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Large Dildos

Large Dildos

  • 8-inch Le Wand Stainless Steel Large Metal Dildo - Peaches and Screams
    8-inch Le Wand Stainless Steel Large Metal Dildo - Peaches and Screams
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    Original Price £250.11
    Current Price £192.39
    Le Wand

    8-inch Le Wand Stainless Steel Large Metal Dildo

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    Explore your sexual pleasure in a different style tonight with this powerful Le Wand Bow Stainless Steel Dildo to give you a frustrating-free sensa...

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    Original Price £250.11
    Current Price £192.39
    Save £57.72
    Only 2 left!
  • 7-inch Lovetoy Dual Layered Silicone Large Dildo - Peaches and Screams
    7-inch Lovetoy Dual Layered Silicone Large Dildo - Peaches and Screams
    Save £17.55
    Original Price £76.04
    Current Price £58.49

    7-inch Lovetoy Dual Layered Silicone Large Dildo

    Only 2 left!

    Immerse yourself in a satisfying and lifelike experience with the 7-inch Lovetoy Dual Layered Silicone Large Dildo. Crafted for pleasure, this dild...

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    Original Price £76.04
    Current Price £58.49
    Save £17.55
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Buy a Massive Dildo

If you'd like a tighter feeling in your vagina or anus, move up to our extra-large dildos. Don't let your eyes overload your anus or vagina. Some of these big boys are 3 inches or more in thickness.

Extra Large Dildos

It's important to note that extra-large dildos are not for everyone. Only experienced players should consider these monsters. You'll find all of them are much larger than an average size penis, so for comparison, a soda can measures 2.5 inches across. A user should apply an adequate amount of lubricant to make entry smoother and with less friction. For many of us, it helps to warm up with a smaller dong before inserting one of these big boys. There are many different types, styles and sizes. Some are made from rubber, latex and even wood, while silicone is a very good material for the feel and its hygienic value. More and more dildos are now being made from newer lifelike materials and PVC (aka jelly rubber) with a sensuous feel. Glass sex toys, silicone and Cyberskin are somewhat smaller than the extra-large dildos. There are several colours and many different sizes. The lengths and diameters vary greatly, many have a set of balls, and many models have a suction cup base. As you shop, you'll see several of these products with an informational video to help you decide.

The styles of extra-large dildos are almost endless, and there are also many different types of materials to choose from. The ones made from PVC (a jelly rubber) are probably the most widely used because they're less expensive, warm quickly to body temperature, and are very flexible with an excellent sensuous feel. These dildos are available in many colours and are very appealing to the eye, some even have a fruity scent, but many have a plastic smell. The downside is that this material is a little more porous and requires extra cleaning. Warm soap and water are all required if it's for vaginal use only; however, using a condom makes clean-up a breeze. You may also choose to use a commercial sex toy cleaner. These products work very well.

If you want a very life-like feel, you'll want to try one made from Cyberskin, Futurotic, UR3, Pleasureskin and several other new materials. They are the closest you can get to real skin; they're soft, smooth and flexible. This material is very porous, so your sex toy will have to be cleaned and disinfected after each use, but that should be the case with any sex toy. Again, warm water and a mild soap or a commercial toy cleaner work very well.

Some that are made from silicone are a bit more expensive. They are very smooth and flexible and have a velvety feel. They warm to body temperature quickly and retain the heat well. They are available in many colours and sizes. They are non-porous and easy to clean by simply soaking them in boiling water if you need more than warm water and soap. These sex toys will last a lifetime with proper care.

Many women love dildos made from glass, they are the smoothest, and many are beautiful works of art. Many are hand blown, which makes them a bit more expensive, but they will last a lifetime. They are very strong and will not break in use. They surprisingly hold body temperature very nicely, and being non-porous makes cleaning them a breeze. One of these beautiful glass dildos is a must for your sex toy chest, or you might want to display it on your mantel for a conversation piece.

