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Spreader Bars

Bondage Spreader Bars - Buy a Restraint Bar For BDSM

Buy a Restraint Bar For BDSM at Peaches and Screams UK sex shop. Browse the best Bondage Spreader Bars and BDSM toys right now. 

Bondage Spreader Bars, also known as Hobble Bars, make it extremely hard for your submissive to walk. Made from chromed metal tubing, the bondage spreader bars make it incredibly difficult to move while keeping the legs wide open. Bondage spreader bars also come in the form of restraint poles, enabling the sub to have their legs and hands restricted simultaneously. Bondage spreader bars allow complete control for the master and utter submission for their slave!

Keep your lover's legs and arms open for powerful penile or sex toys penetration with the erotic and stimulating bondage spreader bars for BDSM  play. These toys allow you and your sub to experiment with kinky positions that excite your sex life.

With BDSM leg spreaders, you can get body-wrecking orgasms from various sex positions, including doggy style, standing doggy style, missionary with legs up, and Hogtie position.

While some people can withstand pressure on their legs or arms during sexual intercourse and sit in one position for a long time, others love to have position enhancers for comfortable and pleasurable bondage play.

What Are Spreader Bars?

These are bondage play accessories built with a metal or wood bar featuring attachment points that can be fastened around the submissive's ankles, wrists or thighs to keep them apart.

BDSM Spreader bars are used in bondage play sessions or standard couple sexual intercourse to enhance penetration and accessibility. Once worn around the ankles or thighs, the bars immobilize the submissive and provide easier access to their erogenous spots.

Types of Spreader Bars for Your BDSM and Bondage Play

When buying your first adjustable ankle bar, understand a few aspects that will help you pick the best position enhancer. Here are some spreader bars bondage gear you are likely to meet at the adult shop;

Expandable and Fixed Hobble Bars

Your choice is determined by the size that will comfortably fit between your thighs or legs without overstretching them. For instance, beginners should buy an expandable spreader bar that will not compromise their partner's safety since they are easy to store and carry. They come with breakable pieces that can be detached and stored separately.

Fixed leg separators lack flexibility and are only suitable for advanced users. They are also ideal if you use them indoors without carrying them anywhere. Most brands manufacture fixed hobble bars since they are cheaper than adjustable options. When buying a fixed spreader bar, stick to the right size to give you maximum entrance to your partner and still make them feel comfortable.

2-Point, 4-Point, and 5-Point Spreader Bars

These restraint bars for BDSM are classified according to how and where they are tied. 2-point spreader bars are cuffed on the legs, 4-point bars on the ankles and wrists, and 5-point bars are used to restrain legs, arms, and neck. 5-point spreader bars usually have collars tied to the necks to keep the submissive in a more complex position. The type of restraint you choose depends on your preferences and how much you are willing to spend. 5-point restraints are costlier than 2-point spreader bars since they offer maximum immobility. Always communicate with your partner before buying any restraint.

How to Choose the Best Bondage Spreader Bars

Before ordering any spreader bar for extra kinky positions, here are a few factors to consider;

The Length of the Bar

BDSM leg spreaders range from short to medium and long lengths. As a beginner, always start with short bars before trying medium and long lengths. This will help you get maximum pleasure and safety. Most brands and sellers indicate the size of the bars in their listings, making it easier for you to pick the right length.

The Material

Most bondage spreader bars are either stainless steel or wood. These materials are safe if you buy a long-lasting and easy-to-clean material. Stainless steel bars include a 24-Inch Rouge Garments Steel Leg Spreader Bar with Leather Cuffs. Other spreader bars are covered with leather or fabric, giving perfect surface cushioning. However, wooden spreader bars break easily and are cheaper than metal bars.

Does It Have Cuffs?

Most spreader bars for sex bondage come with attached cuffs for easier usage. However, others, such as Talea spreader bars, do not have cuffs, and you must buy them separately. Moreover, some spreader bars have detachable cuffs, which are generally not good quality compared to those with permanently fixed cuffs. Therefore, since the joy of using spreader bars lies in the cuffs, you should buy bars with fixed cuffs.

How to Use Spreader Bars for Sex

The best way to use your spreader bar is to understand various sex positions suitable for spreader bars. Below are hot spreader bar sex positions.

Doggy Style

This position allows you to access your partner's orifice without them escaping freely. Let your partner put their knees under their body to keep the bar out of the way. This position allows you to bully them with sex toys such as dildos for double penetration and vibrators.

Standing Doggy Position

This is close to a doggy-style position. However, you bend your partner over the sofa, bed, or table in a standing doggy position to have full access from behind.

Missionary with Their Legs Up

While lying on her back, lift her legs with the BDSM leg spreader on the ankles or thighs and give them powerful penetration. You can rest on your knees or stand beside the bed.

Hogtie Position

You can lay your submissive partner on the belly and cuff the ankles on the outer side of the bar while the wrists are cuffed on the inner side of the bar. The result is an extremely helpless partner that awaits your mercy.

Safety Tips When Using Spreader Bars

Safety should always be your number one priority when engaging in any kind of BDSM activity, especially when involving restraints like spreader bars:

  • Make sure both participants know their limits beforehand
  • Establish safewords that will bring things back down if either party feels uncomfortable at any time throughout the session
  • Ensure that all parts involved have ample padding, such as foam mats. This ensures no potential damage due to friction against skin surfaces caused by metal components found within certain models available today.
  • Always use an appropriate grade lubricant if applying oils or lotions for slippery stimulation. 
  • Never leave someone unattended while they're bound up!

