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Sex Toy Cleaners

Sex Toy Cleaners

  • Toyjoy Organic Toy Cleaner Spray 150ml - Peaches and Screams
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    Original Price £13.51
    Current Price £10.39
    Toy Joy Sex Toys

    Toyjoy Organic Toy Cleaner Spray 150ml

    23 in stock

    ToyJoy Organic Toy Cleaner Spray is a specialized cleaning solution designed for the hygienic maintenance of adult toys. With a volume ...

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    Original Price £13.51
    Current Price £10.39
    Save £3.12
    23 in stock
  • Prowler Red Clean Toy Cleaner 150ml - Peaches and Screams
    Save £1.95
    Original Price £8.44
    Current Price £6.49

    Prowler Red Clean Toy Cleaner 150ml

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    Maintain the hygiene and longevity of your intimate accessories with Prowler Red Clean Toy Cleaner, a specially formulated cleaning solution design...

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    Original Price £8.44
    Current Price £6.49
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  • Sex Training Unit Fleshlight Complete Sets - Peaches and Screams
    Sex Training Unit Fleshlight Complete Sets - Peaches and Screams
    Save £36.46
    Original Price £158.00
    Current Price £121.54
    Fleshlight Masturbators

    Sex Training Unit Fleshlight Complete Sets

    Only 2 left!

    The Sex Training Unit Fleshlight Complete Sets represent a comprehensive and innovative approach to adult intimacy and self-discovery. These sets h...

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    Original Price £158.00
    Current Price £121.54
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  • Vaculock Crystal Jellies Harness Sex Toy Set - Peaches and Screams
    Vaculock Crystal Jellies Harness Sex Toy Set - Peaches and Screams
    Save £65.91
    Original Price £285.60
    Current Price £219.69
    Doc Johnson

    Vaculock Crystal Jellies Harness Sex Toy Set

    Only 2 left!

    VacULock Crystal Jellies Harness Sex Toy Set. One size. Specifications of the Vac-U-Lock Crystal Jellies Strap-Ons with Harness, Complete Set Lengt...

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    Original Price £285.60
    Current Price £219.69
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Buy Sex Toy Cleaner - Shop Sex Toy Sprays & Cleaners Online

Buy sex toy sprays and cleaners online. Keep your vibrators, dildos, anal beads, fleshlights and other sex toys clean, safe and long-lasting with our anti-bacterial sex toy care products. Sexual toy personal hygiene is extremely important not only for the longevity of your sex toys but also for the health of your own body as well as that of your lovers. Cleaning your sex toys is something you should be doing after every single use.

Sex toys can be cleaned with mild antibacterial soaps and lukewarm water to protect you from bacterial infections. Sex toy cleaner is a bacterial-free solution for keeping sexual accessories bacteria-free and in good hygienic condition. It is good to use cleaning liquids for those who love human-made devices for penetration. Usually, it comes in spray-on liquids that can dry up. Others require to be rinsed quickly with fresh water. However, sex toy cleaners are expensive and sold only by love toy makers. The functionality of the cleaning solution can vary, but they all give users safety and protection for their toys. Shop sex toy sprays and cleaners from Peaches and Screams. 

Purpose of Sex Toy Cleaners

Rinsing sex toys with water and normal detergent may not eliminate all bacteria. Below are the advantages of using the cleaning solution.

Reduces the Presence of Bacteria

It’s advisable to clean them after every use, especially those used in the vagina and anus. Cleaning detergent with no antibacterial can still help reduce bacteria in the sex toy surfaces.

It Prevents Voiding the Manufacturer's warranty.

Improper cleaning and mishandling of sex toys can make them stop working. The fine print note includes cleaning before and after using the sex toys to last.

It Improves the Condition of the Toy's Material

Some cleaning solutions help protect and improve the condition of the material of sex toys.

It Removes the Junk

After using sex toys, many unseen bacteria exist on the surfaces. Therefore, sex toy cleaners help remove junk like lube, body fluids, dead skin, food particles, and dried chemicals that may affect the skin when they come in contact.

Types of Sex Toy Cleaners

There are a lot of cleaning solutions with different ingredients and unique blends. Therefore, below are the best toy cleaners to wash sex toys and accessories.

Autoblow Advanced Antibacterial Cleaner

It is best for a versatile collection, tough on germs, mild skin irritation, allergic reaction, and rashes. The bottle's transparency makes it easy to monitor the level of the solution, and it's available in different sizes with a convenient nozzle designed for the push.

