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Suction Cup Dildos

Suction Cup Dildos

Suction Cup Dildos

Choose from the Peaches and Screams range of Suction Cup Dildos to enjoy hands-free anal or vaginal sex whenever the mood takes you. Our dildos with suction cups can be attached to almost any flat surface (the walls, the floor, a table), ensuring that you can benefit from various places to have hands-free sex from various angles. Our strong Hands-Free Dildos come with or without balls and are up to 16 inches long. Try a suction cup dildo and leave your hands free to roam elsewhere!

Looking for the best way to enjoy sensational stimulation with a hands-free experience? The answer lies in the Hands-Free Dildos base that comes with unrivalled versatility. This category of dildos can be mounted on the wall, table, or bathtub to give you extreme orgasms.

It may be time you dived into the ocean of pleasure with suction cup dildos and made your solo time as pleasurable and memorable as possible.

What Are Hands-Free Dildos?

Dildos are among the best sex toys and are highly cherished by men and women. This has pushed many sex toy manufacturers to customize their products so that everyone gets what fulfills their sexual desires. A suction cup dildo is a device with a suction cup base that can stick on a hard surface to allow you to enjoy a hands-free pleasure experience. These dildos also allow users to utilize their sex accessories in different positions, whether for solo time or couple sex. Suction cups and wall-mount base dildos are made of rigid and sticky bases that are not easily broken. They are designed with a strong base material that can withstand intense climaxing. They also allow you to slide your body back and forth and control the thrusting mechanism.

Types of Suction Cup Dildos

There are various suction cup dildos, classified according to their versatility and unique features. These types include;

Realistic Hands-Free Dildos

Realistic dildos with suction cups come with features that resemble the human penis. They have veins, smooth texture, balls, and tapered heads for easy insertion. Playing with these realistic suction cup dildos gives a similar experience to having a real moment with your male partner. They include an 8.8-Inch Realistic, Large Suction Cup Dildo base with Balls and a 6-Inch Royal Baron Realistic Nude Dildo with Suction Cup Base.

Double-Headed Suction Cup Dildos

If you dream of having hands-free double penetration, buying a double-headed suction cup dildo could be the best choice. Double-penetration suction cup dildos come with two heads on each end of the shaft, a suction cup base at the centre, or two dildos joined with a single suction cup base. They are suitable for solo masturbation and partnered sex. They include a 9.75-Inch Black Vibrating Double Dildo with Removable Suction Cup and King Cock 2 Cocks 1 Hole Brown Double, 9-Inch Realistic Suction Cup. The black suction cup dildo has also a double head for best penetration.

Vibrating Hands-Free Dildos

If you are looking for extra stimulation and intense orgasms, vibrating suction cup dildos will probably elevate your bedroom moments. You can choose from several modes, while others have built-in functions that let you control the vibrations.

Whether you are looking for vaginal or anal stimulation, vibrating suction cup dildos have hit erogenous zones to give you the desired sensations. They include an 8.25-Inch Purple Waterproof Jelly Vibrator with Suction Cup and Lifelike Lover Classic Realistic Dildo Vibrator.

How to Use Suction Cup and Wall Mount Dildos

There are various positions and places to stick your suction cup dildo, and enjoy using it alone. These places include;

On the Shower Wall

Some people love using their Hands-Free Dildos in the shower, especially when having a warm shower after a long tiresome day. Luckily, most shower walls are hard enough to hold the dildo and satisfy your needs. However, ensure that the suction cup dildo is waterproof. Check if the power mechanism is battery-powered or a mains plug.

On the Nightstand

The nightstand can also allow you to explore different positions and enjoy your suction cup dildo. Provided the nightstand has the right height, you can stick your dildo at the corner and let it be between your thighs. You can face away from the nightstand if you want to enjoy the reverse cowgirl position. However, the nightstand surface is unsuitable for anal play because there is little space between it and the wall.