Frequently Asked Questions About Spreader Bars

Why should I use a bondage spreader bar?

In addition to providing an effective form of restraint during BDSM sessions, using a spreading bar also increases safety by limiting range-of-motion, reducing any potential injury from overextension. They are also more aesthetically pleasing than traditional restraints because they come in different shapes and sizes depending on your preferences and needs; plus, there are endless creative ways that these items can be incorporated into bedroom scenarios. Spreading bars add extra intrigue to your scene due to their intimidating appearance, making them perfect for those who like some hardcore kink action!

How to Make a Spreader Bar for Sex

You can make your spreader bar and explore intense BDSM play or other sexual activities. Generally, making your spreader bar depends on your preferences and what you would wish to do with it. To make your bondage spreader bar, you will need the following;

  • 2-inch dowel
  • 60, 120, and 220 grit sandpaper
  • Two eye bolts

To begin, cut your dowel into your desired length. Depending on what suits you, you can go for smaller or longer spreader bars. Use sandpaper to scrub your dowel into finer surfaces. Ensure you make sizeable holes for the proper fit of the eye hooks for an enjoyable BDSM play.

What Is a Spreader Bar Clamp for Sex

A spreader bar is a perfectly designed device for BDSM plays to keep the limbs apart. Spreader bars are made of different materials, including metal, wood and plastic. The main purpose of the BDSM spreader bar is for intense and soft bondage purposes. It can be used to keep the legs apart for easy access to the genitals. The product can also restrain your submissive partner's hands to prevent them from moving during the play. Some are adjustable, which allows you to try out different positions. Buy or make your spreader bar for intense BDSM play.

Are there any risks associated with using proficiency?

As long as proper safety guidelines are followed, then there shouldn't be any major risks involved with playing with these devices; however, minor bruising may occur if pressure points are pressed too hard against skin tissue areas resulting just below surface-level abrasions or redness, creating adverse sensations beyond comfort zone levels established by partners.

Restraints Collection


The type of handcuffs you decide upon will depend on your comfort level and what activities or positions you plan on using them for. Fluffy handcuffs might be suitable if you’re looking solely for light play with your partner.


Collars and leads are items used in bondage activities that let one person take control over another during sex play or other intimate activities. They typically consist of the collar, usually made from leather or metal worn around the neck, and an attached lead made from rope or chain, which can control movement during sex play.

Gags and bits

Using a bondage gag is an exciting and rewarding experience with many benefits. They are effective tools for increasing the intensity of your BDSM playtime. Gags and bits provide intense sensations, great conversation starters in the bedroom, and extra sensory deprivation for those who enjoy it.

Nipple clamps

Nipple clamps are sex toys that enhance sexual arousal by applying pressure on sensitive body areas, such as nipples. They come in various designs, including tweezer-style clampers, claw-style clampers or even combination styles featuring both mechanisms in one design. Generally made from metal or plastic with attached adjustable screws for changing the pressure needed for stimulation.

Clit clamps

Clit clamps are a type of BDSM toy designed to provide clitoral stimulation. They come in many different shapes and sizes, but all have the same purpose to pinch or trap the clitoris for pleasure. Often made out of metal, these clamps can be used with lubricant or without; they can be moved around the area for greater stimulation or kept in place to maintain a steady pressure level.

Bondage leather restraints

BDSM play can be an exciting and enjoyable activity, but it is important to keep safety as your top priority. Bondage leather restraints provide an extra layer of protection when engaging in BDSM activities, allowing you to explore the physical boundaries of BDSM with peace of mind.

Metal bondage restraints

Metal bondage restraints are used for restraining a person during sexual activity or erotic roleplay. They come in many shapes and sizes, from simple cuffs around the wrists or ankles to more complex spreader bars that lock into place. Popular options include traditional handcuffs, leg irons and chastity belts. Some sets even come with multiple items that can be combined for a truly unique scene!

Soft bondage restraints

Soft sex handcuffs are special bondage restraints used during sexual activity. They are usually made of velvet or other softer materials, such as fur and provide more comfort than traditional metal cuffs. The versatility of these items makes them suitable for both beginner and experienced users when engaging in BDSM activity, including spanking and rope play.

Bondage tape

Bondage tape is an innovative self-adhesive product designed to be used on its own as part of your creative playtime or in combination with other BDSM tools and toys. It is made from strong yet flexible PVC, so it adheres well without leaving residue on the skin and can easily be removed when you're done with it.

Bed restraints and under-the-bed ties

Bondage bed restraints kits and sex ties can be some of the most fun for kinky bedroom activities. From under-the-bed cuffs to full-body harnesses, countless options are available for those looking to explore BDSM play.

Bondage rope and tape

Bondage rope and tape techniques in BDSM play are extremely safe, consensual and pleasurable. You can use bondage rope or tape for intimate fun with a partner or solo play and as a practical form of self-expression.

Wrist restraints and ankle cuffs

Incorporating wrist restraints and ankle cuffs is a great way to add more intensity and excitement when engaging in bondage play. Whether you prefer rope, leather or metal handcuffs, make sure they are strong enough to hold securely without causing any undue damage to your skin. 

Spreader bars are an excellent way to practice BDSM safely while simultaneously getting all the pleasure out of it. They allow you to restrain your partner comfortably and securely without causing harm or discomfort. Spreader bars open up a whole new world of possibilities regarding bondage play, allowing you to explore and discover exciting new ways to spice up your sex life. Additionally, they are typically very affordable and easy to use, making them ideal for beginners who want to start with BDSM immediately.