Types of Large Dildos 

King Cock   

The King cock dildo is nowhere near the standard penis size. It is great in length as it is in girth. Only veterans can handle this huge dildo, and they testify to its sensations. It features a smooth head, a detailed shaft, and heavy balls. Some king cocks may feature suction cups for easy use. Vibration setting is another feature that may be included in the king cock to intensify the sensations.

Strap-on Dildo

A strap-on dildo features straps around the waist to enable the dildo to be worn. Strap-on dildos are standard in lesbian couples. Some strap-on dildos can also feature large dildos for those who enjoy big cocks to stretch out their pussy for intense sensations.  

Double Ended Dildos  

Double-ended dildos may feature U-shaped, L-shaped, and vibrating double-ended dildos. These dildos may also come in gigantic sizes. Double-ended dildos are a vibe as they can be used for duo penetration, especially with lesbian couples.

Inflatable Dildos  

Inflatable dildos can be inflated to the desired circumference, and some of these sizes may be huge to suit the needs of those who love large dildos. With inflatable dildos, you can dictate the length and girth of the sex toy with a bulb pump.

Squirting Dildo

Squirting dildos are used to excrete fake semen, and ejaculation is regulated through a syringe or other functions. There are large squirting dildos that may fit those with semen fetishes as they still benefit from the vast size that comes with large dildos.


Dildos are a wonderful alternative to sex with a man for women. Maybe even more than that, they have often replaced men, sometimes even displaced them. But why?

Sex is probably the most wonderful thing in the world. Most people will confirm that. No wonder lust and ecstasy are among the most elementary feelings that humans are capable of. Once started, there is no going back. You always want him. According to widespread opinion, it is practised in pairs. What few people want to be true, 77% of all sexual activities are performed by people alone - that is, with themselves. Whether by hand or with a dildo, masturbation is part of everyday life.

Many women own a dildo that gives them sexual highlights whenever they want it. Dildos are more practical than any man in many ways. His wife does not have to be considerate of him because he is there when he is needed and does everything "she" wants. Dildos have become a loyal sexual partners for many women.

And they offer many more advantages than their constant availability. Dildos come in all sizes - from very small to extra large specimens, the so-called giant dildos. Women rarely have so many anatomical choices in free gender struggle. With a dildo, "you" can choose - small and thin or large and thick.

A dildo for two - also an interesting option for couples

For those who don't want to do without a flesh and blood partner, dildos offer fantastic opportunities to rediscover sex. He can stimulate her with a dildo, but she can also stimulate him. The imagination knows no limits. Whether vaginal or anal, some women find it incredibly sexy to be spoiled by their partner with one or more dildos. The man can be orally satisfied by her at the same time. This is just one of many options that should be mentioned here.

Many men find it attractive to be spoiled by their partner with a dildo. However, the inhibition to admit this is high. Few regret this decision afterwards. For submissive men, in particular, lies the fulfilment of their sexual fantasies and they experience previously not considered possible ecstatic conditions.

And with that, we come to strap-on sex. She slips into panties or a harness equipped with a dildo and takes on her partner. One could think of wrong roles - it is an interesting experience. Many couples never get away from it again.

A dildo for you from her

A woman loves a woman, just like a man would. An idea that will make some female souls tremble. In strapon sex between women, the man is completely superfluous. Pure eroticism, intuitive movements and passionate sex with someone with the same needs as yourself. No problem with a strap-on dildo. Try it too.

Sometimes you have to have it big. The large and giant massive line of dildos here at Peaches and Screams is sure to impress and amaze your eyes and your senses, all while offering you the sensations you need for your wildest of orgasms. From inflatable dildos that grow in size after they are inserted to 12 inches or larger jelly dildos, Peaches and Screams has what you are looking for in the large dildo world. Double-headed dildos grow even larger. At 18 inches, our smooth double dildo or our veiny double dildo is sure to give you double the pleasure by yourself or with your partner. Sex with another woman has never been so incredible as when the two of them fuck the same large dildo.