On the Bed’s Headboard

If your bed has a taller headboard, you can also stick your hands-free dildo on the headboard and enjoy vaginal and anal penetration. This is only ideal for experienced users because newbies will likely face a hard time during vaginal penetration due to the limited space. This position is suitable for anal play or double penetration.

On the Chair or Toilet Seat

These positions best utilise your suction cup dildo for maximum satisfaction. Stick your dildo on the wooden chair or toilet seat, and grind your vagina or butt away. However, go slow because fast thrusting can cause the dildo to slip out. 

Hands-Free Dildos Safety Measures

How you use and care for your suction cup dildos determines how long they can serve you without health risks. Once you purchase your first suction cup dildo, it is best to follow these safety tips to minimize the risks associated with the careless handling of sex toys.

  • Start by reading the instructions indicated on the package on how to use, clean, and assemble your suction cup dildos.
  • Choose body-safe and easy-to-clean materials such as silicone and glass. However, if you have to choose other materials due to price factors or artistic nature, go for high-quality materials without phthalates.
  • Pick the right size, depending on your sexual experience.
  • Apply a lot of compatible sex lubricant on the dildo and your orifice before insertion.
  • Avoid sharing your dildo, and if you do, use condoms.
  • Clean your suction cup and wall mount dildos before and after every play using the recommended toy cleaner, and store them in a cool, dry place.

    Things to Consider When Buying Suction Cup Dildos


    Suction cup dildos are made from different materials, including silicone, rubber, jelly, latex, PVC and TPR.  All these materials are smooth, pliable and squishy, offering a realistic feel to the dildo. While the choice of material comes down to personal preference, all these materials have individual characteristics that give each a unique edge. Silicone is waterproof and hypoallergenic. This means you can comfortably use it for vaginal and anal penetration without worrying about bacteria and lubricants depositing inside the toy. It is also body-safe and a great alternative for people with sensitive skin and allergies to latex. The downside is that it reacts with silicone lube.

    Latex is also waterproof and offers a raw feel during penetration. But it tends to cause allergic reactions in people with sensitive skin. 

    Rubber, jelly and PVC have a lifelike feel when inside you. The downside is that they are porous. Bodily fluids and lube deposited inside the toy may encourage bacterial growth and moulding, which puts you at risk of infection. But most people looking to savour their awesome sensation slide a condom on the dildo to reduce the contents entering the dildo.

    When choosing material, also think about the cleaning and storage requirements. Silicone and latex are the easiest to clean because they are waterproof. All you need to do is hand wash them in warm water with an antibacterial solution or clean them with a toy cleaner from Peaches and Screams. Rubber, PVC and jelly are porous and require a little more work to thoroughly clean and sterilise. Whichever material you choose, avoid sharing your suction cup dildos with your partner for your health and hygiene. If you must share, pick a non-porous material and clean it thoroughly before and after use.

    Insertable Size

    Hands-Free Dildos come in different sizes.  Think about the insertable length and girth you can comfortably accommodate. For a vaginal dildo, start with a normal penis size (5.5 inches in girth and 6-7 insertable length). But you can go larger if you know you can comfortably accommodate some fullness. For anal penetration, consider the size of the last dilator you comfortably accommodated. But if you are already an anal enthusiast, go gigantic. You know your desires best.  

    Design and Sexy Features

    Hands-free dildos come in different shapes and designs to intensify your sexual experience. You will find double cock dildos, squirting dildos, double penetration dildos,  black dildos, large dildos, ejaculating dildos, and suction cup dildos with vibrating balls. Contemplate how you want pleasure and choose the dildo that perfectly fits your desires.

