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Bullet Vibrators

Bullet Vibrators

  • 11-inch California Exotic Silver Bullet Vibrator - Peaches and Screams
    11-inch California Exotic Silver Bullet Vibrator - Peaches and Screams
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    California Exotic

    11-inch California Exotic Silver Bullet Vibrator

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    An 11 inch, phthalate free, silver in colour, 1.25 inches in diameter, 4.25 inches wide, smooth coated plastic with a built in controller. It is fi...

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    Original Price £35.67
    Current Price £27.44
    Save £8.23
    Only 3 left!

Bullet Vibrators - Shop Vibrating Bullet Sex Toys

Buy bullet vibrators and vibrating bullet sex toys at Peaches and Screams UK sex shop. Browse small vibrators for beginners for anal and vaginal play.

They say good things come in small packages. If you believe so, get these tiny but powerful bullet vibrators created to help you comfortably and easily stimulate all your erogenous zones.

Bullet vibrators are rocking the market right now. Why? These are the tiniest but provide some of the greatest intensity and stimulation you can wish for. These are the cutest, most discreet, and most beautiful yet powerful. They possess a wide range of vibration speeds and modes.

The smaller size has made it easier for the users to carry them around and enjoy the moment whenever needed. The sexual game has never been better. With the level of straight women complaining of men ejaculating earlier, this is the solution, not just for saving men, but for assisting the ladies in enjoying the climax simultaneously as their male counterparts. These bullet vibrators are what you were waiting for.

What is a Bullet Vibrator

A bullet vibrator is a type of sex toy that is small and cylindrical, typically measuring 2 to 4 inches in length. These vibrators are designed for external stimulation of the clitoris or other sensitive areas of the body. They can be used for solo play or sexual activity with a partner.

Bullet vibrators are known for their powerful motors and intense vibrations. They are often made of hard plastic or metal and have smooth, hard surfaces. Batteries or a USB rechargeable battery typically powers them. Some bullet vibrators come with multiple vibration settings and patterns for added pleasure. They are also easy to clean, portable and discreet.

Due to their small size, bullet vibrators are often considered a great option for people looking for a discreet and travel-friendly toy. They can be used during foreplay or intercourse to stimulate and enhance sexual pleasure.

Why You Cannot Fail to Own A Bullet Vibrator

This is almost a necessity, not just for masturbation but for couples too. The bedroom game can never be the same again after getting the bullet vibrators. The bullet vibes are small in size; hence they tease the targeted areas instantly. Unlike larger vibrators that may cover larger parts, bullets are precise and effective. You may need to massage the nipples; the bullet does exactly that. The clit, the penis head, the outer labia, and other areas get stimulated when needed. The better part is incorporating this in the partner action. Get the vagina rammed by the trust of the huge cock and get the clit massaged; this will blow your mind in pleasure. The fun fact about the bullets is that they are incorporated into almost any other sex toy due to their efficiency and size. Surely, you cannot miss this; visit Peaches and Screams for the best bullet vibrators in the market.

What to Consider When Purchasing the Bullet Vibrators

This is the first sex toy you should consider getting if you haven’t already. The question of size is null and void regarding bullet vibrators. Once you have it in your grip, the intense stimulations will take your mind into a different dimension. Here are some things to consider when selecting the best bullet.

What Do You Desire?

The bullet is here to serve your needs. As discussed above, various toys are being upgraded by adding bullets. You may need a bullet vibe alone; we have that sorted. You might be willing to get the bullet but incorporate it into a bigger toy. Various adult toys such as the clit massagers, dildos, plugs, and others come with removable bullets. You might use the bullet alone or combine them both in this instance.

The Material of The Bullet Vibrator

This is vital for texture. Some bullets are made from a hard material such as metal, while others are from soft materials such as silicone. Get the best material you think will suit your needs well. Hard materials are always better when used by veterans in this area. Start with the gentle silicone material and others too. The other material being eyed by many is glass; this is rigid, smooth, strong, and easy to maintain. The material is cleaned easily and works well with all lubes and oils.

The Power Generator for The Bullet Vibrator

This is a very concerning issue to address as you think of buying the bullet vibe. There are various ways in which vibrators get power. Some have rechargeable cells, others with a wall power system, and others use disposable batteries. All these are effective but unique in each way. The wired bullets that require the mains or the sockets are intense and never weaken as long as there is no power outage. The rechargeable batteries come with charging systems such as USB ports and others. The disposable batteries require constant replacement of the used ones.