Our fisting dildos or huge hands and fists are guaranteed to stretch your orifices the way you like. Cocks and plugs with suction cups so you can control the glide as you sit on these gigantic toys, stretch your vagina or stretches your anus. Wrap them with your vaginal or anal openings and take them all in. The line of large, giant, and extensive dildos here at Peaches and Screams keeps growing. We have inflatable dildos in this line. These dildos can be huge. Insert. Inflate. Grow and stretch. We offer large jelly dildos in this line of sex toys from Peaches and Screams. Firm and rigid yet soft and pliable, these jelly giants are sure to please you and your partner.

Toys made with suction cups that are large in length and girth are also in this incredible line of gigantic dildos. Turn on the shower, stick one of these gigantic dildos to the base of your floor, lube up your body and the toy, and slowly rock yourself down. These gigantic dildos will make you feel sensational in all the right places. BDSM warriors, grab a large dildo for oral pleasures and fucking. If large is your thing, this is where you will find all of the dildos and butt plugs you have been looking for. Take your time getting to know these toys. Don't be intimidated by their size. Welcome their girth and their length into your sex world.

Order today from Peaches and Screams. We provide full discretion on all of your orders. From billing and shipping to delivery, your orders are kept discreet. Buy a Dildo at Peaches & Screams UK online sex toy shop. Browse big dildos, glass dildos, giant dildos, huge dildos, classic dildos, realistic dildos, double-ended dildos, large dildos, jelly dildos, metal dildos, and strap-ons.

Large Dildos

Who doesn’t love large cocks? Satisfy your fetish for large cocks and dildos. In this category, we have provided you with a long list of large dildos to choose from. These dildos are not your average-sized toys. Most are sized 8 inches and above.

These large dildos are perfect for those who are craving more. You can even find some realistic dildos modelled and made by your favourite pornstars!

Find out how much you can take with these large dildos.

  • Realistic design and texture
  • Massively huge size
  • Most are made with a suction cup and harness compatible 

Tips To Consider When Buying Large Dildos

Length and Girth 

This is one of the most important factors when buying large dildos. Though they are referred to as large dildos, they come in different sizes to suit different needs. You should pick a dildo size that best suits you. With dildos, you should start small and gradually work your way up.    


The common materials used for making huge dildos are silicone, glass, metal, and rubber. Generally, silicone is always the better option since it is flexible and firm. It is also non-porous and non-toxic, making it a suitable option. The downside of silicone dildos is that they cannot be used with silicone-based lubricant as it degrades the toys. On the other hand, metal and glass are hypoallergenic.


It's all about what you like and what is captivating to the eyes. Dildos feature different designs. These designs will feature various shapes and types of huge dildos. You must understand that a huge dildo is a category that features numerous dildos

A giant dildo has made many women happy

Does the size of the penis matter? This controversial question is also one of the most frequently asked. Well, tastes are different, and opinions are two-way. It is not only the male's primary genital organs that are assessed this way. This question also arises solo or during sex with women. Would you prefer it to be small and agile or a giant dildo?

So the result is almost balanced. For 27% of all purchases in the dildo area, women opt for a giant dildo. After all, 42% state that they find the thought of giant dildos stimulating. Individual preferences and likely real-life disappointments contribute to such a result.

Be on the safe side with a giant dildo in the drawer

Tired of it too. The well-built guy from the bar could be towed in a jiffy, but not everything turns out to be as great in bed as initially thought. Big man, small penis - unfortunately, this phenomenon can be observed too often. If you want more than just hot air in your pants, you can now use a giant dildo. Giant dildos provide incredible highlights and satisfaction that you won't soon forget.

With pleasure, you use the giant dildo very slowly or super fast. So you can not control a man - only you can do it. Giant dildos offer a large area of ​​attack due to their above-average size to be able to grab. You are in complete control. The large surface of the giant dildos stimulates the sensitive nerves in the vaginal area like no other penis can. In addition, unlike their counterpart made of flesh and blood, they don't go limp so quickly. With a giant dildo, you are guaranteed full sovereignty, even under time management.

