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Wand Massagers and Attachments

Wand Massagers and Attachments

  • 8-inch Le Wand Stainless Steel Large Metal Dildo - Peaches and Screams
    8-inch Le Wand Stainless Steel Large Metal Dildo - Peaches and Screams
    Save £57.72
    Original Price £250.11
    Current Price £192.39
    Le Wand

    8-inch Le Wand Stainless Steel Large Metal Dildo

    Only 2 left!

    Explore your sexual pleasure in a different style tonight with this powerful Le Wand Bow Stainless Steel Dildo to give you a frustrating-free sensa...

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    Original Price £250.11
    Current Price £192.39
    Save £57.72
    Only 2 left!
  • 3.25-inch Silicone Pink Nuzzle Tip Wand Attachment - Peaches and Screams
    3.25-inch Silicone Pink Nuzzle Tip Wand Attachment - Peaches and Screams
    Save £13.65
    Original Price £59.14
    Current Price £45.49
    XR Brands

    3.25-inch Silicone Pink Nuzzle Tip Wand Attachment

    Only 2 left!

    The 3.25-inch Silicone Pink Nuzzle Tip Wand Attachment is a specialized accessory designed to enhance the pleasure derived from wand massagers. The...

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    Original Price £59.14
    Current Price £45.49
    Save £13.65
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  • Doxy Number 3 Silicone Black Wand Massager - Peaches and Screams
    Doxy Number 3 Silicone Black Wand Massager - Peaches and Screams
    Save £50.70
    Original Price £219.69
    Current Price £168.99
    Doxy Wand Massagers

    Doxy Number 3 Silicone Black Wand Massager

    Only 2 left!

    Meet the Doxy Number 3 - all the power of the Doxy and Die Cast wand massagers but packed into a compact body. Dont be fooled, smaller Doxy doesnt...

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    Original Price £219.69
    Current Price £168.99
    Save £50.70
    Only 2 left!
  • Nude Luna Mini Wand Vibrator - Peaches and Screams
    Nude Luna Mini Wand Vibrator - Peaches and Screams
    Dream Toys

    Nude Luna Mini Wand Vibrator

    Only 1 left!

    Introducing the Nude Mini Wand Vibrator Luna, a user-friendly delight with a single button for easy operation, cycling through 10 strong vibrations...

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Magic Wand Vibrators & Dildos - Most Powerful Sex Toys

Buy the magic wand vibrators and Most Powerful Sex at Peaches and Screams UK Sex Shop. Browse Magic Wand Vibrators

What is a Magic Wand Vibrator

A magic wand vibrator, also known as a wand massager, is a type of sex toy designed for external stimulation of the clitoris and other erogenous zones. They are typically larger than other types of vibrators and feature a cylindrical shape with a rounded head at one end.

Magic wand vibrators are known for their powerful vibrations, which can be adjusted to various intensities and speeds. They often have a long handle for easy gripping and maneuvering, and many models come with attachments that can be added to the head for different sensations.

The original Hitachi Magic Wand, which was first introduced in the 1970s, is considered the pioneering design of the magic wand vibrator. Today, there are many different brands and models available on the market, each with its own unique features.

To use a magic wand vibrator, first make sure it is fully charged or plugged into an outlet. Apply a water-based lubricant to the head if desired, and turn the toy on to the desired vibration setting. Gently press the head against the clitoris or other desired area and move the toy in circular or back-and-forth motions. Experiment with different vibration settings and attachments to find the most pleasurable sensation.

It's important to note that magic wand vibrators can be quite powerful, so it's important to start on a lower setting and work your way up as desired. It's also important to use a water-based lubricant if you plan on using the toy for penetration, as the powerful vibrations can cause discomfort or irritation without proper lubrication.

When you're done using the toy, be sure to clean it thoroughly with soap and water or a sex toy cleaner. Allow the toy to dry completely before storing it in a cool, dry place.

Overall, Magic Wand Vibrators are a popular and versatile sex toy that can be used to provide powerful stimulation to the clitoris and other external erogenous zones. They are easy to use and come in a variety of different models and designs, allowing you to find the perfect toy for your needs.

How to Use a Magic Wand Massager

A magic wand vibrator is a powerful and versatile sex toy that can provide intense external stimulation to the clitoris and other erogenous zones. If you're new to using a magic wand vibrator, here is a detailed guide on how to use it:

  1. Clean and prepare your magic wand vibrator: Before using your magic wand vibrator, make sure it is clean and properly charged or has fresh batteries. You can clean it with mild soap and water or with a toy cleaner.