Each power generator is efficient as long as there is power. However, the wired bullets will confine you in the house or near a power socket. But they are the most powerful motors. The replaceable batteries are powerful, but they may not be efficient if you don't have a backup plan. The rechargeable batteries are great for move-around people; no worries about new batteries as long as those are working. However, they might inconvenience you when you forget to charge or get to places without sockets nearby.

The Modes and Speeds of Stimulations

The only thing supporting the bullet vibrators is the power to cause intense sensation and strong orgasms with the smaller sizes. They would be near nothing without the vibrations compared to other silent toys. The bullet vibrators are fitted with different modes of stimulation and varying speeds. Depending on what you can take, get the best ranges for you. Some have wider ranges of modes and speeds while others have fewer what you can take what you should buy.

Control Mode

This is how the bullet vibrator is powered on/off and operated while in use. When using the vibrator, there are various things you need to consider. There are bullets with a built-in control system, with buttons on the lower surface of the bullet. Other bullets have wired controllers to hold on the other hand. The third category is the remote controller. This wireless method is fun when the game is among the partners. Allow one to operate and tease the other; the game is exciting and pleasurable.

 If this is your first time experiencing the stimulations from the bullet vibrator, then start slowly and take the bullet all-round the body. This is the best way to understand your body and know some of the hidden pleasure points. When you get to the right spot, make several rounds there and feel the great sensation. to cover a wider area, make it lie horizontally on the body; this is also pleasurable and wider than the tip. If your best point is the bathtub, go for the waterproof bullets to enjoy the bathing time as you get the orgasm from the bullet vibrator.  

Frequently Asked Questions about Bullet Vibrators

How to Use a Bullet Vibrator?

Always lube up with your favourite lubricants to make the insertions easy and smooth. Once you have charged it fully, turn it on and set the vibration mode you desire. Get comfortable either while you are alone or with your lover, and start with slow vibrations and see how it feels before you increase the speed.

Are Bullet Vibrators Good?

While all vibrators emerged as the most loved sex toys, Bullet vibrators create powerful romantic moments due to their incredible features. Whether you wish to use them in foreplay or penetrative sex, these masterpieces guarantee a mixture of pleasurable sensations to leave you without cravings. The soft texture provides comfortable and enjoyable stimulation.

What Do You Do with a Bullet Vibrator?

Bullet vibrators are good for both users, especially vulva owners. You can use it on your clit. The vibrations create multiple orgasms making your vagina wet for easy penetration. Besides penetrative sex, you can pleasure sensitive areas like nipples and neck for total sexual satisfaction. If you love anal sex, feel free to insert it while being careful to prevent it from slipping inside. However, prioritize lubing up or using condoms to reduce skin breakouts.

How to Charge Bullet Vibrator?

Connect the charging cable to the power switched-off socket. Simply insert the prong through the circle on top of the vibe, and ensure it is fixed firmly. Switch on the power socket, and allow it to charge for 2 to 3 hours. Turn it on to see the LED light, which indicates that the vibe is fully charged.

How to Open Bullet Vibrator?

Ensure it is turned off and disconnected from the power system to avoid electrocution. Hold the vibrator carefully on both ends and unscrew it by rotating it in opposite directions. If it comes fixed with bolts, use a sterile screwdriver to open them gently to avoid damaging the delicate parts.

Can You Insert a Bullet Vibrator?

Bullet vibrators are meant specifically for external stimulation. For instance, you can use it to pleasure your clitoris, penis shaft, and nipples. However, you can use shallow penetration to stimulate your G-spot. Use personal lubricants or extra-thin condoms to make the insertions smoother and pleasurable in a solo play or with your partner.

How Does a Bullet Vibrator Work?

Bullet Vibrator has powerful vibrations activated by the multi-speed motor to create endless orgasms. Some are powered by batteries, while others feature USB rechargeable cables for charging before use. Thus, this product produces different vibration modes that send intense and extreme sensations throughout the body. It can be used for foreplay or penetrative sex in a solo or partnered play.

How to Clean Bullet Vibrator?

