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Animal Penis Dildos

Animal Penis Dildos

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Animal Penis Dildos

Animal penis dildos, also known as zoophilia dildos, are a type of sex toy that are shaped like the penis of an animal. They are typically used for fetish and fantasy role play. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use an animal penis dildo:

  1. Choose the right dildo: Animal penis dildos come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. It's important to choose a dildo that is safe, non-toxic, and made of body-safe materials.

  2. Clean the dildo: Before using the dildo, make sure to clean it thoroughly with warm water and a mild soap. Be sure to clean every crevice and nook of the dildo.

  3. Apply lubricant: As with any sex toy, it is important to use lubricant to make insertion easier and more comfortable. Apply a water-based lubricant to the dildo and to your own body if needed.

  4. Use the dildo: Once the dildo is lubricated, you can use it for penetration just like any other dildo. Be sure to pay attention to the size and shape of the dildo to ensure that it is comfortable and not causing any pain.

  5. Clean up: After using the dildo, make sure to clean it thoroughly with warm water and a mild soap. Let it dry completely before storing it.

It's important to note that the use of animal penis dildos may be considered as zoophilia, a sexual fetish involving non-human animals and it is illegal in many places. Additionally, some people may find the use of these dildos offensive or disturbing, so it's important to use them only with a consenting partner.

It's also important to remember that these dildos are not meant to be used on animals, as that would be considered as animal abuse and it's illegal. It's always recommended to check the dildo compatibility before buying and using and to respect the laws of your country.

Remember to always use the dildo with caution and stop using it if you experience any discomfort or pain.

Understanding Animal Penis Dildos

Think about this, you are in a long-distance relationship and have grown fond of your horse or dog, and instinctively, a weird idea flips in your mind that you should have your horse’s dick in your vagina or butt. Sounds crazy, right?

However, since you are unsure about the health risks associated with animal sex, you feel you should get a dildo crafted in the same shape as your dog’s or horse’s penis. Worry not because, with the latest advancement in the sex toy industry, you are guaranteed to get anything in every shape that will fulfil your sexual fantasies.

Animal penis dildo sex toys are devices designed to look like the penis of your favourite animal. It can be a dog, horse, fox, or even werewolf. All you have to do is think about how you would feel when the animal is deep thrusting your vaginal or butt, then walk to the store and order it. Depending on how much you are willing to spend, animal penis dildos are made of high-quality materials that are body-safe and easy to clean. You don't have to worry about these unrealistic sex toys tearing your genitals since they are made of flexible materials unless you look for rigid options.

Types of Animal Penis Dildos

When talking about types of animal penis dildos, you are simply referring to sex dildos created to resemble the hard penises of your favourite animals. Moreover, do you know that animals like ducks have penises? They belong to the 3% of birds you never thought had penises. If you are curious about how it would feel to have these imaginable organs in your erogenous regions, here are some of the popular animal dildos on the market.

Knotted Dog Dildos 

As the name suggests, knotted dog dildos have large bulbous glands (knots) towards the base of the dildo. The bulbous glands are found on the dog's penis and fill up with blood once the penis is inserted inside the vagina of the female. Its function is to keep the penis from falling out.   

Fox Dildo

Unlike dog dildos, fox dildos are rare and not easy to find. However, they also make up for some good sensations. Fox dildos also come with the knot since the fox and dog belong to the same Canidae family. This is a manageable dildo as it is not great in size but strong. Fox dildos might also come with a fury texture to complement the fox.   

Walrus Dildo 

A walrus dildo is a massive dildo, with some going up to 13 inches in length and 10 to 15 inches in circumference. If you can take this size, then you are a champ. The walrus dildo is also not for everyone, as you need to climb up the ranks of different sizes before inserting this one into your vagina. However, it is definitely worth the effort.

Dog and Wolf Dildos

Let us start with the obvious animals found in most homesteads. Dog's and wolf's penises are the popular organs used to make weird dildos on the market. However, before talking about these canine dildos, let us quickly remind ourselves how they have sex. Interestingly, male dogs quickly penetrate the female vaginas when they are still soft.

This is because the vagina swells up and seals to prevent the male penis from entering. Once the male dog has gained access, its bulbous glands in the base of the dick are filled with blood and swell, and the vaginal contraction prevents the penis from slipping out.

If you want to experience what female dogs feel when the male's penis is inside them, you should understand that most dog and wolf dildos come with a knot at the base to imitate the bulbous glands. Once slipped inside the vagina or butt, this knot prevents the dildo from slipping out. However, do not worry about taking out the dildo since you are not a dog. The human vaginal can expand when the need arises. These dildos include Bad Dragon Razor and Tantus Fido.

Horse Dildos

When talking about animals' penises and sex, we cannot forget horses and their longest dicks. The horse's penis is almost 20 inches long and 2 inches wide when soft and relaxed. When it gets aroused, the size doubles to around 40 inches long and 4 inches wide. You can imagine that size filling up your vagina or butt.

