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When pop star Miley Cyrus appeared on the Jimmy Fallon show spotting a glitzy revealing outfit and equally stunning breast pasties many were secretly in awe of her brave fashion choice. But she was not stepping out in a completely new sensually riveting look because as far back as the 1920s show goers were held spellbound by female performers wearing no tops but nipple covers to protect their sense of modesty. They used them too get around the nuisance laws against indecency. Lingerie pasties are not simply a provocative statement of dress choice but are also believed to protect the vulnerable and sensitive areolae from the sun’s rays when won during sun tanning. Ditching your bikini top and adorning them allows for even tanning. You can wear them with backless outfits and sheer or see-through blouses. Even at her age Cher has worn nipple pasties and amazed audiences by how great her breasts still look. Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Lil’ Kim have all bared it all and taken advantage of the erotically exciting creatively designed breast covers to wow their fans. Burlesque dancers have enhanced their sex appeal by making satin, silicone, rose tassels, diamante, sequin, peacock or leopard print breast covers part of their all-important ensemble. Also found in cross or heart shapes they give you the freedom to flaunt your beautiful body with a modicum of decency. Most of these come with a disposable tape. If you want to re-use them, you should buy double-sided tape and if you intend to treat your lover to more vigorous burlesque dance routines you should buy pastie glue. Before using the glue try it out on a small less sensitive area of the body to ensure it does not cause skin irritation. As with everything in the world of eroticism if you are new to this type of lingerie start off with simple nippies and when you gain more confidence add tassels.

Make every night special. Add burlesque pasties to your lingerie essentials. Wear them with demi bras that do not cover your nipples, with underbusts or cupless corsets. Combine them with your everyday wear for a later stimulating reveal. Awaken your lover’s erotic sensory nerves with an elegant strip tease that shows off your delightfully exquisite nipple tassels. Create and enhance intimacy and sexual pleasure with sensual use of breast covers. Grow your wardrobe of sexy sheer outfits and wear them with show-stopping tassels. Multiply your sex appeal buy and use these products. Turn yourself into an undeniable sex goddess. Make your role play more exciting and full of creative temperature-raising twists and turns. Dress as your favourite pop star showing saucy glimpses of your radiant nipple covers. Invite your lover to an evening of drinks on the patio and open the door to him in tassels and naughty knickers. Dig deep into your imagination and pull out the most tempting surprises for your lover. Dress to kill and also to feed your fantasies. Unleash throbbing sensations with your state of semi-undress. Add nippies to your sexual play. Give your lover a reason to want you more. Wear them to feel sexy and also to seduce your lover. Add a touch of class and glamour to your foreplay. Enjoy the look of appreciative surprise and great sexual expectation on your lover’s face every time you disrobe to reveal sexually inviting tassels. Wear them and make it impossible for your partner not to lust after you. Experience a new form of sexual power over your lover. Revamp your lingerie drawer add raunchy and glitzy nipple covers. Look as gorgeous with your clothes on as you do in nothing but your lingerie. Be the bearer of sensual promise. Wear nipple covers with a pair of saucy spanking panties and set the room ablaze.

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