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Double Ended Dildos

Double Ended Dildos

  • Toyjoy Jr. Double Dong 12 Inch - Peaches and Screams
    Toyjoy Jr. Double Dong 12 Inch - Peaches and Screams
    Save £8.97
    Original Price £38.86
    Current Price £29.89
    Toy Joy Sex Toys

    Toyjoy Jr. Double Dong 12 Inch

    Only 3 left!

    The Double Dong from the Get Real by TOYJOY collection is a life-like, dual-ended dong for endless intimate fun! This realistic design features a d...

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    Original Price £38.86
    Current Price £29.89
    Save £8.97
    Only 3 left!
  • Toyjoy Silicone Blue Realistic Double Ended Dildo - Peaches and Screams
    Toyjoy Silicone Blue Realistic Double Ended Dildo - Peaches and Screams
    Save £8.97
    Original Price £38.86
    Current Price £29.89
    Toy Joy Sex Toys

    Toyjoy Silicone Blue Realistic Double Ended Dildo

    Only 2 left!

    Indulge in the ultimate shared pleasure or solo satisfaction with the Toyjoy Silicone Blue Realistic Double-Ended Dildo. The double-ended dildo is ...

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    Original Price £38.86
    Current Price £29.89
    Save £8.97
    Only 2 left!

Buy Double-Ended Dildos - Double Penetration Dildos

Buy a double-ended dildo online at Peaches and Screams UK sex shop. Double-ended and double-penetration dildos are ideal for lesbian and gay couples and vaginal and anal solo play. Browse our collection of double-ended dildos right now!

Double Headed Dildos are fantastic for lesbian sex, for use by straight couples or for solo use. If it's something different you're looking for, big and long double dildos provide a great alternative to single dildos and regular sex. This dual dildo play enables both partners to experience simultaneous sexual satisfaction. The flexible attributes of double-headed dildos mean that they can be manipulated into several positions for sexual endeavours with a new twist. We stock a range of double-headed dildos that vary in length and shaft sensations. Some of our long double dildos have added vibration for a more stimulating experience. Double your dildo experience for twice the pleasure.

Double dildo or strapon dildo - advantages and disadvantages

A double dildo can be used similarly to a strap-on dildo. To do this, we first summarize the special features of the strapon dildo and then go into the special advantages and disadvantages of a double dildo.

The strapon dildo consists of a strap-on support frame that can be adjusted to the body via straps or as briefs. This carrying device has a surface in the pubic area to which dildos can be attached and exchanged depending on size or preference.

Double dildos are constructed much more simpler. Two dildos are fused at their roots. This creates a long dildo, usually around 35 cm long, covered with an acorn at both ends. The length is therefore designed so that both bodies can touch during full penetration, increasing sensuality and conveying an authentic feeling of sexual intercourse. Like a normal dildo, the double dildo is usually veined and tries to imitate the penis with its natural counterpart.

Flexible or stiff Dildo - what should it be?

When buying a double dildo, there are, of course, a few things to consider. In addition to the known factors such as length, diameter or colour, another factor is very important for use. Depending on your preference, "woman" can get a stiff or flexible double dildo.

In any case, it is important to be in the picture of these two variants and to weigh exactly which one you want to choose; on the other hand, the rigidity of the double dildo essentially determines its use. This factor directly impacts the practicable positions that both partners can indulge in.

What positions can I practice with a double dildo?

Which positions are possible with a double dildo depends directly on its rigidity. The stiff, inflexible is particularly well suited when both partners are on the back or sit opposite each other - quasi vaginally "vis-a-vis". So everyone can decide how deep the double dildo should penetrate with her and her partner. A sparkling game unfolds like this. If necessary, the hand can also be taken as support. Po to Po is modelled on the doggy position. The double dildo also looks good. Stiff double dildos are ideal for positions where both partners are opposite with their genitals.

The flexible double dildo is used when both want to caress and kiss each other during penetration. Both partners can insert the dildo vaginally, lying on each other and stimulating with the mouth and hands. The flexible double dildo is likely to provide more intimacy, while the stiff one is aimed at firmer penetration. It doesn't hurt to have both variants in stock at home to react to the situation-related preferences.

