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Luxury Vibrators

Luxury Vibrators

  • Kink Black And Red Rechargeable Vibrating Pussy Pump - Peaches and Screams
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    Kink Black And Red Rechargeable Vibrating Pussy Pump

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    Have strong and maximum pleasure that leads to orgasm. Let this fantastic toy explore the vaginal area to create sensation to your clit and the g-s...

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    Original Price £180.82
    Current Price £139.09
    Save £41.73
    Only 2 left!

Designer Sex Toys and Luxury Vibrators

Buy Designer Sex Toys and Luxury Vibrators at Peaches and Screams UK Sex Shop. Browse the Best Vibrators for Women

Choose from more than 40 luxury vibrators at Peaches and Screams, including products by We-Vibe and Lelo.

What Is A Luxury Vibrator?

A luxury vibrator is a high-end version of a traditional vibrator. These types of vibrators are typically made with higher quality materials and have more advanced features than standard vibrators.

Design and Materials: Luxury vibrators are often made with body-safe materials such as silicone, which is non-porous and easy to clean. They may also be made with other materials such as stainless steel or glass for a more luxurious feel. They are also designed with a more sleek and sophisticated look.

Features: Luxury vibrators often come with a variety of vibration modes and speeds, allowing for a more customizable experience. Some may also have additional features such as heating, rotating beads, and patterns of vibration. They also have a more powerful motor than standard vibrators, which can provide more intense sensations.

Connectivity: Some luxury vibrators come with wireless connectivity, allowing them to be controlled through a smartphone app or remote control. This allows for more control over the vibrations and can also provide additional features such as long-distance control or syncing with music.

Price: Luxury vibrators are generally more expensive than standard vibrators. However, the higher price tag is often reflected in the quality of materials, advanced features, and overall design of the product.

Cleaning and Maintenance: Luxury vibrators should be cleaned with mild soap and warm water before and after each use. They should be dried thoroughly before storing. Some luxury vibrators are also waterproof, making them easier to clean.

Key Factors to Consider When Looking for A Luxury Vibrator

Shopping for luxury sex toys can be a tedious and confusing affair and much more confusing to most people. Consider these factors when shopping for the best and most beautifully designed luxury sex toys for you and your partner:

The Comfort They Offer

The best device should not make someone feel uneasy while using it. Pick a vibrator that is easy to handle and operate with a pleasant buzzing sound, appearance, materials, and other features. Do not buy a vibrator that will lead to irritation or skin infections.

Check Their Performance

Choose a vibrator that will provide an intense and pretty awesome sensation. Women prefer either clitoris, penetration, vaginal, or both pleasures. Consider if the sensation will be intense, localized, or spread around the vulva, depending on what someone enjoys. Go with a vibrator that will address all personal sexual needs. There are pleasure vibrators designed to stimulate only the anus, which also works well with internal vaginal stimulation.

Choose the Right Size

They often come in various sizes and diameters, so the right size should fit.

Think About the Material

Remember, the vibrator will get in the body. So, it is ideal to consider its material before buying. Silicone is the best and most well-known brand. Its vibration increases stimulation. It's non-porous, so no toxic materials can get trapped inside and transmitted to the body during penetration.

Additionally, silicone material is very easy to clean with water and soap, making it safe and healthy for the body. Avoid jelly rubber luxury toys as they contain harmful phthalates that can cause irritation and infections. For heightened stimulation, choose a toy that is bumpy or ribbed.

Consider the Appearance

Look for a vibrator with an aesthetic appearance tickling the sexy part of your imagination. No matter how powerful it is, do not choose it if it looks bright. Skip the hot pink luxury vibrator if it won't shine on the nightstand.

Stick to Your Budget

These vibrators are significantly expensive, so one should be ready to spend on them. In as much as they are costly, look for pocket-friendly ones. While considering the price, you should also look at quality.

Mode of Cleaning

Always consider high-end sex toys for maximum pleasure. Go for equipment that is easy to clean. Besides, these best beautifully designed sex toys always come with modes and instructions on how to clean them. Wiping it with a bleached wipe and inserting it into the vagina is a quick ticket to infections or irritation. Consider a vibrator that can be cleaned with water and body soap.

Steps on How to Use Luxury Vibrators to Spice Your Sex Life

Put the Lights On

This might not be the best idea for all partners as one may not feel comfortable. However, playing with luxury vibrators with lights on is helpful and instructional.

Go Slow

Women mostly prefer the vibrator for clitoris stimulation. Luxury vibrators allow partners to explore each other's bodies for more pleasure.

Go Deeper

Most ladies use vibrations to stimulate their g-spot. Pressing it deeper against the top of the duct can offer an indirect clitoris or g-spot stimulation.

Play with speed. The vibrator will stimulate both partners when the toy and penis penetrate in and out.

Safety Tips for Using Luxury Vibrators

  • Read the instructions carefully before using the vibrators. These vibrators come with different operating features and ways, so it is essential to go through the instructions first.
  • Take proper precautions when sharing luxury vibrators. Use condoms or clean up well to avoid risks of getting Sexually Transmitted Infections and other infections caused by the exchange of bodily fluids.
  • Add some lubes for comfort and pleasure when inserting the toy into the butt or vagina.
  • Choose the right lube. Using a lube that is not compatible with the material of the vibrator can damage the surface of the sex toy.
  • Ensure a routine cleaning of the vibrator after use to reduce the chances of getting infections.