    Thinking about a solo threesome? Imagine riding a double cock dildo with a suction cup in front of your dresser mirror. Or take your solo penetrations a notch higher with an anal-vaginal pummelling using a double penetration with a suction cup dildo.  Explode your orgasms with an ejaculating or squirting dildo with a suction cup. Stick it on the bathtub floor and soak yourself in aphrodisiac salts and essential oils. Detox your body whilst heightening your arousal for a sexual moment of a lifetime. Thrust the dildo as you infuse your mind and soul with aromas and electrifying sensual pleasures. As you climax, squeeze the dildo balls to cum into a milky explosion of multiple orgasms that will leave you numbed in the tub, unable to let go of the essence of pleasure.   But be extra careful when entering and leaving the tub because essential oils make it slippery.

    You can create this scene and many more with Hands-free dildos here at Peaches and Screams.  You must trust your own erotic needs and browse through our website for the perfect gear. Your body is the most wonderful source of pleasure. Don’t be embarrassed or shy to pleasure yourself. Here at Peaches and Screams, we have dildos with suction cups, including double penetration dildos, double cock dildos, vibrating balls dildos, black dildos, large dildos, realistic dildos, everything sexual you need, we got it. Explore and embrace your sexuality with pride. We offer you high-quality suction cup dildos combined with a discrete packing and shipping service for your privacy. Play solo or invite your partner. The bottom line is that you must be pleasured the way you want to. Peaches and Screams also have the best sex lubricants, lube applicators, anal relaxers, tingling, warming, and cooling lubes for sensory play, bath salts and everything else you need to make your erotic moments extraordinaire.  Brace yourself for a toe-curling orgasm with our suction cup dildos. Because we both know sexual satisfaction goes a long way beyond the bedroom!

    Suction Vibrators

    What are the advantages of suction vibrators? With a suction vibrator, you control your ride and your pleasure. Many stick to any flat surface and are completely waterproof. Stick one in your tub or spa bath and ride vaginally or anally. A suction vibrator can become your new best friend!

    Pink Water Soft Mounts Dildo even has a clitoral stimulator. The handy bottom suction cup adheres to slick surfaces like bathtubs, chairs, tables, floors and doors. Not only does it stick to be mounted, but it also bends to conform to your position or body contour.

    Try the Vibrating Vagina Pleasuriser for a different suction type. A suction cup is placed over the vagina, and the soft rubber makes a perfect seal. First, squeeze the pump to engage the whole vagina, and then turn on the vibrating action. It comes with a vibrating egg that adds even more sizzle.

    For lovers of larger pleasures, there is the Ultrastud Soft Mount. This eight-inch bad boy also has a clitoral stimulator with multiple vibrating speeds. The bottom of this vibrator has a suction cup that allows it to be attached to flat surfaces. If you feel you have had enough exercise for the day, you can use it as a regular vibrator.

    The Purple Pussy Pump can be used solo to stimulate and tone the muscles in the vagina, or it can be used before sex to increase clitoral stimulation. Simply place the suction cup over the vagina and use the hand pump to create more blood flow and sensitivity.

    If you like oral sex and there is no partner ready, willing or able – you will love the Vibrating Clit Massager. Place the cup over the vagina and use the little hand pump to get the pressure you want and need. Combine this thrill with the multi-speed vibrating clitoral stimulator, and you will forget what day it is.

    Sometimes couples want to have fun but do not want the same experience every night. The Mystic Treasures Couples Kit has you covered. Kit contains two silicone cock rings, a multi-speed bullet, a pair of transparent oscillating duo balls, a slim butt plug with a suction cup base and a 7" slimline multi-speed vibrator with a veiny penis and nubby shaft tickler tipped sleeve. There is so much diversity it is hard to decide. Maybe you should write each on paper, put them in a plastic bag and draw the lucky accoutrement for the evening!

    Suction-Cup Dildo

    Frequently Asked Questions about Suction Cup Dildos

    How to Make a Suction-Cup Dildo

    When making such sex toys, the first thing you need to consider has a material that will not react with your skin. This may include silicone, glass, and jelly. If you have the dildo with you, you will need to make the suction cup. You may consider using rubber to create a semi-coned mould.

    Where Can I Put Suction-Cup Dildo?

