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  • Rimba Black Silicone Adjustable Slut Collar - Peaches and Screams
    Rimba Black Silicone Adjustable Slut Collar - Peaches and Screams
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    Rimba Black Silicone Adjustable Slut Collar

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    The Rimba Black Silicone Adjustable Slut Collar is a provocative and adjustable accessory designed for those who wish to embrace their kinkier desi...

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    Original Price £25.34
    Current Price £19.49
    Save £5.85
    Only 3 left!

Buy Bondage Restraints: Sex Handcuffs, BDSM Rope and Tape

Buy the best Bondage Restraints at Peaches and Screams UK Sex Shop. Choose from fluffy Sex Handcuffs, BDSM rope and tape, spreader bars, Bedroom Bondage Kits Wrist Restraints and Ankle Cuffs.

This is the category where you will find all sorts of restraints for you and your lover to play with. We have listed a wide range of restraint devices from cuffs, leather ropes, collars, silk ropes, tapes, slings and more! These are restraint devices that can be attached to the wrists, and ankles or even tie your lover into different positions you both wish.

We have a wide variety of different designs, materials it’s made and more. Our products in this category offer differing levels of seriousness. From a simple pair of toy handcuffs to play around with, to more extensive and severe solutions that restrict movement and mobility, and offer no opportunity for escape.

You can even find some really stylish ones adorned with jewellery and gold.

  1. All types of restraints for you and your lover
  2. Ankle cuffs
  3. Wrist cuffs
  4. ropes

Bondage Restraints come in many different forms and can be made out of many different materials but they all serve the same purpose of keeping your sub under control. The most popular material for our bondage restraints is leather.

These BDSM restraints have a great feel to them and are normally secured around the wrist or ankle using a buckle. You can also get this type of fetish restraint either with a fixed link between the two cuffs or with trigger hooks.

An increasingly popular form of BDSM restraints is soft bondage restraints. These restraints are made from soft nylon and have Velcro as the securing mechanism. This makes them the perfect fetish restraints if you are just starting out. Our bondage restraints also span bondage spreader bars, leg cuffs, domination kits, bondage rope, thumb cuffs, spank ties, bondage chairs and more so the possibilities for your sub are endless.

Sexy bondage restraint is a category that comprises different sex equipment appropriate for BDSM plays. These restraints are perfectly crafted to help both you and your partner have the best bondage experience. There is a wide range of restraint products like leather ropes, cuffs, collars, tapes, silk ropes, slings, tapes, and more. These bondage gears can be applied on the ankles, thighs, neck, or ankles to restrict the submissive’s movements. You can use them to tie your slave partner into various positions that will impress both parties. Though designed from different materials, they perform the same role.

Bed Bondage Restraint System for Everyone

If you want to spice up your bondage play, these bondage restraints are a great choice. There are various bondage restraints designed from high-quality, body-safe, and medical-grade material for a comfortable experience. They also come in different designs and styles, allowing you to choose depending on your tastes and preferences. Below are the top types of BDSM wrist restraints.

Japanese Bondage Shibari Ropes

These bondage ropes are ideal for those who have experience in BDSM games. They are of different colours and designs. Unlike other bondage restraints, ropes are used for full-body restraining. Most ropes are artistic, which is why they are the most common bondage restraints. However, they are not appropriate for beginners since they involve hard and painful games. They also come in various types, allowing you to choose depending on your preference.

Erotic and Simulating Bondage Tapes

Bondage tapes are commonly applied in erotic bondage plays. These tapes can only stick on themselves but not on your skin or any other surface. This is why they are perfect for BDSM sex. The bondage stick is also safe and easy to remove since they barely stick to your slave partner's skin. Unlike cuffs and ropes, bondage tapes do not leave marks on your skin. They come in different colours and designs and are made from high-quality and body-safe materials, making them safe for those with sensitive skin.