Horse dildos are among the craziest sex toys to stock under your pillowcase every night if you want to experience something extraordinary in your genitalia. Therefore, if you think it is time to have deep thrusting when solo or during role-playing, you can buy Mr Ed's horse dildo.

How to Choose the Best Animal Penis Dildo

Apart from your fetish needs and imagination, various factors determine your choice when buying an animal-shaped penis dildo. These factors include;

Consider the Material

Animal-shaped penis dildos are also made from a variety of materials similar to other sex toys. When buying your first animal dildo, check the material to ensure it is body-safe, hypoallergenic, non-porous, and easy to clean. Silicone is the most preferred material due to its hygienic characteristics and compatibility with most sex lubricants. If you want to buy other materials such as rubber and glass due to affordability and versatility, always buy high-quality materials with fewer or no health risks.

The Size of The Dildo

The size of the animal-shaped dildo is vital when stocking your favourite sex devices. For instance, you should not be blinded by your crazy sexual needs and forget about the size of your orifice. If you are buying an animal-shaped dildo for vaginal penetration, stick to the size of the standard human penis. On the other hand, when buying it for anal stimulation, start with smaller sizes unless you are an anal sex pro.

Check the Base of The Dildo

Animal dildos can be sophisticated and enticing; hence, you should be keen on the base type to ensure it does not entirely enter your genitalia in the heat of the moment. Moreover, if you buy a sex toy for solo play, you can choose a suction cup for hands-free thrusting. Losing the dildo entirely inside your vaginal or butt can be embarrassing and painful to retrieve. Sticking to realistic animal dildos and sex toys are safer and hygienic.

Consider Lube Compatibility

Different lubes are compatible with different materials. For example, silicone-based lubricants are compatible with most materials except silicone materials. Water-based lubes are compatible with all materials, making them most preferred for newbies. Water-based lubes dry out faster and require frequent application, limiting your joy in the bedroom. That said, choose a material compatible with both water-based and silicone-based sex lubricant when shopping for your animal penis dildo.

Advantages of Animal Penis Dildos    

Animal penis dildos range in size from small and medium to large. Some dildos have additional features, such as vibrating bullets, to increase the stimulations when penetrating. Others have electrostatic features; you can introduce electric currents to your sensations. Generally, animal penis dildos are meant to recreate new pleasures and change from the monotony of standard human penis dildos.       

How To Use Animal Penis Dildos 

Before using a dildo, you need to understand your anatomy. If you are using it to masturbate, knowing the sweet spots to strike and the pace is essential. Animal penis dildos can be used for solo or partnered play. Lubricants are a necessary addition to sexual antics. The choice of lube is also dependent on the material of the dildo. You must understand that silicone toys should not be used with silicone-based lube as it degrades the toy. Otherwise, try water-based lube if your dildo is made of silicone. One advantage of silicone-based lube is that it lasts long and is not easily washable. Animal penis dildos can be used for deep thrusts, short and shallow thrusts, stimulating the G-spot, anal play, or double penetration. The base of the dildo is big enough to facilitate holding by the hand.  

How To Clean Animal Penis Dildos   

Cleaning an animal penis dildo and any other dildo is easy unless you use a dildo with unique features, such as those that offer electric currents. There are different methods of cleaning sex toys; the basic method is using clean water and soap. You can also disinfect it in hot water, sanitiser, or a dishwasher to clean the toys. After cleaning, you must dry the dildo before storing it. You can use paper towels to dry the toys or air dry them. The method you choose to use in cleaning depends on several factors, including the toy's material, if the dildo utilizes electricity, and where the toy was used.   

Safety Tips When Using Animal Penis Dildos

Dildo Base 

You must be keen on the base of the animal penis dildo that provides a firm stopper, especially with large dildos. The base should be the limit of the sex toy when thrusting.

Lube Compatibility 

As stated above, not all lubes will go with all toys. Silicone-based lube is generally good for most dildos apart from silicone dildos. Silicone-based lube degrades silicone animal penis dildos. Water-based lube is compatible with all dildo materials. Unless you want to keep purchasing animal penis dildos, you need to know precisely what your dildo is made of before purchasing. Consider buying your animal penis dildo from reputable retailers. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Animal Penis Dildos

What Are Animal Penis Dildos?

Animal penis dildos are sex toys designed inspired by animals' penises. For example, a dildo that looks like a donkey's penis is an animal penis dildo. Animal penis dildos resemble a dog penis. Partners can purchase them online or at a sex toy store near them. The animal penis dildo may be perfect for people who find the human-shaped dildo boring or want something bigger than a human dildo. It may be a nice addition to your sexual sex toys when you want to feel like an animal.

Why Do People Use Animal Penis Dildos?

