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Anal Beads

Anal Beads

  • Rimba Silicone Purple Small Anal Pleasure Kit - Peaches and Screams
    Rimba Silicone Purple Small Anal Pleasure Kit - Peaches and Screams
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    Original Price £37.17
    Current Price £28.59

    Rimba Silicone Purple Small Anal Pleasure Kit

    Only 2 left!

    Want to feel the great and intense sensation with a small gadget in the anal opening? This Set of Barcelona Purple Anal Pleasure Kit - Anal Beads a...

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    Original Price £37.17
    Current Price £28.59
    Save £8.58
    Only 2 left!
  • Lelo Soraya Anal Beads Massager Black - Peaches and Screams
    Lelo Soraya Anal Beads Massager Black - Peaches and Screams
    Save £77.61
    Original Price £336.30
    Current Price £258.69

    Lelo Soraya Anal Beads Massager Black

    Only 2 left!

    SORAYA Beads is a gender-neutral anal beads massager designed for those just getting into anal play exploration. Its unique cascading design aims t...

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    Original Price £336.30
    Current Price £258.69
    Save £77.61
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  • 6.69-inch Dorcel Silicone Black Anal Probe - Peaches and Screams
    Save £8.97
    Original Price £38.86
    Current Price £29.89

    6.69-inch Dorcel Silicone Black Anal Probe

    Only 3 left!

    Anal pleasure has never been this sweet. A big thank you to Dorcel for creating an amazing toy that will leave you fully pleasured. Experience imme...

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    Original Price £38.86
    Current Price £29.89
    Save £8.97
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Anal Beads & Sex Beads - Anal Sex Toys

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Do you fancy some alone time while playing with your sweet zones? There are sex toys that can help you tag along in your quest for extreme sensational stimulation. Also, if you are looking to elevate your solo stimulation with something more exotic, grab anal beads.

One way of achieving solo stimulation is through anal penetration. What better way than using anal beads? When done right, you will be guaranteed extreme sensations and never look back.

What Are Anal Beads

Anal beads are sex toys designed to be inserted into the anus and slowly pulled out. They typically consist of a series of small, round beads that are strung together on a cord or a flexible shaft.

Before using anal beads, it's important to ensure you are properly cleaned out. This can be done by using an enema or by going to the bathroom and ensuring you are empty. It's also a good idea to use a lubricant to make insertion easier and more comfortable.

When using anal beads, it's important to start with the smallest bead and work your way up to the larger beads. This will help you get used to the sensation and prepare your body for the larger beads.

To insert the beads, you should relax your muscles as much as possible. You can do this by taking deep breaths or by engaging in other activities that you find relaxing, such as music or a warm bath. Slowly insert the first bead and then pause to let your body adjust to the sensation. Then, insert the next bead and so on.

When pulling out the beads, you should do this slowly and in the opposite order in which you inserted them. It is important to be gentle and to listen to your body. If you feel any pain or discomfort, stop and remove the beads.

It is important to note that anal beads should never be shared with others, as they can spread infections. Cleaning them thoroughly before and after each use is important as using warm water and soap.

Anal beads can be a fun and exciting addition to your sexual repertoire, but using them safely and responsibly is important. If you're new to anal play, starting with smaller beads and working your way up as you become more comfortable is a good idea. Be sure to use plenty of lubricants and listen to your body to stay safe and comfortable throughout your experience.

Types of Anal Beads

Anal beads are designed to give similar butt stimulation and climaxes. They are manufactured with distinct differences in connecting or the material used. The common types of anal beads found on the market include;

Smooth Anal Beads

Smooth beads are the best anal beads for beginners, usually connected using a strip instead of a cord and resemble small ribs and not balls or beads. Moreover, smooth beads increase as you move up the strip to accommodate your desired size.

Corded Anal Beads

These are the common anal spheres or balls connected with a cord. Since they are made with experienced users in mind, corded beads can be left inside the vagina or anus as you move around with your chores for extra sensations.

Large Anal Beads

Large beads are ideal for experienced users since they consist of beads of the same size that are more substantial for intense stimulation. Large anal beads are made of different materials for extra internal stimulation as they are inserted and pulled out of the anus. 

Rigid Anal Beads

These are types of anal beads that are made from harder materials than silicon but softer than steel. They also resemble large ribbed dildos and are ideal for thrusting stimulation.

Vibrating Anal Beads

Vibrating anal beads are the best option for those looking for extra butt stimulation from their anal toys due to their intense stimulation and climax. They deliver the desired pleasure around and inside the anal walls as they move in and out of the anus.

How to Choose the Best Sex Beads

Anal beads seem like simple sex toys with intense anal stimulation when using them alone or with your partner. However, some overlook key features when buying their first anal beads from online sex stores. Several factors determine the type of anal beads you purchase;

The Type of Material Used

Anal beads are manufactured using different materials with unique features that deliver your desired sensations. Not all materials are safe for your genitals. Hence you should always buy body-safe, non-porous, easy-to-clean materials such as silicon, glass, and metal anal beads. The type of material you buy is influenced by its price, durability, and the kind of sex lube you invest in. For example, silicone is preferred since it is body-safe and non-porous. It is also easy to clean and flexible. However, you should not use silicone-based sex lube when using silicone material.

Buy the Right Size and Shape

Depending on your sexual experience and the type of stimulation you need, the size and shape of the anal beads significantly determine how deep they will penetrate. As a beginner, stick on smaller, smooth beads as you work up the ladder. However, sex toy pros can buy corded, large and long anal beads that give extra and deeper stimulation.