Kinky BDSM Wrist Restraints

These restraints are designed with shackles or cuffs applied in bondage games to restrain the submissive partner from movements. They are cuffed around the arms or hands. The wrist bondage restraints are versatile, allowing the dominants to tie the slaves to bedposts or chairs. However, the submissive should be monitored regularly when cuffed to prevent injuries. Consider adjustable sex handcuffs and restraints for a bondage experience which promotes safety and comfort. These cuffs are made from comfortable, securely designed materials, including silicone, leather, plastic, and metal.

Sex Ankle Bondage Restraints

These cuffs are perfectly designed tools that minimize leg movements. They are made from materials like metal, silicone, leather, and rubber. Ankle restraints come with shackles and cuffs that are tied together for better restriction. They can also be tied to other tools or objects for extra bondage.

Under the Bed/ Mattress Bondage Restraints

Most under-bed restraints for easy bondage come with straps for comfort and safety. The straps are adjustable enhancing safety and comfort during BDSM plays. They are designed with different sizes to fit different bed sizes. The straps can also fit under the bed or mattress perfectly, thus transforming your bed into a bondage bed with restraints. Bed bondage restraints have comfortable cuffs for wrist and ankle restrictions.

Blindfolds and Hood Bondage Restraints

BDSM bondage hoods and blindfolds are used to block the submissive partner’s eyesight. The bondage hood covers the ears, eyes, nose, and mouth, restricting your partner from concentrating on the surrounding during bondage plays. They are designed from body-safe, high-quality, and medical-grade material for comfort and safe bondage.

Collars Bondage Restraints

These collar restraints are used for neck restriction during bondage plays. They come in various designs, styles, and colours, allowing you to choose depending on your preferences. BDSM Collars are designed from different materials, including silicone, metal, rubber, and more.

Factors to Consider When Shopping For Bondage Restraints

Here are some factors you need to consider while choosing the best quality bondage restraints.


Materials are the most essential aspects you should consider when shopping for quality and comfortable bondage restraints. These bondage restraints are made from different materials, including leather, silicone, metal (stainless steel), fabric, and rubber. Leather is one of the most popular materials used in making restraints because they are comfortable and body-safe. Other materials like metal are used in crafting restraints, such as cuffs and collars. Metal restraints are commonly made from stainless steel, which is comfortable and safe for advanced players.


Due to differences in body size, it is impossible to locate a restraint size that fits different body sizes. However, almost all bondage restraints are designed with flexible materials, allowing you to adjust them in any way you want for a perfect fit. Some adjustable restraints include ankle and bondage restraints.


Consider the quality and material of the restraint before buying. A perfect bondage game depends on the durability of the toy. Soft restraints are not durable. They also pose a danger, especially when it doesn't work well.


Some restraints are versatile, allowing you to use them for several purposes. This versatility allows both parties to experience BDSM pleasures, even if it’s from a single toy. Some wrist bondage restraints can be applied as ankle restraints and blindfolds as wrist bondage restraints.

Define Your Bondage Restraint Level

Bondage restraints come in different types from simple cuffs, collars and mitts to more complex designs such as ropes, tapes, bed restraints, straitjackets, arm binders, door restraints, spreaders and vacuum beds. Each is designed to deliver a varying type of bondage fit for beginners to bondage aficionados. For beginners, hand and ankle cuffs, arm binders, and tape are a good place to start. Go for fabric or padded cuffs for more comfort. Don’t use restraints such as ropes, sleep sacks and vacuum beds unless you have proper bondage training.

Consider the Possibility of Escape

While restraints are meant to tie you down, it’s important to consider the possibility of escape. First the simple reason for your safety. In case things get too intense or dangerous, can you get yourself out? Some people enjoy peace of mind if they know they have some control while others like the fear and loss of control of total bondage. Secondly, if totally bounded, can your Dom realise you quickly in case of emergency? Contemplate these two scenarios and pick restraints that are easy to unlock or cut through. Metal locks tend to jam specially if struggling and tugging have occurred. Always keep a spare key, metal cutters and scissors nearby during play. These tools are simply lifesavers.

Contemplate the Special Features

This is your moment to dig deep into your bondage fantasies. Explore those extra special things you want on your restraints. Some are designed for suspension bondage. Others have extra padding for long-term wear, in case you love prolonging the games for hours of blissful pleasure. There are some made-for-water-friendly materials such as neoprene that allow you to play sexual water sports. Some have extra security features for total bondage.

