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MUST READ! Ultimate Guide: How to Buy Metal Butt Plugs

The excitement of anal sex is the artistry and fun you bring to it. And for those of you who love some exoticism and elegance in the play, the metal butt plugs can be an exciting addition to your anal treasure box.

Metal butt plugs are cold, smooth, stiff and somewhat weighty, aspects that make them quite distinct in the way they deliver pleasure. If you savour a weighty and fullness sensation, or maybe you imagine what it would feel like to have an ice cold plug up your anus, then metal butt plugs are for you. They are crafted in different shapes and sizes to deliver the ultimate pinnacle of elegance and excitement in every session.

What Make Mental Butt Plugs Unique?

Besides the elegant look and soft appealing texture, metal butt plugs are definitively heavier than a silicone or glass butt plug. This means that it combines a feeling of weight and stretching to offer stronger and more satisfying stimulation. They are also rigid making them perfect for anal aficionados who enjoy stimulation from firmness.

The metal types commonly used are stainless steel, aluminium, silver and gold which are 100% non-porous and non-corrosive. This means that they can be used with all types of lubricants. They are also easy to clean and sterilize making the body safe.

Using metal butt plugs also have a certain feel of dominance hence, a perfect fit into the bondage play. You can enjoy a sensory play with cold and warm insertions. Simply run the metal butt plug through hot water to warm it up or dip it in ice water for a chilling yet thrilling shiver up your anus.

However, the ultimate benefit is the metal butt plugs toughness and strength. They are not breakable and cannot bend easily. So, if you are looking for a durable easy to maintain butt plug, then a metal butt plug can be a lifetime investment.

Things to Consider When Buying Metal Butt Plugs


Mental butt plugs come in different sizes ranging from small, medium and large. Always contemplate how much you can take in and pick a considerable insertable length and girth that will give you an exciting challenge and ultimate pleasure. For beginners, start with a small sized plug and work your way up to give your anus time to get used to the firmness and weight of the metal butt plug. For pros, be free to pick a size that you know your anus can accommodate. However, remember mental is not as light as silicone or rubber so ease up on the size until your anus can support this unique stimulation.


Like any other sex toys, mental butt plugs come in varying shapes to increase the fullness and stimulation level. Some are smooth all the way while others are beaded, ribbed and bumped to provide extra stimulation during insertion and removal. If you are a little bit advanced in anal sex and like engaging thrilling adventures, pick a unique shape such as a beaded metal butt plug and blaze for the scene. Once you are cleaned up and relaxed, run the butt plug in cold water, lube up your anus and the plug and savour the intense stimulations as your anus kink with every push of an ice-cold bead.

Be Cautious About Coloured Metal Butt Plugs

We all like owning those eye catching and enticing anal toys with unique colours and designs. However, when it comes to buying metal butt plugs, you need to be extra careful. Most metal butt plugs are made from non-corrosive metals such as stainless steel, aluminium, gold and silver. Unfortunately, in a lowly regulated industry, some crooked manufacturers use poor quality metals and coat them in thin layers of stainless steel or aluminium. Others also use sheen or metallic coating to colour and give the plug a high-end quality. These products can be highly toxic if absorbed by the body. To prevent such setups, always buy your metal butt plugs from reputable manufacturers and retails like Peaches and Scream. For more precaution, boil your metal butt plug for 10 minutes before the first use. If it is coated, the plug will either peel of the coating and loss it glossy shine. If this happens, please do not use that product, it is of poor quality and may be harmful to your health.

Which Lubricants Should You Use?

When it comes to anal sex, lubrication is an important rule that should never be ignored. The best thing about metal butt plugs is that they are compatible with all types of lubricants. So be free to use your favourite lubricate. You no longer have to conform toward the butt plug; mental butt plugs sets you feel to juice up with whatever lube gets you the best cushions.

How should you care for Metal Butt Plugs?

Metal butt plugs are 100% non – porous making them among the easiest to clean. Simply hand wash in warm soapy water. Or you can use antibacterial sex toy cleaner from Peaches and Screams. Then dry completely and store in a sterilised place ready for next time. If you would like deep sterilization, boil or pop them in a sterilizing machine.

Where can you buy authentic metal butt plugs?

Yes you want fun and pleasure, but you also want to be sure that the tools you got are authentic and of the best quality. Peaches and Screams is a highly reputed online sex toy dedicated to providing you with high quality and authentic sex toys. We are extra cautious and only partner with top rated brands to deliver you the most authentic and luxurious metal butt plug. At Peaches and Screams, all we know is that your peace of mind and safety certainly open you up for the next level of body numbing orgasm. Dig deep into your imagination and buy a metal butt plug to command some control and respect in your experience of pleasure. Browse our glorious collection of metallic butt plugs and toys and claim your own now.

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