We hope to have made you feel like a double dildo. This type of dildo is ideally suited for particularly beautiful intimate moments.

How to Buy Double-Ended Dildos

In the super sensual world of sex toys, double-ended dildos are the most brilliant type of toy ever invented. With this in your bedroom collection, you are set for endless pleasure. A perfect double-ended dildo will be your best friend in masturbation, lesbian sex, heterosexual, and everything else you can erotically create. The feeling of duo stimulation and orgasm gives you sexual carnality you have never imagined. Once you master its arts, you will fall in love!

How to use a double-Ended Dildo

For Solo Play

For solo play, the pleasure is determined by the type of dildo material you choose and its suitability for anal-vaginal duo penetration. Use a double-ended dildo made of a bendable material for comfortable simultaneous anal and vaginal penetration. If you are still new to anal play, choose a double-ended dildo with one slimmer end to make anal play comfortable.

To start, you might need to take a shower. This will help you relax and arouse your body, especially if it’s your first time indulging in duo penetration. Make sure to apply plenty of lubricant on both ends of the dildo and your anus area before inserting. Don’t use so much lube for the vagina, as it is self-lubricating.

When ready, lie on your back with your legs spread to access the sweet treasures. Insert the thicker end of the dildo into your vagina slowly to your preferred depth. You can use the other end as a handle to thrust for intensified G-spot stimulation.

For a double penetration, bend the dildo into a ‘U’ shape. Gently guide the slimmer end of the dildo into your anus and the other thicker end into your vagina. Bounce and change positions to achieve full double penetration. The multiple fullness and stimulation will quiver your whole body with maddening sexual satisfaction. It’s nothing you have ever achieved before.

For Partner Play

If you have invited your partner over for some fun, you will need a firmer double-ended dildo. You might also want a dildo with a clit or anal stimulators to make the session pleasurable.

Once both of you are ready, kneel on all fours facing opposite directions. Slowly insert the dildo into your desired destination. Alternatively, sit together and form a crab position (closing your legs close, so your genitals are almost touching. Place the dildo between you and simultaneously slide it in. This position allows a duo to thrust while maintaining eye contact making for more intimacy. Balance and positioning can be difficult during duo play. You might need to experiment with different positions to know what works for you. 

Factors to Consider when Choosing Double-Ended Dildos

Double-ended dildos are fun and exciting to play with. To savour the most pleasure, you must get the right tool. When purchasing a double-ended dildo, you must consider the size, material, texture, and unique features that fulfil your sexual desires.


Double-ended dildos come in different lengths and girths. Before purchasing, consider the insertable length and girth you can comfortably and pleasurably accommodate. If you are unsure about the size, measure your size with how many fingers you can fit into your vagina or anus. Measure that circumference with a tape measure and choose the double-ended dildo with a similar closest girth. Choose those with long insertable lengths, especially if you plan to use them with a partner. This allows both of you to enjoy a deep, fulfilling penetration. For anal introductory duo penetration, choose a double-ended dildo with one slimmer end to make anal penetration easier. Anal pros can go for longer lengths and wider girths.

Material and Care

To increase your pleasure and the dildo bendability, most double-ended dildos are made of flexible materials that give you a realistic feel. You will find them in silicone, jelly, Cyberskin and rubber. But that doesn’t mean you won’t find double-ended dildos made of metal and glass. The first materials are preferred because they are soft, flexible, and squishy, making duo penetration pleasurable. However, they are highly porous and need extra cleaning and maintenance to ensure they don’t harbour bacteria and moulds. Except for silicone, this is hypoallergenic, waterproof and easy to clean, making it the safest flexible sex toy material. The second materials are exotic, rigid and exceptionally pleasurable. They are made into artistic designs and give you a smooth, silky insertion that is wildly orgasmic. While firmness is a personal preference, it can influence functionality. Glass and metal are not bendable and can only be used for partner duo penetration and can limit the positions you can assume.

