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PVC Fetish Clothing and Erotic Bondage Wetlook Clothing for Men and Women

Women's PVC clothing can be found here. PVC clothing is also referred to as vinyl clothing and is usually made from polyester coated in shiny plastic. The plastic is usually a blend of PVC (plastic vinyl chloride) and polyurethane. Most garments are black, but PVC can be made in a variety of colours, so we have some garments that are red as well as other colours.

This category contains our range of clothing for women made from this material, and presents a diverse range including everything from the well known Joyce Jones collection which is a wonderful starting point, to some of the more specialty items from smaller manufacturers that we are constantly working to source and bring to our range.

Some items are one size fits most, meaning they are adjustable, have elastic or have a design that will fit most sizes. If an item has multiple sizes available, the detail page for the product (accessed by clicking on the product image from the category) will list the sizes available. Simply click the radio box next to the size you want before clicking add to cart.

  • PVC clothing for women
  • Elastic
  • Multiple sizes available
  • Easy to clean and maintain

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