  2. Apply lubricant: To increase comfort and sensation, apply a small amount of water-based lubricant to the area you wish to stimulate.

  3. Turn on the vibrator: Press the power button to turn on the vibrator. Start with a low setting and gradually increase the intensity as desired.

  4. Explore the different attachments: Some magic wand vibrators come with different attachments that can be used to provide different types of stimulation. Experiment with the attachments to find the one that feels best for you.

  5. Use the vibrating head to massage the area: Hold the vibrating head against the area you wish to stimulate and use a circular or back-and-forth motion to massage the area.

  6. Experiment with different positions: Try using your magic wand vibrator while lying down, sitting, or standing to see which position feels the most comfortable and pleasurable for you.

  7. Adjust the settings as needed: As you use your magic wand vibrator, you may want to adjust the settings to find the perfect intensity and vibration pattern for you.

It's important to note that magic wand vibrators can be quite loud, so consider using it when you have privacy. Also, as with any sex toy, it's important to clean your magic wand vibrator before and after each use to prevent the spread of bacteria.

What are Magic Wand Attachments

Magic wand massager attachments are designed to be used with a wand massager, such as the Hitachi Magic Wand, to enhance the stimulation and provide a variety of sensations. These attachments can be added to the head of the wand massager and are typically made of silicone or other soft, body-safe materials.

Here are some popular types of magic wand massager attachments:

  1. G-spot Attachment: These attachments are designed to be used for internal stimulation, particularly of the G-spot. They usually have a curved shape and a bulbous head to provide targeted stimulation to the G-spot.

  2. Clitoral Attachment: These attachments are designed to provide additional stimulation to the clitoris, typically with fluttering, tickling or suction. They can be a great choice for those who need more intense stimulation to reach orgasm.

  3. Textured Attachments: These attachments have a variety of textures, such as bumps, ridges, or nubs, to provide additional stimulation and variety during use.

  4. Dual-stimulation attachments: These attachments are specifically designed to provide simultaneous internal and external stimulation.

  5. Ball-shaped attachments: These attachments are designed to massage the entire vulva area and provide a more diffuse stimulation.

To use a magic wand massager attachment, first make sure that the wand massager is unplugged or turned off. Carefully attach the attachment to the head of the wand massager, ensuring that it is securely in place. If necessary, add a water-based lubricant to the attachment or your body before use. When you are ready, turn on the wand massager and begin to use the attachment as desired.

It's important to note that not all wand massagers are compatible with all attachments, so be sure to check the product specifications before purchasing an attachment to ensure compatibility. Additionally, be sure to clean the attachments thoroughly before and after each use. Some attachments can be washed in the dishwasher or with a sex toy cleaner, but some require only soap and water. Be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions for proper cleaning and care.

Features of a Magic Wand Vibrator

If you are unfamiliar with this sex toy, you may pick it up in a sex toy shop and start singing into it because they resemble microphones. The head of the massager is rounded, while the handle is long. The head of this sex toy can flex and bend as it is moved on your body. Therefore, it can fit the body's natural contours and can easily be manoeuvred all over your body in massaging movements. For efficient stimulation, the vibration motor of this sex toy is placed in the tool's head, eliminating incidences where your hand vibrates while holding the device in different positions.

The wand massager's handle is long to minimize the vibration effect in your hand, enhancing concentration. Many traditional magic wand vibrators and massagers were powered electrically, so you could only use them from a central place. Current designs are powered with chargeable batteries for portability. Most older massagers were louder, but the newest developments have made these sex toys quieter and more likeable. These developments have resulted in massagers that can be used for internal stimulation, unlike ordinary massagers designed for external stimulation, such as the penis, clitoris, and nipples.

People interested in stimulating internal parts, such as the vagina, G-Spot, or P-Spot, can buy massagers with accessories such as the Ripple and Curve. They can be used for external and internal stimulation, enhancing sexual pleasure through the relaxing, soothing effect of massaging movements all over your body.

Exploring your Whole Body with the Massager

Holding the magic wand massager in one area for a long time may result in numbness because of the strong vibrations in the head of this sex toy. To avoid desensitizing or damaging the nerve cells in the body, lift the sex toy from your penis or vulva whenever there is a feeling of lost sensation. Exploring all the body's sensitive areas using the wand massager is recommended. Apart from concentrating on the penis or the vulva, stimulate your clitoris, G-Spot, the anal area, the penis, and the prostate in men.