Turn it off and ensure it is not connected to the charging cable. If it is battery-powered, remove the batteries. Simply wash it using a wet and clean towel by rubbing all sides to remove all fluid residues. Rinse thoroughly, wipe with a clean towel to remove water traces, and dry completely.

How to Use Bullet Vibrator During Sex?

Whether you use it in solo or partnered plays, lube up with your favourite lubricants to make the insertions easy and smooth. Once you have charged it fully, turn it on and set the vibration mode you desire. Get comfortable either while you are alone or with your lover, and start with slow vibrations and see how it feels before you increase the speed.

Are Bullet Vibrators as Powerful as an Electric Toothbrush?

Just like an electric toothbrush provides pleasurable stimulation, the same way bullet vibrators will minister to you. They produce rumbling vibrations that send unforgettable sensations into your body. The devices give endless and powerful vibrations when charged fully or powered by new batteries. Their features are compatible with both genders, newbies, intermediates, and experts.

Are Bullet Vibrators Meant to Go Inside?

Bullet vibrators can be used externally to stimulate your erect nipples, clitoris, and other sensitive areas. Still, the products can be used in penetrative sex to introduce incredible internal pleasure. The tools are ideal for anal and vagina insertions in solo or partnered plays when lubed up with compatible lubricants. They have soft and flexible tips making penetration easy and smooth.

Are Vibrating Bullets Water Proof?

Bullet vibrators are made from different materials to allow you to bring pleasure from any place you want. Some are coated with waterproof materials to allow you to enjoy the pleasure while you take a warm or cold shower. They prevent the water from penetrating them to affect the motor and other internal features.

Can a Bullet Vibrator Relax Vaginal Muscles?

Unlike dildos or wands, bullet vibratos are not used for penetration purposes. The tools do not affect your vaginal muscles. They are only used to stimulate external sensitive areas like nipples and clitoris. Thus, if you want to relax your vaginal muscles, consider Kegel vibrators or other insertable devices.  

Can a Guy Use a Bullet Vibrator?

Even though it is mostly used with ladies, the tool can also offer men sexual pleasure when used properly. Guys can use the tool by tracing small circles around the nipples or rubbing gently against the shaft of the penis or perineum. You can use the partnered play for more fun.

Can Bullet Vibrator Be Used in the Anus?

Various bullet vibrators can be used in the anus, creating unforgettable sensations. For instance, the anus bullet vibrator is a powerful vibrating tool made to be used as a butt plug. The device stimulates the vagina, anus, and prostate. It is made from high-quality, silky-like material to prevent skin breakouts during the game.   

Can I Take a Bullet Vibrator in my Hand Luggage?

The Bullet vibrator is light weighted and small-sized for easy transporting with your handbag whenever you want to travel and enjoy the game in a new environment. The tool’s box kit can fit into your handbag comfortably to allow you to enjoy the pleasure while in the office or at the picnic alone or with your lover. 

Can You Use a Bullet Vibrator on Penis?

Bullet vibrators can be used on the penis for intense and extreme sexual pleasure. You can use the tool by tracing around the penis head or rubbing gently against its shaft or perineum. Its different vibrations create intense sensations that run through your body, leaving you without cravings.  

Do Vibrating Bullets Help with Erectile Dysfunction?

Bullet vibrator offers a way to sustain your erection for improved sex life. Unlike medication, this powerful game-changer is harmless when used correctly. It can be even better when used in a partnered game. The vibrations increase sexual desires and overall sexual functions life stronger and long-lasting erections.

Do You Need Lubricant for Bullet Vibrators?

Lubricants make sexual games comfortable, convenient, and enjoyable. Thus, using bullet vibrators makes the stimulation pleasurable. Even if your vagina produces enough fluids, you might need lubricants for more fun in G-spot stimulation. Get lubricants that suit your bullet vibrators to avoid damage. For instance, water-based lubricants are compatible with almost all toys.

Do You Penetrate with a Bullet Vibrator?

Not all bullet vibrators are meant for penetrative sex. Multiple are meant to stimulate the nipples, clitoris, and penis. Penetrating bullet vibrators have soft and flexible heads for easy and smooth insertions. Using personal lubricants like water-based lubricants creates maximum emotional and physical pleasure, especially in anal sex.

How to Get Full Pleasure out of Bullet Vibrator?