Check the Texture of The Beads

Most anal beads are made of smooth surfaces for easier anal insertion. However, if you need extra stimulation, you can buy anal spheres with ribbed surfaces to massage the anal walls upon insertion and removal perfectly.

Consider the Added Features

Most anal sex toy pros would want to buy anal beads with added features like vibrations and remote control. In this case, always check on the vibration speeds and functions to ensure you pick the right toy that will deliver the desired pleasure for maximum satisfaction. You can also buy remote-controlled anal beads and give your partner the remote to control the sensations.

How to Use Anal Beads

Carefully using anal beads and sticking to the safety tips guarantees a safer toy that will serve you for years. Here are a few tips on how to use your anal beads;

Use A Lot of Sex Lube

There is no limit on how much sex lube you should use on your sex toys and genitals. The rule is always to apply a lot of compatible anal lube on your anal beads and butt opening before insertion. The type of lube you choose also depends on the material of the beads and the ease of cleaning at the end.

Thoroughly Clean Before and After Use

Whether using the toy for solo masturbation or with your partner, always sterilize the anal beads before insertion to avoid infections. After use, thoroughly clean the spheres using hot soapy water or recommended toy cleaner and store them in a cool and dry place.

Start Slow with Smaller Spheres

Sex is sweet when you are in the mood; thus, before inserting the beads in your butt, start with foreplay to prepare for the real deal. Start with smaller sizes of beads as you adapt to larger beads.

Frequently Asked Questions about Anal Beads

How Do You Use Anal Beads?

Ensure your hands are clean before handling anal beads. Use lubricants when using anal beads. The material anal beads determine your choice of lubricant. Silicon lubricant on silicon anal beads will destroy the beads. Water-based lubricants are not great for anal sex toys because the lubrication should be consistent. Water-based lubricants dry up quickly; hence a  partner needs to reapply. Oil-based lubricants are the best because they do not spoil the silicon material. Lube and anal sex toys must be emphasized because the anal cavity is delicate. The walls of the anus may tear if pressure is applied during sexual activities. Ensure to use durable and quality lubes to enjoy the session. Lay on your back and insert the anal beads gently. Pull them out gently to enjoy the sensation.

What Are Anal Beads?

Anal beads are sex toys in the form of beads. They resemble a necklace but have a chain at the end for a partner to pull out. They come in different materials, sizes, shapes, and colours. Some are attached to a semi-flexible material allowing an individual to insert it as you would a dildo, while others are on a flexible material; an individual does not have to insert the beads one at a time. The excitement about anal beads comes from the sensations created when pulling them out. Kinter & Newton (2021) stated that the anal canal has plenty of nerves. Contact with the nerves creates friction forming amazing sensations.

What Do Anal Beads Do?

Riady (2020) stated that anal beads are inserted in the anus and moved through the anal canal to the rectum. The beards target the anal cavity has plenty of nerve endings that can cause exciting sensations when pulled out. However, an individual must use lubrication to enjoy the sensations because friction can damage the thin lining of the anal cavity. Lubrication matters, as not every lubricant is ideal for anal pleasure. Water-based lubes are not good because they dry too fast, and you will need to reapply constantly, yet the anal walls need consistent lubrication. Oil-based lubricants are the best for anal stimulation. Silicon-based lubricants are also good, but they spoil silicone toys. Use silicon lube for non-silicon sex toys.

How Do Anal Beads Work?

Individuals insert the anal beads into the anus up to the rectum or wherever they feel comfortable. Anal sex toy users should insert the beads themselves because they know where to stop. Having someone else do it may be dangerous if they go far into the anal cavity. Anal beads stimulate the anal cavity, which has plenty of nerve endings. However, lubricants are always important when using anal beads because friction can cause injuries, causing infections.

What Are Anal Beads for?

Döring & Poeschl (2020) suggested that anal beads are sex toys used for anal stimulation for sexual pleasure. They can be a great addition to kinky play but are best for masturbation, especially when an individual wants to explore anal sex. It can also be inserted before vaginal sex and removed before orgasm to make the sexual experience more thrilling. It is important to use lubricants to make the gliding and sliding of the butt less risky. The anal walls are delicate, easily torn by friction, and can cause discomfort, pain, and injuries, causing infections. The best lubricants are silicon and oil-based because they do not dry as fast as water-based lubricants.

Other Types of Anal Toys

Anal Dildos

Anal dildos and probes provide much more targeted stimulation than regular sex toys due to their slim design, allowing them to slip into tight spots and access areas that would normally be out of reach during normal intercourse. This additional level of control makes it easier to focus on particular erogenous zones, such as the prostate or G-spot, while providing deeper levels of stimulation. Most anal dildos and probes have curved shapes and can easily hit all angles.

Prostate Massages

Prostate massagers offer incredibly satisfying sensations when used correctly. These specially designed devices target male P-spots (prostate gland), helping men reach orgasm quicker. Most feature curves at one end, allowing direct access towards this highly sensitive area

Anal Inflatables

Inflatable butt plugs are great for those who like more intense stimulation from their toy. These unique butt plugs can be inflated inside the anus, making them larger and adding a thrilling sensation as they fill up with air. 

Anal Vibrators

Anal dildo vibrators are perfect for those who want even more intense stimulation. Unlike standard dildos, these vibrating versions provide additional pleasure when inserted due to their unique vibration settings. Depending on the chosen model, they can be controlled directly on the device itself or via remote control. 

Butt Plugs

Butt plugs make excellent starter anal toys because they don't require any special skills. Besides being pleasurable on their own, many people use them as a warm-up before engaging in other forms of anal play, such as penetration from an anal dildo vibrator or prostate massager. Butt plugs also provide extra stimulation by filling up space inside so that every move creates delightful friction against sensitive nerve endings.