When can you start talking about giant dildos - dimensions are important
The dimensions for giant dildos are,, of course, also subjectively assessed. That means a good average for one is extraordinarily large for another. Pi times thumb one speaks of giant dildos from a diameter of 4.5 to 5 cm and a length above the 20 cm mark. There are hardly any limits upwards. You can get huge dildos up to 40 cm in the normal online shop. Everything else then requires sophisticated research.

We made you curious. A giant dildo is certainly a nice and worthwhile purchase. Even if you are unsure whether huge dildos are right for you, trying is better than studying. It depends on the attempt. It is usually no longer necessary to convince women who have already done this experiment. You appreciate a giant dildo.

Other Types of Dildos Available

Vibrating Dildos

If power is your thing, then vibrating dildos are worth considering. These battery-powered models usually come with multiple speed settings and functions that allow users to customize their experience. Vibration adds an extra layer of stimulation not found in non-vibrating styles and can make all the difference in achieving orgasmic satisfaction.

Realistic Dildos

Realistic dildos are often crafted from silicone or Cyberskin to give them a lifelike texture and appearance. Many feature intricate detailing, such as veins or realistic testicles, creating an incredibly pleasurable sensation during use. For those who prefer something more traditional looking but still want intense sensations, these types may be perfect!

Non Realistic Dildos

Non-realistic dildos may not feel exactly like a real penis. Still, they often have their merits in providing different stimulation and sensations when used correctly.

Suction Cup Dildos

Suction cup dildos usually feature a flat base with suction cups on the underside, allowing them to stick onto different surfaces such as walls or floors. Suction cup dildos are great because they provide hands-free stimulation, perfect if solo play is too difficult or tiring. 

Glass Dildos

Glass dildos provide users with incredible stimulation due to their unique shape, size, and texture. They can transfer temperatures quickly when heated or cooled up prior use - providing temperature variation sensations on the skin. These toys are crafted from high-quality medical grade borosilicate glass, making them incredibly safe and durable for long-term usage too!  

Metal Dildos

Metal dildos have become increasingly more popular in recent years due largely in part because these ultra-strong toys provide increased intensity during playtime when used properly. Many models boast extravagant designs with intricate detailing, making them look like beautiful sculptures ready to fit into any imaginable interior design scheme.

Jelly Dildos

Jelly dildos offer plenty of pleasure due to their flexible texture that moulds around your body perfectly, giving deeper penetration that feels fantastic every time! These toys come in lots of colours and shapes, plus many have added features such as ridges or bumps, providing even more stimulation when thrust away at high speeds.

Fist Dildos

Fisting is one way to bring extra intensity during anal or vaginal play that involves inserting your entire hand into the body through either hole. Not everyone may be up for this challenge. Thankfully, there’s a great alternative with fisting dildos. These large insertable toys feature multiple tapered ridges along their length so that they can be easily inserted without discomfort. They can also provide unique internal stimulation thanks to their size and shape.

Small Dildos

Small dildos are great for those just starting with sex toys or prefer something that isn’t too intimidating. 

Animal Penis Dildos

Some popular varieties of animal penis dildos include unicorn horn-style designs with a unique ridged texture; elephant trunk styles with big veiny details; dragon tail designs made from quality silicone; donkey dick models featuring fun swirls at their base; and ram horns ideal for fisting fans due to their curved shape.

Inflatable Dildo Balls

Inflatable dildo balls offer some unique sensations compared to other products on the market thanks to their ability to expand when filled with air pressure from inside outwards. This allows them to fit snugly in whatever size they desire at any given moment during playtime activities.

Dildo Moulding Kits

Dildo moulding kits allow users to experiment with customised shapes that make intimate moments more special.


Large dildos are available in various sizes and forms to fit a variety of users. They have strangely great length and girth measurements. One can use large dildos alone or with a partner for anal or vaginal play. Various designs are offered to satisfy their users' requirements and preferences. Large dildos are adaptable and can be used vaginally or anally to promote sex. Due to their size, beginners might not find huge dicks satisfying. Many people find a large dildo highly seductive because it stretches out the anus and vaginal walls.