Luxury vibrators and designer sex toys compared to other vibrators:


Luxury vibrators are designed with different shapes and styles for extra stimulation than standard vibrators. They also come in catchy colours that give someone an erotic feeling and get aroused even by just looking at them.


Luxury vibrators are more comfortable to use during masturbation or intercourse between partners. They hardly cause discomfort or irritation like many other cheap vibrator types.

Level of Stimulation

Luxury vibrators are designed to provide more pleasure when masturbating or having sex. Unlike standard vibrators, they enhance sensual fullness and satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose Luxury Vibrators?

Luxury vibrators are the priciest of all vibrators. They are functional and ooze prestige. Customers purchase them for aesthetic appeal. The design may be similar to others but stands out because of the intricate details on the vibrator, like a gold-plated symbol. The vibrator's material is also different. It is durable, non-porous, and easy to clean. The luxury vibrators have multiple settings to ensure individuals spoil for choice. Most luxury vibrators are portable, so partners do not have to use them when attached to the socket wall.

What Are Luxury Vibrators?

Luxury Vibrators are classy, high-end sex toys. Customer buys a vibrator for its functionality, convenience, and aesthetic appeal. A luxury vibrator does not mean the vibrator is made of gold, although some are. The luxury vibrators are expensive because they are designed while considering every detail a customer wants and is willing to pay for. They are of the best quality, the most effective, the most convenient, and most discreet of all vibrators. The luxury vibrators are portable and rechargeable.

How to  Use Luxury Vibrators

Luxury vibrators might be prestigious and have the same functions as other vibrators. Learn the settings of the vibrator before using it. You do not want to damage your prestigious vibrators by not using them properly. The vibrators come with instructions in a manual. Watch tutorials online to guide you. Lubricate the dildo and the genital before inserting it to ease penetration. Lubrication also brings more pleasure. Ensure the lubricant is compatible with the vibrator. Avoid silicon lubricants since they can damage a silicon vibrator.

How Do Luxury Vibrators Feel?

Luxury vibrators feel great to touch because the material is soft and smooth. Set the desired intensity, pressure, and speed for more pleasure. A luxury vibrator can lead to a mind-blowing orgasm. You can have simultaneous masturbation with your partner. Double-ended luxury vibrators can enhance mutual masturbation. Engage in a cowgirl sex position with a luxury double-ended vibrator for sensational feelings. Use lubes with luxury vibrators.

More Types of Vibrators

Realistic Vibrators

Realistic vibrators replicate the feeling and shape of a real penis, offering more natural sensations during penetration or clitoral stimulation. They are great for those who enjoy traditional sex toys but want something more lifelike than standard designs. However, realistic vibrators tend to be bigger than other types, making them harder to store discreetly or travel with if necessary.

Penis Vibrators

When it comes to pleasure, penis-shaped dildo vibrators offer more than just a thrill. With its unique shape and texture, this sex toy can be an incredibly empowering experience for those looking to add some extra spice to the bedroom. 

Bullet Vibrators

Bullet vibes are small yet powerful toys that offer intense vibrations that target specific areas like the clitoris or nipples directly when pressed against them, ideal for anyone searching for pinpointed pleasures.

Wireless vibrators

Thanks to modern technology, you can spice up your relationship even when miles apart with wireless vibrators controlled by a smartphone app. These Bluetooth sex toys provide an easy and convenient way for couples in long-distance relationships to stay connected sexually.

Remote control

These vibrators use an app on your phone or tablet to control them remotely from anywhere in the world. Remote control vibrators allow individuals or couples who are apart from each other physically to enjoy intimate moments still together. Unlike traditional toys that require two people in the same space, this device allows users on either end of the connection to take turns controlling vibrations through different speeds and patterns depending on what they prefer individually or as partners exploring together.

Mini Vibrators

Mini vibrators are ideal for those who want something discreet yet powerful enough for vaginal or anal stimulation. With their petite size, they’re perfect for keeping in a purse or pocket when you’re on the go and offer plenty of variety in terms of shape and design so that everyone can find one that works best with their body.

Extra Powerful Vibrators

Extra powerful vibrators are for those looking to achieve seriously intense sensations and orgasms quickly. These devices are especially useful if you're short on time or want to experience something more intense than average. Extra powerful models tend to have multiple vibration levels, so you can adjust them according to your preference and intensity.

Waterproof Vibrators

Waterproof vibrators are designed to be used in the shower or bath, making them perfect for those wanting to experiment with self-pleasure without worrying about getting their devices wet.

Extra Quiet Vibrators

Extra quiet vibrators typically offer lower sound levels than other types but still provide an equally pleasurable experience. They usually come with smaller motors that make less noise than larger ones.  

Luxury vibrators are an investment that can offer a more luxurious and customizable experience than standard vibrators. They are often made with higher-quality materials and have advanced features such as different vibration modes, heating, and connectivity. They may also have a more powerful motor for more intense sensations. However, they are generally more expensive than standard vibrators.