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Beginners Butt Plugs

Beginners Butt Plugs

  • Butt Plug Fat Set Small - Peaches and Screams
    Butt Plug Fat Set Small - Peaches and Screams
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    Original Price £37.17
    Current Price £28.59
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    Butt Plug Fat Set Small

    Only 1 left!

    Delve into the pleasure of the Silicone Butt Plug Set, featuring four exquisite pieces crafted from premium black silicone. This versatile collecti...

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    Original Price £37.17
    Current Price £28.59
    Save £8.58
    Only 1 left!
  • Dorcel Silicone Black Small Training Anal Bead - Peaches and Screams
    Dorcel Silicone Black Small Training Anal Bead - Peaches and Screams
    Save £10.14
    Original Price £43.93
    Current Price £33.79

    Dorcel Silicone Black Small Training Anal Bead

    Only 2 left!

    Are you looking to explore intense anal play? Shop for the thoughtfully designed Dorcel Silicone Black Small Training Anal Bead and experience heig...

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    Original Price £43.93
    Current Price £33.79
    Save £10.14
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  • Rimba Silicone Purple Small Anal Pleasure Kit - Peaches and Screams
    Rimba Silicone Purple Small Anal Pleasure Kit - Peaches and Screams
    Save £8.58
    Original Price £37.17
    Current Price £28.59

    Rimba Silicone Purple Small Anal Pleasure Kit

    Only 2 left!

    Want to feel the great and intense sensation with a small gadget in the anal opening? This Set of Barcelona Purple Anal Pleasure Kit - Anal Beads a...

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    Original Price £37.17
    Current Price £28.59
    Save £8.58
    Only 2 left!

Butt Plugs for Beginners - Small Butt Plugs - Anal Sex Toys

Buy small butt plugs for beginners at Peaches and Screams UK online sex shop. Browse the best butt plugs for beginners and choose from the animal tail, round, metal, jelly, suction cup, hollow, diamond and vibrating butt plugs!

What is an Anal Plug?

A butt plug, also known as an anal plug, is a sex toy designed for anal use. They are typically cone or cylinder-shaped, with a tapered end for easy insertion and a flared base to prevent them from being fully inserted into the anus. Butt plugs can be made of various materials, such as silicone, rubber, metal, glass, or plastic.

The main purpose of a butt plug is to provide pleasure and stimulation to the prostate in men or the back wall of the vagina in women. They can also be used as a form of sexual fetishism or BDSM play. The fullness and pressure that a butt plug provides can be very pleasurable for many people.

Butt plugs are typically used for anal play, including vaginal intercourse, masturbation, or foreplay. They can be used by men and women and enjoyed by people of all sexual orientations.

Butt plugs come in different sizes, shapes, and textures. Some are smooth and tapered, while others have ridges or bumps for added stimulation. Some have a curved shape to target the prostate, and others are designed to be worn for an extended period. They also come in different materials like silicone, metal, glass, and wood.

Before using a butt plug, it is important to start with a small size and work your way up as you become more comfortable. Always use plenty of water-based lubricants to make insertion easier and more comfortable. It's also important to be aware that the anus is not self-lubricating like the vagina, so lubrication is crucial to prevent discomfort or injury.

When you're finished using the plug, it is important to clean the plug thoroughly before and after each use. Most plugs can be washed with soap, water, or a sex toy cleaner. They should be dried and stored properly in a safe place, preferably in a bag or container specifically designed for sex toys.

Overall, butt plugs can greatly add extra pleasure and stimulation to your sexual experiences. They can be a fun and enjoyable addition to your toy collection with a little care and preparation. Always use them safely and responsibly, and always listen to your body to ensure a comfortable and pleasurable experience.

Getting Started

First things first, what do you understand by the term butt plugs? Numerous anal sex toys deliver different stimulations and climaxes. Although most anal sex devices are created to offer maximum anal stimulation during sex or solo masturbation, their differences depend on their shapes and how you want to be stimulated.