Partners use animal penis dildos for various reasons. Some may be attracted to the design and size of the dildo because the penis of an animal has inspired it. Others want it because they have a sexual fetish towards an animal, and using the dildo is like having sex with the animal without committing bestiality. It can also be included in role sex when you want to get in touch with your animal side.

What Are the Types of Animal Penis Dildos?

There are several types of animal penis dildos. Think of a penis you want and ask the sex toy vendor. The most common animal dildos are horse and dog dildos. Find out if the sex toy shop has the fetish animal dildo you want. You can buy the animal penis dildo online if you feel embarrassed asking questions. Read the description and the customer reviews well to know if it's safe for use. Read instructions on using it if there are settings on the gadget.

How Do Animal Penis Dildos Feel?

The dildos feel good, like other dildos. They give sensational feelings when used appropriately. Users can buy an animal penis dildo with a setting to control stimulation. Buy electric dildos with vibrations to cause mind-blowing orgasms. Animal dildos may feel better than ordinary ones if your fetish is geared toward them. Use lubricants with animal penis dildos to ease penetration. Lubricants are a must-have in the sex toy world for partners who only want to enjoy the sensations and nothing else. Sliding and gliding with no likelihood of a bruise are sensational.

Where to Buy Animal Penis Dildos?

You can buy animal penis dildos at the sex toy shop or online. Online sex toy shops have varieties of animal penis dildos. Remember to read the package description to understand what you need from the sex toy. Compare the size with real objects around you related to the size of the sex toy. Read the reviews well to learn the customer's opinions about the dildo.

Other Types of Dildos Available

Vibrating Dildos

Vibrating dildos come in various shapes and sizes and offer an added sensation thanks to their built-in motor that provides vibration during use. Vibrating dildos are great for those looking for extra stimulation or want something different from regular non-vibrating options.

Realistic Dildos

Realistic dildos look like “the real thing”, even down to every detail, such as veins, wrinkles and bumps along their surface area, giving them an incredibly lifelike feel when inserted inside you. Realistic models often feature textured surfaces, so they provide extra sensation during playtime; 

Suction Cup Dildos

Suction cup dildos feature a strong suction cup at one end allowing users to attach them securely onto any flat surface, making them hands-free and incredibly versatile during use! Great if you want to change positions while indulging in wild fantasies with yourself or someone else. These can also be used both vaginally and anal, so they pack a punch when it comes down to enjoying intimate moments between partners.

Glass Dildos

Glass dildos are elegant yet offer a stimulating experience. Made from durable borosilicate glass, these pieces are designed aesthetically pleasingly, firm and inflexible, making them ideal for vigorous thrusting sessions.

Metal Dildos

Metal dildos offer a whole new realm of pleasure when it comes to sex toys; these solid pieces provide deep penetration sensations along with great versatility in terms of vibration settings (if purchased with a vibrating option).

Double Ended Dildos

double-ended dildo is another option many enjoy using together as a couple or solo. Double-ended dildos offer two ends of varying sizes so each partner can select their preferred width while also enjoying simultaneous internal penetration when used as a couple. Some double-ended designs also feature special features like vibrating motors built directly into them, which adds an extra layer of sensation during use.

Ejaculating Dildos

Ejaculating dildos add excitement to your bedroom activities. They allow users to simulate orgasmic pleasure using water-based lubricants instead of semen. Ejaculating 'shooting' cocks usually look realistic, with veins running along the shaft.

Fist Dildos

Fisting dildos are designed specifically for fisting. These toys help ease this process without causing discomfort or pain to either partner involved. They come in different sizes and shapes, so something is available for everyone regardless of skill level and comfort threshold for anal/vaginal stretching activities like fisting.

Large Dildos

Large dildos provide extra stimulation due to their bigger size. Still, they can also extend deeper inside your body, giving you a greater sense of fullness than smaller ones would provide. Great news if you're experienced in using these types of products.

Black Dildos

If you're looking for something unique, why not try out a black dildo? Whether you prefer girthy or slim designs, black dildos come in all shapes and sizes, so everyone can find one perfect for their needs.

Inflatable Dildo Balls

For those who want more control over how much they feel inside, inflatable dildo balls offer adjustable pressure valves, giving users more power over how intensely they experience each session.

Dildo Moulding Kits

Dildo mouldable kits let users craft their personalized pleasure objects like never before. They allow complete creative license over shape, texture and colour choice.


Animal penis dildos are not direct recreations of the animal penis. They come in different shapes, colours, and sizes to suit the preferences of different people. Some animal penis dildos have special features to increase the sensations and better the experience of the sex toy. Lube is essential when using animal penis dildos to reduce friction and increase the sensations involved. Materials of animal penis dildos also vary from glass, silicone, and rubber to metal. If you are a beginner to dildos, you should consider smaller sizes and gradually work your way up.