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G-Spot Vibrators

G-Spot Vibrators

  • 6-inch Shots Pink Extra-powerful G-spot Vibrator - Peaches and Screams
    6-inch Shots Pink Extra-powerful G-spot Vibrator - Peaches and Screams
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    Shots Toys

    6-inch Shots Pink Extra-powerful G-spot Vibrator

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    With its powerful 10-speed engine this vibrating g-spot vibrator will give you an intense experience during insertion or clitoral stimulation and i...

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    Original Price £25.34
    Current Price £19.49
    Save £5.85
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  • Glaze Glass Rosebud Gspot Dildo - Peaches and Screams
    Glaze Glass Rosebud Gspot Dildo - Peaches and Screams
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    Original Price £57.45
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    Glaze Glass Rosebud Gspot Dildo

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    Experience exquisite pleasure with the 8 Rosebud G-spot dildo from the Glaze Glass collection. This elegant glass dildo features a curved design a...

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    Original Price £57.45
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G-Spot Vibrators

Buy the Best G-Spot Vibrators and Stimulators and G Spot Sex Toys for Women at Peaches and Screams UK Sex Shop. Browse the best G Spot Vibrator Sex Toys right now. Experience an explosive orgasmic climax using these G-spot vibrators that come with curved tips that reach and stimulate the G-spot for targeted on-spot sensations.

Have you ever heard of the g-spot area? Probably yes. This is one of the most sensitive areas in a woman's body. Many consider it the most sensitive erogenous point for ladies. However, due to the deeper position of the vagina, penises might not do a complete job down there. This denies a lot of ladies the experience and strong orgasmic feeling from this area. If you've not experienced the sweet sensation from the g-spot stimulation, you are in the right place. With the g-spot vibrators at our site, Peaches and Screams is committed to providing ladies with the pleasure of a lifetime. Let us discuss this amazing product we have in store for you.

What Is a G-Spot Vibrator, And Why You Need to Have One Around?

Many ladies think of penetrating toys as only dildos. However, the g-spot vibrators may persuade you to ditch your dildo or add a vibe to the collection. Dildos are mostly penis-shaped, while the g-spot vibrators have other designs that are mostly curved, making them more effective in stimulations. They are endowed with different sizes, lengths, designs, shapes, and shades. The shaft head is ideal for great stimulations, mostly to the deep parts of the vagina. When the gadget vibrates, this tilted head is critical in providing the best stimulation you can wish for.

As a lady, you already know the importance of this inner gland and what you feel when the part gets aroused. These toys come in different shapes and designs that will blow your mind with the sensation. With these, you see your sexual life soar to the next level. The g-spot vibrator will work on that inner gland and leave your legs shivering from the powerful stimulation and orgasm.

Furthermore, the vibes are easy to use, handheld, and have other features, such as remote-control features, that make the game more pleasurable. These are the best toys since most are easily moved around, ensuring the fun goes on wherever you are. Are you a fan of pro-solo pleasure? This is one of the best sex toys to have around. The G-spot vibrator is also good for partners who want to introduce a third party. Your foreplay can never be the same.

How to Select the Best G-Spot Vibrator

There are various things to consider as you look for the best g-spot vibe to order. Each vibe is unique and functions uniquely. This is why you need to make several attempts or clearly study what you want before purchasing it.

Check the Right Material

Due to the penetrations and shape purposes, these toys are mostly made of soft and flexible materials like silicone and rubber. As discussed earlier, the dildos and penises can enter the vagina easily due to their square shape. G-spot vibes are curved on the tip and can be difficult to insert when the material is rigid.

Look for The Right Size

Ladies have different sizes of vaginal holes. They can take in different sizes of penetrating objects. This is the same case with g-spot vibrators. They vary from small to medium and large. The manufacturing companies make different sizes of the same category too. Always know the right size for you before taking further steps.

Consider the Function and Control Of The Vibrator

Vibrators, like any other electrical gadget, have control systems. This is the button that switches on/off and controls the vibrations. Each manufacturer ensures that the function of their product differs from the competitors in terms of the control system. Some g-spot vibrators have controllers on the device, while others use remote controllers. The functionality is about the modes and patterns of pulsations. Some of these vibrators have preset vibration speeds and patterns, while others have multiple modes to select from. The ones with multiple selections are the best for enjoying more fun. A combination of certain speeds and various modes is mind-blowing.

Check the Water Compatibility of The Vibrator

If you've tested a vibe experience in water, you can never get a vibrator that is not waterproof. The water thrills and the pleasure in the tub are out of this world. Always check the g-spot vibe with good performance underwater when you want this moment. The vibes are some of the best massagers you can get for a warm and relaxing moment after a long busy day. Never confuse waterproof and splashproof. This means the former is ok underwater, while the latter can only withstand droplets in the shower. Depending on what you have and what you desire, get the right g-spot vibrator. 

How Do You Use a Vibrator?

Safety is the first step to make. Before using your vibe, always ensure it is cleaned and free from any bacterial infections that may harm you. When the toy is ready for use, ensure your preferred lube is available. Take your time and position yourself in a free environment, such as the bedroom or the bath area. When it comes to vibrators, always know the compatible ones. The silicone-based lubes should never be used on silicone material g-spot vibe. Water-based lube is always the best when it comes to penetrations. However, it wears out easily; hence, it is not good for bathtub pleasure. Always know what kind of lube works for you, mostly if you are sensitive. Some might irritate while others don't. Look for guides we have on lubricants to know what works for you.