    The suction cup can be placed on any flat surface for a hands-free experience. Such surfaces may include your bathtub, shower wall, the floor on the edge of your bed, and many more. Always ensure your place of preference is comfortable for use to avoid straining. Remember to always take things slowly for the whole process.

    How Do I Ride a Suction Cup Dildo?

    Suction dildos can be used for varieties sex positions. One important aspect you need to consider is finding a comfortable position to avoid straining. You need to avoid too much involvement since it will make you tired. Apply enough lubricant to cut down excess friction and increase pleasure. Start by slow thrusting as you work your way up.

    How to Use Dildo with Suction Cup

    Whether using the dildo in your bathtub or bedroom, ensure to position the sex toy in a comfortable place that will not have you straining. Application of lubricant is compulsory for increased pleasure. Start by taking things slowly as you work your way out. After use, clean the dildo before storage.

    Why Do Dildos Have Suction Cups?

    This type of dildo is best for both men and women since they offer a hands-free experience. Nobody wishes to strain as they locate the dildo into their body, and for that reason, the rise of suction sex toys came into existence. These dildos allow you to enjoy pleasure from wherever places of your choice, like a bathtub, floor, and bedroom.

    Can You Use Suction-Cup Dildos for Strap On?

    Using a strap-on with a suction cup will give you the best experience. This is mainly useful for lesbian lovers. They find it easier to penetrate, offering their lovers a mind-blowing experience. The same process can also apply to bisexual women. You miss a lot if you have not added this to your accessories.  

    Can’t Get My Dildo’s Cup to Stick. What Do I Do?

    If you cannot access your suction cup, you can consider using a strap-on for a more thrilling experience. You can use the dildo alone. All you need to do is assume a comfortable position to avoid straining. Consider applying lubricant for increased pleasure and to reduce excess friction.

    How Can I Attach Suction-Cup Dildo?

    First, you need to consider a flat surface for efficiency. Such surfaces include shower walls, floors, doors, and beds. Ensure the dildo is fitted perfectly to avoid distractions all the time. Consider making necessary adjustments where possible to avoid straining. You can apply lubricant for increased pleasure throughout the whole process.

    How Do I Get My Wife to Use Suction-Cup Dildo?

    First, you need to consult her and discuss the issue. If she is open-minded, you can introduce the amazing dildo. Take her through the whole process as you guide her on every step. You can use the sex toy together at first, and once she has mastered the skills, you can allow her to do it by herself.

    How to Get Suction-Cup Dildo to Stick

    For efficient use, the dildo should be perfectly fitted on the surface. You need to ensure the sex toy is clean and free from dust that may hinder the whole process. Wipe the intended place that you have chosen. Stick the suction on the surface as you press it for proper sealing before proceeding to use.

    How to Mount a Suction-Cup Dildo

    First, you must choose a designated place to mount the sex toy. Once you have stuck the suction cup on the surface, press down for proper sealing to avoid falling off. Ensure the dildo is properly fixed in a position you won't have to strain. You can now proceed to use the toy.

    How to Mount Suction-Cup Dildo in a Bed

    If you are looking forward to a successful bed session, you need to consider a wooden bed frame for mounting. You are advised to place the dildo on the sides for easier access. Correctly position yourself depending on the height of your bed. Some people prefer bending their knees, while others lie flat with their legs up.

    What Is the Suction-Cup Dildo for?

    A suction cup dildo is essential for a hands-free experience. It is best for both men and women who are open enough and want to take their fantasy game to a different height. All you need to do is place this amazing toy on a flat surface and let the magic happen.

    Where to Stick Suction-Cup Dildo

    Suction cup dildos can be stuck on different flat surfaces. Such surfaces include your bed, bathtub, shower walls, table flow, and many more. All you need to do is ensure the cup perfectly fits the surface to avoid falling off. The surface should give you easier access during the whole process.