The massager can be moved in circular motions or up and down the areas to be stimulated. These movements must be slow when starting as you let your body adapt to the new sensations. Also, the vibrations in the sex toy can be regulated, starting with the lowest speed and increasing the intensity as the climax approaches. Magic wand vibrators and massagers are provided with various accessories, allowing you to stimulate your external and internal body parts. If you need to stimulate your internal parts, use a suitable lube, depending on the material of the sex toy. Water-based lubes are the most appropriate for use, with most massagers made from silicone. Whether you go for solo masturbation or experiment with the wand massager with a sex partner, pleasure is guaranteed if you take things slow and build up the rhythm.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Magic Wand Massager?

The magic wand (formerly called the Hitachi magic wand massager) is an electric body massager with a tennis ball-sized head that vibrates. It is designed for the entire body as a deep muscle relaxer to relieve tension. Still, its pulsating thrills make it a perfect sex toy for nipple, prostate, and clitoral stimulation to bring women to orgasms.

How Does a Magic Wand Vibrator Work?

The magic wand consists of a rounded vibrating head attached to a handle. The handle has a built-in AC-powered electric motor that rotates a flywheel mounted in the rounded head to create vibrations via a flexible coupling. With a press of a button, the pulsations of a magic wand will give you thrills for use in masturbation and orgasm control play such as edging.

How to Use a Magic Wand Vibrator?

A magic wand releases deep, rumbly vibrations that are perfect for stimulating the internal structure of the clit. To get your wand ready for use, secure the power source first and foremost (some are cordless while others are battery-powered), cycle through its vibration settings to identify a perfect pulsation, clean its head with warm water and antibacterial cleaner before using it on your body, and apply water-based lube for easy glide. Try the sensations on your nipples, legs, or arms before jumping to your clitoris.

Can I Put a Magic Wand Vibrator Inside the Vagina?

The simple answer is no. Wand massagers are powerful vibrators designed for external stimulation of your genitals and offer a wider range of stimulation than a bullet vibe. You should not insert a magic wand into your vagina or inside your body. Instead, simply run them over your genitals to achieve heightened erogenous stimulation.

Can Men Use Magic Wand Vibrators?

Yes. In solo or partner play, men can use wand vibrators to massage the prostate during masturbation or for oral play and foreplay to turn on the erotic mood. There are different wand vibrators for men, each with unique vibration patterns, and they are easy to use and control during your massage sessions.

Do Magic Wand Vibrators Go into the Vagina?

No, not really. Wand vibrators are commonly marketed as clitoral stimulators but offer much more. These devices can be used all over your body’s external anatomy to elicit intense stimulation. However, you can add specialized wand attachments to insert into the vagina and use them to stimulate the G-spot.

How Good Is a Magic Wand Vibrator?

Wand vibrators are iconic and phenomenal, if not revolutionary. The magic wand vibrator is an incredibly popular and perhaps the most versatile sex toy. They can stimulate every part of your body beyond the clitoris and have helped countless users experience orgasms for the first time. Unlike most vibrators that produce a buzz, the magic wand delivers strong rumbly vibrations.

How Quickly Do You Cum with a Magic Wand Vibrator?

A magic wand generally makes you cum in less than a minute. Considering over 50% of women struggle to achieve an orgasm and take longer to climax, a magic wand is the perfect pleasure accessory to rub, hump, or grind your clitoris for powerful orgasms.

How to Use a Magic Wand Vibrator Technique?

Looking to please yourself with a magic wand vibrator? Like any other sex toy, start by getting comfortable, find your fantasy, clean its rounded head, identify your ideal vibrating setting, get creative when stimulating the clitoris by pausing right before climaxing, and master the art of achieving multiple explosive orgasms.

What Does a Magic Vibrator Wand Feel Like?

Put simply, a magic wand possesses power, thanks to its powerful rumbly motor that can even seem too intense or excessive. Depending on the spec you go for, a magic wand can deliver up to 6300 RPM, and when you first turn it on, it produces incredible power to massage your erogenous zones. With a magic wand, it feels like you are on an erotic roller coaster, and it is virtually impossible not to cum.

Who Invented the Magic Wand Vibrator?

The magic wand vibrator was invented in 1968 by the Japanese conglomerate company Hitachi. Initially, the magic wand (formerly called The Hitachi) was marketed as a body massager and sold in stores as a solution for sore muscles. But fast forward to today, women have fallen in love with this device thanks to its capability to stimulate the clitoris.