Once you've taken the lube, apply it to the vibrator and some on the vaginal hole. Insert the G-spot vibrator to the maximum, going slowly by slowly. When you are comfortable with the vibe inside you, turn on the controller regulating the vibrations up to the desired point. Try the vibe with different positions and add more reactions to its vibrations up to the climax. Enjoy the stimulations solo or with partners and assist one another to get to the climax together and experience equal pleasure.

The vibe requires you to care for it for later use in terms of cleaning and proper storage. Depending on the material you have, do a thorough cleaning. Some materials will require extra care, while others are easy to clean. The porous fabrics may prove hectic when cleaning since they trap some liquids inside. If you have a porous, surfaced vibe, ensure you do not leave any dirt behind to prevent bacterial growth. The non-porous materials should not be problematic to you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Use a G-spot Vibrator

A G-spot vibrator is a sex toy used by women to stimulate the  G-spot, causing orgasms. A G-spot is an area within the vagina. Some people believe it may be an extension of the clitoris. Partners can stimulate the g-spot with a finger, a penis, or a sex toy to cause an orgasm. The G-spot vibrator is slightly curved and bulbous in one end to reach the g-spot.

How to Find the G-Spot with a Vibrator

Prepare yourself psychologically for the exploration before inserting a vibrator in your vagina. Partners can engage in foreplay before using  a- spot vibrator. Use lube to enhance penetration. Move the vibrator inside and go up towards the navel. Set the speed and pressure to feel more sensations.

Do G-Spot Spot Vibrators Work?

G-spot vibrators reach the g-spot when correctly. When in partnered plays, the vibrator causes more stimulations since the session is mutual. The vibrators work well with lubes because prodding into the vagina may cause injuries. Partners can kiss the erogenous zones while finding the g-spot. You can touch the nipples and the clitoris while finding the q-spot for more stimulations. Choose a g-spot vibrator with a soft material to increase flexibility.

Can You Use a G-Spot Vibrator Anally?

Using vaginal sex toys for anal play is unhealthy because it can spread germs. Disinfect the vibrator before putting it in the vagina. The anal canal also has a G-spot related to the perineum. The vibrator may reach the G-spot and cause an orgasm. However, the anal area must never be penetrated without lubrication because it does not self-lubricate. It is prone to injuries and infections. There are sex toys specifically designed to give anal satisfaction.

Do You Insert a Vibrator for G-Spot?

Yes. Insert a vibrator to go through the vaginal canal to the G-spot. The G-spot is located in the vagina. The vibrator can cause orgasms when the vagina contacts it. Prodding the vagina to reach the G-spot for a first-timer may cause injuries. Lubrication is important to ease anxiety. Whenever you use sex toys, always use lubricants to prevent injuries that may lead to infections. The lubricant makes it easy to slide and glide easily. use the settings on the vibrator when stimulating the g  with low and gradually increase it to the desired levels.

How to G-Spot Orgasm with a Vibrator

The G-spot is located inside the vagina but not towards the rectum. When you insert the vibrator, it moves toward the navel. Navigate the vagina to reach the G-spot. It is important to include lubricant. Lubrication will make it easier for you to slide and glide into a G-spot.

How to Insert G-Spot Vibrators

Newbies may have a tough time finding the G-spot in the hollowness of the vagina. It may require some prodding before it is finally located. The G-spot is inside the vagina. Move the vibrator up toward the navel. The exploration might be painful, and the vibrator can cause injuries leading to infections. Ensure to foreplay solo or with a partner before using a g-spot vibrator.

How to Stimulate G-Spot with a Vibrator

You need foreplay with sex toys before inserting the vibrator so your genitals may relax and cause lubrication. However, vaginal lubrication might not be sufficient; use more lubes to glide and slide the vibrator into the vagina while locating the G-spot. Increase intensity once you feel more stimulation in the g-spot. You can reduce gliding to hold from orgasms since it feels more pleasurable. Like men hold ejaculation, women can prolong their orgasms by reducing pressure. You can set the vibrator to higher vibrations.

More Sex Toys for Women

Finger vibrators

Finger vibrators are versatile little toys perfect for those who want something discreet yet powerful enough to deliver intense pleasure. Finger vibrators are typically small handheld devices that provide clitoral stimulation via direct or indirect contact, allowing you to explore different sensations without committing to a bigger purchase.

Rabbit vibrators

Bunny vibrators are right for you if you want something more advanced. They offer an incredible combination of internal G-spot stimulation and external clitoral vibration. These rabbit ears-shaped delights will take your pleasure experience beyond anything imaginable.

Wand massagers and attachments

Wand massagers and attachments come in many shapes and sizes, but all offer superior power compared to regular battery-powered vibes. Many wand massagers feature attachments designed specifically for clitoral or G-spot massage, giving users even more options when it comes time to get down and dirty between the sheets!

Vibrators with clit stims

If you're looking to unlock your pleasure potential, a clitoral vibrator or stimulator is exactly what you need. Often referred to as clit sex toys, they are specifically designed for the sole purpose of stimulating the clitoris and making sexual experiences more pleasurable. Clitoral vibrators and stimulators come in various shapes and sizes, so it is important to find one that suits your needs.

Butterfly vibrators and vibrating knickers

Butterfly vibrators and vibrating knickers are incredibly versatile wearable technology that can make public play more interesting. Butterfly vibes consist of wings connected by an adjustable band around your waist. Its flexible design allows them to fit most sizes comfortably while delivering wave after wave of ecstasy from its incredible buzzing motor between the legs. If sitting still is not your thing, why not try out some sexy underwear featuring discreet yet powerful vibration panels? They're perfect if you like taking control over how much pressure is applied where.