    Other Types of Dildos Available

    Vibrating Dildos

    Vibrating dildos offer intense stimulation with vibrations that can be used internally or externally. They come in various designs, from realistic body parts such as penises and clitorises to abstract shapes like wands or bullets. While vibrators require batteries, many vibrating dildos now come equipped with rechargeable batteries, so they can be used repeatedly without worrying about running out of power mid-session.

    Non Realistic Dildos

    Non-realistic dildos don’t look like actual body parts but feature unique designs that are still inviting and pleasurable. They may be shaped like rockets or animals instead of resembling penises, offering an exciting alternative for those who prefer something out of the ordinary compared to traditional realistic models. Non-realistic varieties also tend to have smoother surfaces without any veins or wrinkles present in some realistic styles.

    Glass Dildos

    Glass dildos are beautiful pieces that can provide intense sensation due to their durable material not being affected by temperature changes during use like other materials may be. These types of sex toys tend last much longer than others so they’re worth investing in if they take your fancy.

    Metal Dildos

    Try out metal dildos for a truly unique experience during solo or partnered play. These sleek silver pieces boast deliciously weighty sensations combined with extreme temperature play potential for added thrills. Pop it into hot or cold water before use if desired! Most metal options come textured or shaped for optimum stimulation directly at your erogenous zones.

    Jelly Dildos

    Jelly dildos have a soft texture, making them comfortable even if you’re using them vigorously during playtime. Jelly is often combined with other materials, including PVC (polyvinyl chloride), which adds additional flexibility so that the toy can easily conform itself around your body movements as you use it, giving you a sensation similar natural penetration experience.

    Ejaculating Dildos

    Ejaculating dildos come complete with lifelike veins and textures mimicking those found on human penises but with additions such as squirting features providing more intense sensations than standard models do not possess. Ejaculating dildos offer excellent options for solo masturbation sessions too.

    Fist Dildos

    Fisting dildos are adult sex toys that provide a more intense sensation than regular dildos. These larger-than-average sex toys mimic a human fist's size, shape, and texture for added pleasure during masturbation or partner play. With their distinctive form factor, these speciality items can create unique sensations compared with other types of dildo on the market.

    Inflatable Dildos

    Inflatable dildos have been gaining popularity recently due to their adjustable nature. Insert them into whichever hole requires attention before inflating them until they reach your desired size.

    Small Dildos

    Small dildos can be great for those new to sex toys, as they allow you to get used to the feel of something inside without feeling overwhelmed.

    Large Dildos

    Larger-sized dildos provide more intense stimulation than their smaller counterparts as they tend to feature bumps or ridges along the shaft and may even have a girthier head. This makes them great options if you're looking for something more filling but still manageable enough not to overwhelm your body during use.

    Black Dildos

    Black dildos come in all shapes and sizes, but their sleek design sets them apart, giving them a sophisticated look that stands out amongst other sex toys

    Animal Penis Dildos

    Animal penis dildos come complete with veins and ridges just like nature intended, so you can enjoy maximum stimulation every time. Textured versions add extra thrills due to their ribbed exterior surfaces.

    Inflatable Dildo Balls

    Inflatable dildo balls are great if you’re looking for versatility in size. Adjust how inflated or deflated they are depending on your preference! This makes them ideal for anal play since their soft texture makes insertion easy without discomfort.

    Dildo Moulding Kits

    Dildo moulding kits let you create your custom-made sex toy from silicone or other materials. Whether large or small, colourful or plain, you can get exactly what you want from your next intimate session.


    Explore your inner sexual urges with the different suction cup dildos to make your erotic life pleasurable. Hands-free sex toys provide the ultimate solo experiences, be creative in your scenes as you embrace kinkier intimate moments. When purchasing Hands-Free Dildos, it is important to consider the size. The insertable size matters in terms of the girth or length of your toy. For newbies, choose suction cup dildos with a penis size you can handle for great first-time sessions. Ensure the material you choose is hypoallergenic, waterproof, and has no impact on condoms or when mixed with lubes.