Where to Buy Magic Wand Massager

The magic wand massager is a popular sex toy sold by many retailers, ranging from brick-and-mortar stores to online sexual wellness top brands, including Peaches and Screams, e-Bay, Alibaba, Amazon, Walmart, and the original Hitachi Magic Wand website. The key to purchasing an authentic accessory is to steer clear of bogus retailers that sell counterfeit products.

Can the Magic Wand Be Used for Massage?

Yes, the magic wand is a perfect and modern accessory that can be used for massage, whether for pleasure or therapeutic purposes. The magic wand is ideal for folks with high risks of sustaining injuries because it can stimulate the muscles and revitalize blood supply, thanks to its oversize rubber head that distribute rumbly vibrations.

Can You Use a Magic Wand Massager on the Back?

Yes. The magic wand was first marketed as a back massager long before it became a favourite sex toy. It is designed to send deep waves of vibrations to soothe and relieve tension in the muscle tissue. It has a powerful electronically controlled motor that delivers intense pulsations for a back massage.

Can You Use the Magic Wand Massager in the Bath?

No, the magic wand shouldn’t get near water because it is not waterproof. Don’t take it to the tub, shower, or pool. For safety, clean it using a disposable antibacterial hand cleaner and wipe it clean after use. Store your magic wand and attachments in a cool, dry place, preferably a clean wooden drawer.

How Strong Is the Hitachi Magic Wand Massager?

The magic wand is one of the most powerful clitoral vibrators in the sex toy industry. The device comes with two main settings: high and low. Thanks to its powerful AC-powered motor, the device can deliver intense relaxing massage through its rounded head at speeds of 5000 RPM to 6000 RPM per minute.

How to Switch on a Magic Wand Massager

The magic wand can be cordless, battery-powered, or come with an electrical cord. Plug the dial into a compatible electrical outlet, and then plug your device into the attachment. When fully charged, it will blink a blue light. To switch it on, push the button upwards. The same function increases vibrating intensity while pushing the switch downwards offers low vibrations.

For those that are yet to experience the most powerful sex toys, the wand massager is ideal. These sex toys increase sexual pleasure more than most massagers. They enhance sexual relief and orgasms and provide the soothing feeling obtained from massage. The massaging effect of these massagers is more effective than when using mainstream massage devices. Magic wand massagers are designed to enhance discretion and are portable, meaning you can use them anywhere. This is why this modern sex toy is a favourite for men and women who want to masturbate or enhance sexual pleasure with their partners.

More Sex Toys for Women

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Finger vibrators are great beginner toys as they are small and easy to use. These vibes slip onto your finger and operate via a single button control – perfect if you want to add extra buzz during foreplay or masturbation.

Bunny vibrators

These classic rabbit-style vibes feature two parts, a shaft that teases internally while little ‘bunny ears’ provide delightful clitoral stimulation simultaneously. Whether you opt for traditional versions or more advanced designs featuring rotating beads or suction capabilities, these delicious toys will have you hopping all over the place with delight.

Vibrators with clit stims

Unlike other forms of stimulation, such as manual fingering or oral play, a clitoral vibrator offers an instant gratification experience. The device’s design allows for direct contact with the nerve endings within the clitoris, providing maximum sensation. Additionally, most models come equipped with multiple settings that allow you to adjust intensity levels depending on how much pleasure you desire!

G-spot vibrators

G-Spot vibrators are designed to stimulate the elusive G spot. This vibe is ideal if you’re searching for extra intense orgasms. Thanks to their curved tips, they help target that sensitive patch more precisely than any other toy could - meaning results will be felt faster. Some variations also feature multiple speeds, giving users complete control over how much pressure is applied during use.

Butterfly vibrators and vibrating knickers

Butterfly vibrators and knickers combine lingerie with pleasure. These cute panties come equipped with tiny pockets which hold discreetly placed bullet vibes you can use anywhere. These are perfect if you’re looking for something discreet yet thrilling during public playtime sessions. Their wings cradle around your entire vulva giving maximum coverage and allowing intense arousal without any effort.

In conclusion, Magic Wand Massager attachments can be a great way to enhance the stimulation provided by a wand massager and provide a variety of sensations. They are easy to use and come in a variety of designs and textures, making it easy to find the perfect attachment for your needs. As always, be sure to use them safely and with proper care and cleaning.