Butt plugs are bulb-like anal sex tools designed to be inserted and stay in the anus. They are similar to dildos, but instead of being used in vaginal and anal penetration, they are only meant for anal stimulation. There are various reasons you may choose to buy butt plugs over other sex toys. Regardless of your gender or sexual orientation, here are some of the reasons why you should consider getting a butt plug;

Preparation for Anal Sex

Anal plugs were initially designed to prepare your sphincter muscles for the coming penile penetration. When inserted into the anus, butt plugs help stretch and relax your sphincter muscles, making anal sex more comfortable and less painful. As a newcomer ready to try butt sex with your partner, starting with butt plug insertion at least thirty minutes before actual penetration is wise.

Prostate Massage      

Massaging the prostate gland results in extreme sensations and multiple orgasms for men. Of course, prostate stimulation is equal to G-spot stimulation in women. Every man would love to be massaged during partnered sex or solo masturbation. Therefore, most beginners find butt plugs, especially beaded or ribbed ones, perfect prostate massage.

Great for Maximum Anal Stretching

Whether an anal play student or a pro, you must have fantasies to take your anal play to another level. Maybe you are considering using bigger sex toys or accommodating your partner’s monster dick. Therefore, larger butt plugs and anal sex toys for beginners would be the best way to get maximum anal stretching to fulfil your dreams. Remember, you can wear a butt plug for the whole day, indoors or on the go.

Types of Butt Plugs for Beginners

The first thing to be aware of about butt plugs is the wide range of designs and shapes available. Before ordering your first anal plug from Dimepiece LA, you should understand your sexual experience for you to identify the best type among the following;

Standard Butt Plugs

Standard anal plugs, also called normal butt plugs, are without much complication. They come with simple designs with plain straight surfaces. With standard butt plugs, you only get either anal fullness or regular stimulation. However, standard butt plugs come in different shapes determined by your desire to be stimulated. For instance, if you are looking for simultaneous anal fullness and prostate massage, you can buy curved or beaded butt plugs.

Inflatable Butt Plugs

As a beginner, getting the right size of butt plug can be quite stressful. Instead of going through the tussle looking for the best-sized butt plug, buying an inflatable butt plug could be the solution. Inflatable butt plugs are made of flexible materials like silicone and rubber and have small sizes that increase when inserted into the anus. They also come with an attached bulb and pipe that pumps air into the plug or a separate air pump. When inserted into the anus, you can fill the air to your desired size.

Hollow Butt Plugs

From their name, these butt plugs have a space in the middle that opens the butt for other sexual fantasies. Hollow or tunnel butt plugs are made of either glass, metal, or other hard plastic material. Hollow butt plugs leave the butt cheeks and the anal canal open, and you can insert a penis or other sex toy for extra anal stimulation. Although they are mostly designed for experienced users, beginners can use tunnel anal plugs for sexual advantages.

How to Choose the Best Beginner Butt Plug

To get the right stimulation from your sex toys without any health risks, you should consider the following factors when buying your first butt plug;

Check the Material of The Anal Plug

When browsing various sex toy stores, you will meet different materials like silicone, glass, metal, and rubber. However, always buy non-porous, body-safe, hypoallergic materials like silicone, glass, and metal for your safety. Moreover, choose flexible materials that you can easily switch positions when using.

Buy the Right Size

Don’t be blinded by your sexual fantasies and choose the wrong size that will be difficult to insert. According to sex toy experts, you should start masturbating with your fingers to estimate the right size for comfort and fullness. Moreover, beginners are only advised to start with small beginner butt plugs before trying larger options.

Consider the Base of The Toy

Depending on how you want to be stimulated, you should choose between handheld and hands-free sexual experiences. For a hands-free experience, buy suction-cup base anal plugs that can stick to any hard surface and enjoy your masturbation. On the other hand, if you have to insert the plug in your anus and experience outdoor stimulation, you should buy an anal plug with a flared base to prevent it from being lost in the butt passage.

Choose A Compatible Anal Sex Lubricant

The toy’s material significantly determines the type of anal lube you choose. This means you should buy an anal lube compatible with most materials like silicone- and water-based lube. However, you should avoid silicone-based anal lube using a silicone butt plug.

How to use a butt plug

Hygiene First

First, clean and sterilize your butt plug. You will also want to clean yourself for a more relaxed experience. Take a shower and a nice anal douche to make sure you have a clean backdoor to play with. Don’t use soap to clean your anus, as it can be uncomfortable and irritating.

