjoy high-end vibrations with a touch of a button from a separate controller.

Vibrating sex toys come with unique settings, so physically cycling through all the variations of vibration and pulsation could be challenging. With the advanced technology in the sex toy industry, there are now hands-free vibrators in the market.

What Are Remote Control Vibrators?

A remote control vibrator is a sex toy that can be controlled remotely, typically through a wireless connection. These vibrators come in many shapes and sizes and can be used for external and internal stimulation.

One of the main benefits of a remote control vibrator is the ability to control the intensity and vibration patterns without having to hold the toy physically. This allows for more freedom of movement and can make the experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

Remote control vibrators can be controlled in various ways, including through a wired or wireless remote, a smartphone app, or even voice commands. Some vibrators have built-in sensors that respond to certain movements or sounds, allowing even more control and customization.

When shopping for a remote control vibrator, it is important to consider the following factors:

  1. Material: Look for body-safe materials such as silicone, ABS plastic, or stainless steel. Avoid cheap materials such as jelly or rubber, which can contain harmful chemicals.

  2. Size and shape: Consider the size and shape of the vibrator to ensure it will be comfortable and easy to use.

  3. Power: Look for a vibrator with adjustable power settings so that you can find the perfect intensity for you.

  4. Noise level: Some vibrators can be quite loud, so consider the noise level if discretion is important to you.

  5. Battery life: Look for a vibrator with a long battery life or one that can be easily recharged.

  6. Waterproof: If you plan to use the vibrator in the shower or bath, look for one that is waterproof.

  7. Brand reputation: Look for vibrators from reputable brands with a good reputation for quality and customer service.

Guidelines for Choosing Wireless Vibrators

Consider the Sensations Provided

It is essential to consider the level of sensation that a remote-controlled vibrator will provide, especially for distance arousal or solo play. There are rumbly and buzzy remote-controlled vibes. Most people like the rumbly remote-controlled vibes since the vibrations and pulsations are more low-pitched and can go deeper to stimulate the inside and outside of the clit. They can also hit many nerve endings due to their frequency. Buzzy remote-controlled vibrators offer a high-pitched hum compared to the vibrations of remote-controlled electric toothbrushes that focus more on stimulating the surface of the clit.

Buy a Body-Safe Material

Choose a high-quality remote-controlled vibrator that is safe and pleasurable. Good quality devices are made with silicone. This material is softer and firmer, so when used in long-distance sexual arousal, one can have a realistic feel. Softer devices made of thermal plastics though silicone, will remain the best option because it's non-porous and easy to clean. Avoid jelly and rubber remote-control vibrators because they contain phthalates and are not easy to clean.

Buy the Right Size

Seek a vibrator that will fit your partner's orifice comfortably. Choose a size that will provide comfort and pleasure for an easy time. Small-sized vibes are more beginner-friendly. Ideally, people should stick to classic-sized models for extra comfort and pleasure.

Consider the Sound Produced

Regarding remote control vibrators, the device should produce as minimal sound as possible. If the vibe will be used in public, pick one that will not produce a buzzing sound. A discreet vibe is sexy when used in public. Pick a remote-controlled vibrator that will provide an awesome vibration without leaving everyone wondering where the sound might be coming from.

Stick to the Budget

Remote-controlled vibrators can be expensive due to their uniqueness. If you are trying out these devices for the first time, go for one that's more budget-friendly in case it doesn't end up being ideal for you. While looking for relatively cheaper vibes, ensure they are of high quality and offer a range of modes and speeds that enhance stimulation.

How to Spice Up Your Sex Life with Remote Control Sex Toys

Remote control sex toys can spice up one’s sex life in three different situations.

In Solo play

Remote-controlled vibrators allow one to masturbate solely in a hands-free mode. They have an app that makes them easier to control the settings. This is more interesting than manually controlling a device throughout a session.

In Couples play

Remote control vibrators can also be incorporated during sexual intercourse. Like a normal vibrator, it can spice up things in the bedroom. They are very easy to incorporate. The male partner can penetrate with the vibe, and his penis controls the speed of the two. As he thrusts slowly, he can conveniently change the device's speed using an app. The device will stimulate the shaft to increase the pleasure for both of you.

In a Long-distance relationship

A long-distance relationship can be tricky because partners cannot touch each other. However, remote-controlled vibrators allow you to pleasure your partner even in different parts of the world. Some devices can be paired to allow both partners to experience the same sexual sensations simultaneously through Bluetooth.

Public play

These vibrators allow you to touch your partner without actually using your hands. The female partner can wear the device as the other partner controls the vibrations remotely to enhance pleasure without anyone noticing.

Safety Tips for Remote Control Vibrators

  • Read the instructions first to use the device as intended.
  • Use high-quality vibes since low-quality vibrators are not safe and healthy in the genital areas.
  • Avoid sharing remote control vibrators. These sex toys can easily transmit bacterial and Sexually Transmitted Infections.
  • Add some lubes for smooth and comfortable movement of the device in the body.
  • Ensure a routine cleaning of the vibrator after use to reduce the chances of getting infections. Use a cleanser to sterilize it.
  • Store well in a sex toy drawer to prevent it from trapping dirt particles.

How App-Controlled Vibrators Compare to Manual Vibrators

Mechanism of Operation

A remote-controlled vibrator is usually hands-free. An app often controls the vibrations. They offer interaction and sexual arousal between partners by Bluetooth device. On the other hand, manual vibrators are controlled by hands.