Bondage Restraints Safety Tips

Whether the bondage restraints are mild or extreme, always observe your safety. Check on the restraints regularly to ensure your partner’s safety, especially when your game involves handcuffs bondage and ropes. This will also protect your partner from injuries that accrue as a result of the wrong restriction.

Advantage of Restraining

  1. Heightened Senses: when one sense is restricted, all the others are heightened to compensate for its function. A restraint stops senses such as sight, taste or even touch such that when other parts are stimulated, it’s explosively intensified. Besides, wearing a rope corset or leather cuffs on your beautiful skin is extremely arousing for both you and your partner.
  2. Build Trust and Respect in a Relationship: bondage is a game of trust and respect. Allowing your partner to restrain and control your body demonstrates a high level of trust in a relationship. As long as boundaries are not overstepped, bondage results in closer intimacy between couples.
  3. Submissive Satisfaction: you might not think it possible but relinquishing control gives you a pleasurable anticipation that intensifies your nerve responses to stimulation.
  4. Optimum Sexual Positioning: restraints put you into sexual positions that you never thought possible in all your bedroom adventures. Whether you are spanked, teased or milked from your prostate, you can never get away. Not being able to wriggle or touch things you shouldn’t, guarantee your sweet spots explode with erotic gratification every time.

Bondage restraints add a kinky look and excitement to the games. But before you add stuff to your bucket, here are a few things you should consider.

The Do’s and Don'ts of Bondage restraining

It is extremely important that you practice bondage with precision and care to avoid causing injury or permanent tissue damage to your partner.


  • Discuss boundaries and establish a safe word before play.
  • Allow additional space if you are restraining the rib cage, apply the two-finger rule.
  • Stop and remove restraints immediately if you notice skin discolouration into purple or blue, difficulty breathing or your bottom complains of extreme pain. Always keep a pair of scissors close by for quick release.


  • Engage in suspension bondage without proper training and experience.
  • Use gags and masks if a beginner.
  • Bound joints, vital nerves and blood vessels. If you are using bondage materials made of rope or metal, make the session short to prevent prolonged blood deprivation to the tissues.
  • Leave your partner unattended.

Frequently Asked Questions About Restraints

Is it safe to use sex handcuffs or other types of restraints during sexual activities?

As long as both partners know what they’re doing prior to engaging in any type of restraint play there is nothing wrong with using sex handcuffs or other types of restraints during sexual activities provided everyone agrees on the rules beforehand. It’s important that all involved parties check in with each other throughout the process so no one feels uncomfortable at any time during the activity. This will help ensure everyone has a fun experience without getting hurt.

What safety considerations do I need to keep in mind with BDSM?

Safety is always the top priority when engaging in any kind of kink activity. Make sure both partners know the safe word before starting and always check for skin irritation due to prolonged contact with certain materials or friction from vigorous movements during playtime. It is also important to discuss any allergies or medical conditions beforehand so that both partners can remain safe during their fun time!

What sort of materials are used for bondage restraints?

Common materials include leather straps or webbing for cuffs, rope for tying knots and plastic zip ties for binding wrists and ankles together. You may also find metal rings attached to straps or buckles that allow you to add more items such as chains or blindfolds into the mix. Some people choose fabric sashes as well as bed sheets if they want a softer feel against their skin.

Are there specific instructions I need when using BDSM rope and tape?

Before attempting anything involving ropes or tapes make sure you understand how these tools work properly first. If possible take classes from an experienced instructor who can teach you proper techniques, not just safety precautions but how best way use them together to create stimulating scenes.

Sometimes, all you need is to get naughty hands out of the way to discover sweet spots you never knew existed. Visit Peaches and Screams and load up on bondage ropes, cuffs, collars, spreaders and more bondage restraints. Spread her up on the bed, tie him up on the wall, and open up those erogenous spots wide. Pleasure them to body quivering orgasms. Peaches and Screams' only dedication is to help you make your bedroom a sensual palace. You Kings and Queens Simply deserve the best.