Lubricate your anus and butt plug

Once fresh and relaxed, apply a generous amount of lube on the butt plug and your anus. You can use a lube applicator or let your partner massage and finger your anus to introduce lube into the inner walls. You will also want to apply some anal relaxants with a mild numbing agent to relax your anal nerves for a painless insertion. We want you toe-curling with intense pleasure, not screaming with pain.

Insert the butt Plug

 Now, place the tip of the butt plug on the mouth of the anus and push it inwards. If you are having trouble getting started, warm up by fingering to relax and ease up the muscles. If you have an adventurous partner, a tongue will do wonders at this point. Take it slow. Butt plugs are tapered, which makes them wider as you move in. You might need several sessions actually to take in the whole plug. Just keep practising.

Clean up your toys and keep them safe

After every session, clean up your toys with disinfecting soap and hot water. Dry them up completely and store them in a clean toy kit. For hygienic purposes, we recommend that you do not share your butt plugs.

How do Anal Plugs compare to other Anal Sex Toys?

Butt plugs and other anal toys are designed for anal stimulation and can be used for both men and women. However, there are some key differences between the two types of toys.

Butt plugs are designed to be inserted into the anus and left in place. They have a tapered or conical shape that allows for easy insertion and a flared base that prevents the toy from getting lost inside the body. Some butt plugs also have a curved shape that can stimulate the prostate in men or the g-spot in women.

Anal beads and dildos are typically designed for in-and-out movement. Anal beads are strings inserted into the anus one at a time and then pulled out for added sensation. Dildos are typically phallic in shape and are meant to be inserted and moved in and out of the anus for stimulation.

Another type of anal toy is an anal vibrator, which is similar to a traditional vibrator but is designed for anal use. It often has a flared base and can be used for insertion and external stimulation.

In summary, butt plugs are designed to be inserted and left in place, while anal beads, dildos, and anal vibrators are designed for in-and-out movement. Each type of toy can provide different sensations and be used for different purposes, so it's a good idea to try out different types to see which one you prefer.

It's important to note that before using any anal toy, you should always use a generous amount of water-based lubricant, as the anus does not self-lubricate. Cleaning the toy before and after each use is important to avoid infection.

More Butt Plugs

Butt Plugs with a Finger Loop

Finger loop butt plugs allow precise insertion depth control and easier retrieval after use. They can help inexperienced users feel safer during their sessions if used carefully. Anyone interested in experimenting with finger loops must become familiar with all safety protocols before trying them out.

Metal Butt Plugs

Metal butt plugs are firm and offer unique sensations from traditional materials like silicone or rubber while also easy to clean due to their non-porous nature. They also offer great versatility in temperature play providing extra thrill through cold or hot scenarios making your time between the sheets even more enjoyable.

Glass Butt Plugs

Glass butt plugs provide a unique feeling due to their smooth finish. They are also temperature-responsive, creating additional sensations when heated or cooled before insertion.

Tail Butt Plugs

Tail butt plugs add another layer of fun by offering tail attachments that come in various colours, including bright neon hues, making them eye-catching during roleplaying sessions.

Inflatable Butt Plugs

Inflatable butt plugs allow users to customize the level of intensity they desire by using an easy pump system. They are ideal for intermediate players who aren’t yet ready for more extreme measures.

Butt Plug Sets

Butt plugs sets are ideal for those who want more variety from their sex toy collection. They contain multiple different-sized pieces, so users can gradually increase the size until their needs are met.

Jewelled Butt Plugs

Jewelled butt plugs are perfect if you want something that stands out from other sex toys. They usually feature colourful stones or gems set into them, which is great for people who like adding colour and sparkle to the bedroom. These often come in various shapes, such as round or slender designs, so there’s something to suit everyone’s preferences.

Where to buy high-quality beginner butt plugs

Peaches and Screams is a friendly and easy-to-navigate online store that will feed all your quivering anal sex fantasies. We offer high-quality butt plugs, lubricants and cleaning solutions to help you get started on this wonderful journey of sexual bliss.