Both categories provide sexual pleasure. However, manual vibrators are more pleasurable because they directly hit the spot. They also involve physical affection, unlike wireless vibrators, which usually do not involve touch.


One major advantage of remote-controlled vibrators is that they can be used during different situations; solo play, partnered play, sexual arousal in long-distance relationships, and discreet partner play. Meanwhile, manual vibrators are suitable for only masturbation or a partner to play.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Use Remote-Controlled Vibrators

Whether you want to use wireless or Bluetooth remote-controlled vibrators, the orgasm is the same. There are various orgasmic ways to use these powerful devices, like sexy solo time. Hold the vibe gently against your intimate areas like the clitoris, and let it give you great orgasms as you listen to your favourite music. You can also try a blending orgasm by inserting the vibe during sex to get a ton of fun.

What Is a Remote-Controlled Vibrator

The remote-controlled vibrator is a vibrating device for sexual pleasure by both genders. The devices can be adjusted without touching the directly. For instance, a simple remote press can change the vibrations’ intensity and speed. The main types include wireless and Bluetooth. Multiple of them are powered by batteries, while others are rechargeable.  

Do Remote-Controlled Vibrators Give Electric Shock?

Remote-controlled vibrators are uniquely designed to provide comfortable and safe sexual pleasure. For example, the motor is located inside the and coated with a non-electric conducting material. Their charging cables are insulated perfectly to avoid electric shock when the vibrator is charging. However, it is important to check the vibrator’s wiring before you use it for safety.

How Far Do Remote Control Vibrators Work?

The distance at which remote-controlled vibrators can serve your sexual desires varies with each device, depending on the remote app type. For instance, when your vibrator is connected to the Lovense app, it can be controlled up to 20-45 feet. Whether you use it in a solo play or with your lover, the vibration amount, pattern, and intensity can be perfectly controlled through the apps.

How to Use a Remote-Controlled Vibrator on Your Girlfriend

Ensure that she is relaxed before you start ministering to her. If you have a penetrable, lube it up with her favourite lubricants to make the insertions easy and smooth. Apply to her intimate areas for more fun. Let her enjoy her favourite porn movie or erotic music while you control the sensations. Start with slow vibrations and see how she reacts as you increase their patterns for intense pleasure.

Which Is the Quietest Remote-Controlled Vibrator

A silent remote-controlled clit stimulator is the quietest device to add to your bedroom and enjoy the pleasure without alerting your live-n family members. The tool features a powerful motor to activate quiet vibrations that send intense sensations throughout the body. It is ideal for office pleasure or, while in public, control the vibrations with a simple remote press.

More Vibrators To Consider

Realistic Vibrators

Realistic vibrators look ultra-realistic and offer incredibly lifelike sensations that bring maximum satisfaction during solo play or with your partner. Many also feature a suction cup base which allows them to be easily secured onto surfaces like floors or walls, adding even more excitement to the mix!

Penis Vibrators

Penis-shaped vibrators boast great ergonomic features that make them comfortable and easy to manoeuvre around the body during playtime. Some models even have curved handles, which help keep fingers from slipping off while thrusting or rubbing against sensitive areas. And because they tend to be relatively lightweight compared to other sex toys, they can easily be stored away when not in use without taking up too much space in your bedroom drawer.

Bullet Vibrators

Bullet vibrators are compact but still have great power making them ideal for clitoral stimulation and being used internally. They're usually wireless, making them easier to handle and use in different positions without wires getting in the way. If you want an extra powerful vibration, opt for one with multiple speed settings that go from low right up to high-intensity vibrations.

Wireless vibrators

Wireless vibrators offer unparalleled freedom as they can be worn discreetly under clothing or remotely controlled via a smartphone app for added convenience during solo play or intimate moments with your partner. With this kind of versatility at hand, it’s no wonder why hands-free vibes have become so popular among couples who want to explore each other’s erogenous zones outside the bedroom too.

Mini Vibrators

Mini vibrators come in many shapes and sizes, making them a great choice for those who want more discreet pleasure devices than larger-sized models might offer. 

Extra powerful Vibrators

These extra powerful vibrators provide intense stimulation with strong vibrations designed to bring on waves of pleasure quickly and efficiently. If you’re looking for maximum satisfaction, then extra powerful vibes could be ideal.

Extra Quiet Vibrators

Extra quiet vibrators produce minimal noise even at higher settings but deliver amazing sensations. Whether it is solo playtime or bedroom fun with a partner, extra quiet vibes are great additions if sound levels need to be kept low-keyed.

Waterproof Vibrators

Waterproof vibrators may form an essential part of your shopping list. These vibes come in plastic or silicone materials that are safe for submersion into the water. They won’t short-circuit when put into contact with liquid, meaning more versatility.

Discreet Vibrators

Discreet vibes are designed to look like everyday objects, such as lipstick or flashlights, making them perfect if you’re looking for something that won’t draw attention while still providing pleasure. Discreet vibrators usually come with lower power levels, but they offer excellent portability since they can fit into virtually any pocket or purse without drawing too much attention.

Rechargeable Vibrators

rechargeable vibrator means no more dealing with batteries or worrying about running out of power during intimate moments. Top models also often come with USB charging capabilities, so you can conveniently charge your device wherever you go. Since these types typically use lithium-ion technology, they last longer compared to disposable battery options giving great value for the money spent on them.

Standard Vibrators

Standard vibrators are often the most affordable option and come in various shapes, sizes, colours and materials that allow users more choice when selecting their ideal toy. They usually feature basic functions such as vibration intensity control or multiple speeds that make them versatile enough for any user experience desired by the consumer.