Shape and Texture

Double-ended dildos come in different shapes, each with characteristics that suit different types of play. Some have straight shafts, while others are slightly curved to increase G-spot or P-stop stimulation. For some people, a dildo shaped and feels like a penis gives them the ultimate pleasure. Others seek shapes that look nothing like a penis.

If you are into maximising your insertion and thrusting stimulation, the texture of the dildo is very important. You can choose smooth ridges, bumps, ribs or swirls depending on your preference. The sensation of inserting and the dildo twisting and turning inside you will be heart throbbing. If you have never experienced an after cum, be ready for an intense leg-shaking removal. A texture double-ended dildo is certainly not your normal penis experience!

Unique Features

Contemplate what other special features you need to get the most pleasure out of your perfect play toy. One of the features you might enjoy is vibration. Vibrating dildo-ended dildos have numerous vibrating speeds on either the heads or shaft, making penetration insanely pleasurable.

If you like taking your games to the bathroom, you might consider a waterproof double-ended dildo to make your playtime insatiable.

You might also want to consider a double-ended dildo with a clit or anal massager to make partner penetration more pleasurable.


Double-ended dildos here at Peaches and Screams are sleek and sexy, and incredibly enticing. You are sure to get double penetration for double the fun from a double-ended dildo at Peaches and Screams. Simultaneous penetration of your vagina and anus from the same toy can be extremely exciting. Feel free to use these double-headed dildos with your partner as well. Penetrate your vagina and her vagina together. Thrusting on top of a double-ended dildo by two women can give them the penetration they would love to experience together. Sharing this cock in various positions can bring the two women to cum with wild orgasms simultaneously. Bringing in an extra clitoral toy or touching your lover while she fucks the other end of this double dildo increases stimulation and pleasure.

The double-ended dildo can certainly enhance sex play with another woman. Whether you are in a lesbian relationship or just experimenting and playing around with your female partner, this will please. Introducing a double-ended dildo can be an exciting way to enhance your sex life together. Many women like to use the double-ended dildo both vaginally and anally. Stimulating your anus and your vaginal cavities is erotic. Both areas bring sensations you don't usually get out of fun play. Anal penetration, together with a double dildo, is also just as exciting. Whether it's man-to-man sex where you both are fucking the same dildo or whether it's woman-to-man sex anally, this double-ended dildo it's sure to bring exciting sensations to both of you. Get kinky and get sexy. Have a woman insert one end of this dildo as you suck the other end of the dildo. Don't be afraid to insert one end of this dildo into your man's ass while you stroke his cock and fuck the other end of this dildo. With multiple partners, this double-ended dildo could give you the cocks you need for fun play.

The double-ended dildos at Peaches and Screams can be very cock-like. They can also be cool, sleek jelly materials that look less like a penis and more like a jelly dildo. Some double-ended dildos Peaches and Screams offers are bent for your pleasure, making vaginal and anal sex easier. The Trojan double dog is most definitely a pleasure phone. At 16 and a half inches, this double dog has a clit or anal stimulator in the centre for both partners. Double your pleasure. Double your fun.

Check out all the double-headed dildos we have here at Peaches and Screams. Order with complete discretion knowing your privacy is important to us. Buy a double-ended dildo online at Peaches & Screams sex toy shop. Browse double-ended dongs & double enders, realistic, large, jelly, suction cup, vibrating, double-ended, inflatable, glass, small, metal, glass, silicone, jelly, rubber, and squirting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best material to use for double dildos?

Sex toys are made from different materials. You must consider body-safe materials such as silicone, ABS, glass, and rubber. These materials are high quality and long-lasting.

How can I clean my dildo?

After use, you can wash your dildo in hot soapy water or use a sex toy cleaner. Dry the sex toy and store it in a cool, dry place.

Are double-ended dildos limited to lesbians only?

That may not be the case because anyone can use these sex toys.

What are Double-ended Dildos?

A double-ended dildo is a sex toy designed for double penetration, simultaneously inserting an object into two orifices of the human body. It's a dildo with two penetrative stimulators (penis-shaped or non-phallic) that may be detached from one another or attached to a single shaft. A double-ended dildo enhances clitoral stimulation when used by people with vaginas. A vibrating motor is built into certain double-penetration dildos, transforming them into double-penetration vibrators. It's important to ease into double-ended dildos and find a position where you can easily convey feedback, even via facial expressions.

