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Vibrators for Couples

Buy Best Vibrators for Couples - Sex Toys for Couples to Use Together

Sex becomes fulfilling if you include these vibrators for couples that will tickle all the sweet spots for maximum pleasure and help you realize your hidden sexual fantasies.

Having sex toys in the bedroom is becoming a new normal for most couples. These devices can increase pleasure during sexual intercourse. Vibrators are the common toys currently in the market for couples. For partners who wish to add a vibrator to their sexual activities, here is a full guide to these amazing sex toys.

What Are Vibrators for Couples?

Vibrators for couples are sex toys used for extreme or extra pleasure. They provide stimulation through different vibration patterns. The vibrators can be used internally or externally, depending on the type used and where couples find it more pleasurable.

Differences Between Vibrators for Couples and Dildos

Vibrators and dildos for couples are similar such that both are designed to look like a penis. However, vibrators have a pulsating function that offers deep and awesome stimulation that often hits a woman’s G-spot. Dildos are also used to enhance sexual stimulation, although they are not power-operated. They don't move or vibrate while in the body. Some couples prefer dildos because they are not noisy, so no one will notice that they are using vibrators in their room.

Guidelines for Choosing Couples' Vibrators

If you are determined to get a vibrator for your bedroom antics, consider the following factors:

Check the Performance

Choose a vibrator that will provide intense pleasure for both partners. Selection becomes easy when both partners have a desirable level of sensation in mind. Women prefer either clitoral or vaginal stimulation or both. When shopping, consider if the sensation will be intense or localized. Both parties should enjoy the pleasure of the vibrator. The best-vibrating sex toy should address all personal sexual needs. Some are designed to stimulate only the anus, and others are meant for internal vaginal stimulation.

Consider the Material

The vagina is a very sensitive part of a woman's body, so it is ideal to consider the material of a vibrator while making a selection. Silicone is the best and most common material for women's vibrators. Its vibration increases stimulation and pleasure. It's non-porous, so no toxic materials can get trapped inside and transmitted to the body during penetration.

Silicone is easy to clean with water and soap, making it body-safe for both parties. Avoid jelly rubber vibrators, especially if it's to be used internally. Most of them contain harmful phthalates that can cause irritation and infections.

Buy the Right Size

Depending on what both partners prefer, there are large, medium, or small vibrators. It is essential to go with a more pleasurable and comfortable size. For women who love the stimulation of fingers, a penis-size vibrator will be a great choice. Couples new to vibrators should start with small sizes.

Check the Appearance

Both partners should agree on the vibrator to purchase. Choose an eye-catching vibrator which tickles the sexy imagination in mind. The best vibrators that provide intense stimulation for women are colourful and hot. Choose a pink or purple colour for an erotic moment. 

Consider the Motor or Its Buzz

Vibrators for couples produce different vibration sounds. Most settings enable the partners to control vibration speed, intensity, and pattern to a desirable level. Partners need to figure out that a more pleasurable vibration pattern is ideal. If there are children or visitors around, the couples should seek a quiet but powerful one. Vibrators that produce a high or low buzz will also do for those staying alone and who don't need privacy.

Check the Cost

While shopping for a vibrator, couples should consider how much they are willing to spend. Do not pick a low-quality vibrator just because it's cheap. There are various brands sold at different prices.


How to Use Vibrators for Couples During Sexual Intercourse

Start with foreplay. Let the male partner rub the vibrator on your boobs, then turn it to him romantically as you kiss to arouse each other. Let him rub it up and down and circle on your vulva and clitoral area while wearing your underwear. Do this for some minutes until everyone gets fully aroused. Let Him put the vibe angled towards the belly and control the tempo and speed as he thrusts you harder. The man should lie down as you ride on him for intense pleasure. Both partners will enjoy pretty awesome sexual stimulation.

Safety Tips for Vibrators for Couples

  • Both partners should agree to use a condom with the vibrators. This will reduce the risk of getting Sexually Transmitted Infections, especially for couples who have not been in a long-term relationship.
  • Add some lube for easy and smooth insertion of the vibrator in the butt or vagina during sexual intercourse.
  • Choose the right lube. Using a lube that is not compatible with the material of the vibrator can damage the surface of the sex toy.
  • Avoid low-quality vibrators. They are not safe and healthy in the genital areas.
  • Ensure a routine cleaning of the vibrator after use to reduce the chances of getting infections.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Best Vibrator for Couples?

While there are various couples’ vibrators in the market, a couple's massager is a great sex toy that gives complete satisfaction. The device is a great stress getaway and pain reliever to end your day after a heavy task. The tool is worn during sex to provide intense and extreme internal and external stimulation.

How Do I Use a Couples Vibrator?

For enjoyable and comfortable pleasure, shop the toy together to build anticipation. Use it all over the body, on sensitive areas like nipples, genitals, neck, armpits, and the back. Experiment with edging to achieve orgasms more quickly and reach the climax. Reverse the roles and switch positions to figure out what feels good.

How Do Vibrators for Couples Work?

Vibrators for couples have a different number of motors that create the stimulation buzzing and pulsing. Some have suctions to make them stay on flat surfaces during use. Moreover, others are powered by replaceable batteries, while others come with USB cables. They have buttons for determining the intensity levels and vibrations’ speeds.