Use personal lubricants like water-based lubes to make insertions easy and smooth. Charge the tool fully and replace the batteries before using it for intense and endless pleasure. Always get in a comfortable position and hold your vibrator gently for convenient stimulation. It can be better if you use it with your lover.

How to Have an Orgasm with a Bullet Vibrator?

Get used to your bullet vibrator, and know how to operate it, for instance, setting the vibration modes, and get your favourite lubricants, especially if you are into anal play. Once you have gotten in a comfortable position, rub it gently against your nipples, penis, or clitoris. You can use it with your hot-blooded partner for more fun.

How to Hold a Bullet Vibrator?

No matter the size of your bullet vibrator, holding it gently ensures total sexual satisfaction. Hold it with the pointed side facing away from you, right to the place you want to tease. You can hold it with two fingers, the thump and the second finger, or use both fingers, depending on their size.

How to Make Bullet Vibrator Quiet?

There are several ways to silence your bullet vibrator if you do not want to wake up your family members. For instance, bring pleasure in the bathroom and let the shower cover the product's noise. You can also play loud music while in the session or cover it with your pillow.

How to Masturbate with a Bullet Vibrator?

Once you have lubed up your bullet vibrator, get into a comfortable position, whether you want to use it alone or with your lover. Hold it gently, turn it on, and put it against the area you want to enjoy the pleasure. You can enjoy the vibrations onto your nipples, clitoris, or G-spot.

How to Orgasm from a Bullet Vibrator?

Use it on the whole body in a solo or partnered play, starting with slow vibrations. Increase the speed. Apply lots of lubricants or use a condom if you want to use it in penetrative sex. If you look for external pleasure, for instance, ladies, pass it against the clitoris and nipples. For men, you can tease the penis shaft. 

Other Types of Vibrators

Realistic Vibrators

If you're looking for something that closely resembles real-life sensations, realistic vibrators may be best suited to your needs. They often have curves and ridges that can help recreate those natural feelings while providing powerful vibrations.

Penis Vibrators

Penis vibrators provide a full-body stimulation experience with curved shapes designed to mimic the feel of real intercourse. From textured surfaces to classic, smooth designs, they come in all shapes and sizes--so you’ll be sure to find one that meets your individual needs and preferences.

Wireless vibrators

With the invention of wireless vibrators controlled by a smartphone app, couples in long-distance relationships can take their intimate moments up a notch. Some wireless models are Bluetooth compatible, so users can remotely control the settings from a smartphone app, allowing for even more thrilling scenarios.

Remote control

Remote control vibrators let you adjust intensity and settings without ever having to pick up your phone. This allows for more freedom when using these devices, giving you more flexibility than traditional wired products. With this type of device, all that is required is for both partners to have one on them at all times, making intimate play much easier even when apart.

Mini Vibrators

Mini vibrators are perfectly sized pocket rockets so small they fit into the palm of your hand yet still pack punchy vibrations. These are ideal if space saving or discretion is important to you. 

Discreet Vibrators

Discreet vibrators are small, portable, and unintrusive sexual aids that allow you to get the pleasure and stimulation you desire without anyone knowing. These devices come in various shapes, sizes, and styles so everyone can find something to suit their needs.

Standard Vibrators

Classic vibrators are one of the most popular types of devices on the market. They typically feature a traditional design shape and are made from materials such as silicone or plastic. Classic vibrators can be used for solo plays and with a partner for added stimulation during intercourse.

Luxury Vibrators

Luxury vibrators are more expensive but often include higher-quality materials, more advanced technology and additional features. These may include realistic designs for lifelike sensations; remote control capabilities; rechargeable batteries; wireless operation; multiple speeds, and varying intensities.

Rechargeable Vibrators

When it comes to pleasure and convenience, nothing beats a rechargeable vibrator. They offer long-lasting power and can be easily used again with minimal effort for charging or replacing batteries. Investing in a rechargeable vibrator is an excellent way to ensure that your sexual experiences remain pleasurable and consistent every time.

Bullet vibrators are made from soft, smooth, high-quality materials to provide a skin-like feeling. The tool provides incredible vibrations to create powerful sexual feelings throughout the body. It has different vibration patterns ranging from lowest to highest that give a mixture of sexual feelings during the play.