How to Have Sex with a Double-ended Dildo

If you're doing it alone, a flexible double-ended dildo will come in handy. You may use it on your vagina and anus after bending and twisting it, even if it's flimsy. Pick an anal toy with a thinner end for easier penetration if you're starting. Finding a comfortable position with your partner is important. Stroke back and forth with a rocking motion until you discover a rhythm that works for both of you. You may perform the thrusting to your lover by inserting the other end into yourself. Remember that two-ended dildos are meant to be used without any harness.

Is Double Penetration Safe?

Due to increased friction during double penetration, there is a higher possibility that the condoms may break. The kind of "heat" you desire in the boudoir is not created by friction, whether you're "double bagging" (wearing two condoms simultaneously) or two condom items are coming into touch with one another. Using a condom is advised to prevent pregnancy or sexually transmitted illnesses arising from sexual activities.

Can I Use a Double Penetration Dildo With My Partner?

Yes. Toys are a great method to get in some double penetration practice. This is helpful if you want a more comfortable double penetration experience, only have one partner, or your penetrating partner doesn't have a penis. Double penetration is a novel sexual sensation that may feel incredible if done properly and is worth trying if only for bragging rights. When one partner penetrates the other twice, the sense of fullness for the one being penetrated is often stronger than when just one hole is used. If you do the penetration, you can bond well with your partner.

How Do I Safely Use a Double-ended Dildo?

Whether you're on a solo adventure or want to bring a friend along for double the enjoyment, the double-ended dildo can come to play. If you're doing it alone, a double-ended dildo that can be bent to your will is a good idea. You may use either end vaginally or anally, which may seem flimsy at first, but with enough bending and twisting, it will become much more stable. Relax on your back with a pillow under your hips and your legs spread wide. Slowly insert one end of the double dildo, and then bring the other end towards yourself to act as a handle and direct the thrust.

Double Ended Dildos and Vibrators

Is the concept ‘more is better’, or could it be ‘double your fun’? Those who have never used a double-ended dildo or vibrator are in for a real treat. For those fans of double-ended dildos and vibrators, the Peaches and Screams collection will shake your world! We have collected some of the most popular items available in the UK. Try one for fun – try one for superb pleasure!

Double your fun with the Double Mini Jelly Dong with Twin Heads. Have you ever fantasized about being in the middle of a threesome with two fully aroused men? This soft jelly loop looks like a double-headed penis, but it gives you the feeling of being the love connection between two men. The regular-sized head is for vaginal insertion, and the smaller penis is for anal insertion. Bend it any way you like, and it returns to its original shape.

Perhaps one of the most high-tech toys on the market today is the LELO Soraya. Its smooth exterior features individual motors at each pleasure point and a flexible stimulator that adapts to fit the individual. It has a clitoral stimulator powered by its petite bullet. Enjoy up to four hours of play with the six different settings. Soraya is 100% waterproof and crafted from smooth, soft silicone. The push-button operation makes it easy to change setting without difficulty or interrupting play.

Another unique entry is the We-Vibe Mark 2, worn while making love. Made from phthalate-free, medical-grade silicone, it is fully waterproof and rechargeable. It comes with a charger and has 9 modes. It can be used solo, or with a partner, and with its clitoral and g-spot stimulators, it is destined to be the next big buzz in the vibrator market.

Other Types of Dildos Available

Vibrating Dildos

Vibrating dildos are among the most popular due to their added stimulation features. The vibrators typically have multiple settings, so they can be adjusted according to individual preferences. They come in various sizes, from small ones ideal for anal play up to large ones perfect for vaginal penetration.

Realistic Dildos

Realistic dildos look like real-life penises, often with wrinkles or veins for added pleasure. These tend to be made from softer materials such as silicone or TPE (thermoplastic elastomer), providing a more lifelike feel than other types of dildos.

Non Realistic Dildos

Non-realistic dildos have a unique design that often does not resemble an actual penis shape. These types of dildos come in all sizes, shapes and textures, making them a great option for something new and exciting.

Suction Cup Dildos

Suction cup dildos allow easy use as they attach directly onto smooth surfaces like walls or floors, allowing for hands-free play. Many models feature vibrations, so there’s no need for manual manipulation. Press down on the base and get ready for intense sensation whenever needed.

Glass Dildos

Made from heat-resistant borosilicate, glass dildos are designed to provide intense stimulation while being incredibly easy to clean after use. They also benefit from temperature play, allowing users to experiment with warm or cool sensations depending on what takes their fancy.

Metal Dildos

Metal dildos have a unique sensation due to their ability to conduct temperature well. Submerge in warm or cool water beforehand, then enjoy during use. The weighty feel of metal adds another layer of pleasure and intensity when compared with lighter materials like plastic or silicone, making this type of toy popular among experienced users who want something intense but practical at the same time.

Jelly Dildos

Jelly dildos are renowned for their soft texture, which makes them ideal for those who prefer gentler penetration sessions. This type provides maximum comfort and offers innovative shapes not typically offered by more rigid materials! So while deciding what kind of dildo is best suited specifically depends

Double Dildos

Double dildos are made up of two separate dildos connected at the base, which allows users to penetrate themselves simultaneously with both ends. Something which isn't possible with single-ended models due to their design. This makes them ideal for couples looking for new ways to experiment together without needing extra hands.

Ejaculating Dildos

Ejaculating dildos offer an additional level of realism by replicating the feeling of someone ejaculating inside you. These are perfect for those who fantasize about being filled up.

Fist Dildos

Fisting dildos are one of the best ways for intense penetration play. Most come with wide handles for easy manoeuvrability and control over speed, angle and depth of penetration. Depending on which type you choose, some fisting dildos even have different textures or ridges along their length to increase stimulation during use.

Inflatable Dildos

Inflatable dildos are designed to be inserted while flaccid but then inflated with a pump once inside the body, providing extra stimulation against the vaginal walls or anus tunnel. This action makes it more pleasurable for the receiver.

Small Dildos

Smaller-sized dildos can be great for those who don't want too much stimulation during solo or couple sessions. The petite shape allows them to explore all erogenous zones easily without feeling overwhelmed.

Large Dildos

For those looking for something with more size and substance, large dildos offer increased depth sensation with each thrust and an overall feeling of fullness from insertion through orgasmic release. While these larger models may cost slightly more due to their greater length/width measurements, they provide plenty of value, making them worth every penny.

Black Dildos

Black-coloured dildos provide an interesting alternative that stands out from its peers. It has a glossy sheen finish, which adds visual appeal - perfect if aesthetics plays an important part in your decision-making process.

Animal Penis Dildos

Animal penis dildos mimic real animals' genitals, including horses, bulls, and dogs. This type might be best suited for those experienced users who know exactly what kind of sensation they’re looking for.

Inflatable Dildo Balls

Inflatable dildo balls add extra excitement when exploring new sensations since they can be expanded or deflated based on user preference. Those looking for a softer experience can benefit from using one because it can be easily manipulated to reach the desired effect without any discomfort or pain involved.

Dildo Moulding Kits

By using dildo moulding kits, the possibilities become endless when creating unique sex toys tailored to individual preferences and desires. You don’t have to settle anymore for what’s readily available from stores. Unleash your imagination and experiment with different styles as much as you want.

Make a choice that will make your pleasure night fantastically erotic. Visit Peaches and Screams and choose high-quality double-ended dildos for you and your partner. Stamp your bedroom artistry with silicone, jelly, realistic, vibrating double-ended dildos from Peaches and Screams. Bring your lady friend to roof-climbing orgasms. Insert her double-ended dildo into her vagina and anus as you give her an erotic massage. Add to the cart your perfect double-ended dildo, and we will be delighted to package and deliver it to your doorstep discreetly. Break your penetrative limits and enjoy an alone limit with a toe-curling double penetration. Sexual satisfaction is for those bold enough to claim it.