Sliquid Shine Organic Cleaner

It is best for natural cleaning and is made with a natural mindset consisting of antifungal and antibacterial properties to keep you safe. Also, it gently cleans the surface leaving the sex toy material in an optimal condition. Its bottle has a convenient spray nozzle and is free from irritating ingredients. The cleaner's powerful aroma from tea tree oil keeps your toys fresh until the next use.

Kiiro Pure Premium Toy Cleaner

This sex toy cleaner has ingredients that protect the skin, enhance toy material, and have many antibacterial properties. It is safe for all skin types, with no rinsing required, and is often sold as a pack of three, but it is also available in separate bottles.

Pjur Med Personal Cleaning Spray

It has a small bottle with a nozzle that is easy to use, safe for all skin types, with antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal properties. Furthermore, this cleaning solution is ideal for glass, rubber, and latex toys.

LELO Premium Cleaning Spray

LELO brand is also known for making luxurious products, including 24-Karat gold dildos. The bottle and the solution are made with the same quality as sex toys and do not have harmful chemicals, making it ideal for all skin types. The sex toy cleaner also works for all materials because of a balanced pH and is alcohol-free. Liquids are the best because they do not damage the skin or cause irritations.

Guide to purchasing Antibacterial sex toy cleaners

Shopping for sex toy sprays and cleaners can be difficult if you are a newbie. Below are factors that one has to consider when shopping for this product.

Ingredients of The Toy Cleaner

Toy cleaner’s ingredients vary depending on the brand. Other models consist of blended ingredients, which are more gentle. People with skin sensitivity issues should be more attentive when choosing substances to make skin contact with. It is advisable to read through the ingredients keenly before using them to prevent skin irritation.

The Gentleness

Some sex toys require gentle and non-abrasive solutions to avoid damaging the materials. It is good to consider a gentle solution to feed the needs of your sex toy. Avoid the normal cleaning detergent because it can damage the sex toy materials. Use the detergent that is specifically for cleaning the toys.

The Formula

Certain sex toy cleaning solutions can be used without water but remove dirt without extra effort. Also, note that some sex toys, such as textured or tight sleeves, are easier to take care of without water.

The Bottle and The Scent

The cleaning detergent bottle should have the best storage size. It should have a big nozzle for easy use and a scent that lasts longer. It is equally important to check if it is manufactured with hypoallergenic organic ingredients for safety purposes.

Health and Safety Tips

Consult your doctor or physician if skin irritation persists. Thoroughly wash the liquid with clean water. After cleaning, close the bottle of the toy cleaner and store it in a cool, dry place. Above all, enjoy the stimulation from your clean sex toy and accessories.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sex Toy Cleaners

Do Sex Toys Offer Lubrication?

Some sex toy cleaners offer some lubrication to the toys, thus making one have a great time engaging in sexual activities with their significant other.

Does the Type of Sex Toy Determine the Sex Toy Cleaner Used?

There are a lot of different sex toys made from various materials. Some are not waterproof and thus cannot be used with running water. This means one should find an alternative way to clean the sex toy. The best way, in this case, would be to use a cream or oil. 

How Effective Are Sex Toy Cleaners?

Sex toy cleaners are worth investing in, especially when you want to have sex toys for a long time. They are effective sex toy cleaning products you can consider for sex products. Also, they come in a wide range of choices, allowing you to choose the ones compatible with your sex toys. Moreover, sex toy cleaners leave your toys clean and ensure they are fresh for the next use. Sex toy cleaners are designed for specific sex toys. This makes it easy to choose one that matches your sex toys. Buy your sex toy cleaner from a reliable vendor and keep them fresh.

Are Antibacterial Sex Toy Cleaners Safe?      

Antibacterial sex toy cleaner is safe and reliable for sex toys. Most sex toy experts agree that mild antibacterial detergent and warm water are recommendable for cleaning sex toys. However, you should consider using other sex toy cleaners since antibacterial soap is unnecessary. You can go for other toy cleaners, like organic, to clean since it is chemical-free and hypoallergenic. However, this does not mean you cannot use antibacterial detergents for cleaning your sex toy products. Buy a reliable sex toy cleaner from any reputable vendor for your sex toys.

What's the Best Way to Clean Sex Toys?

Different sex toy cleaners are available on the market. It is challenging to find the right or best sex toy cleaner. Spays and foams are some of the best sex toy cleaners. They guarantee the safety of your sex toys when washing. You can go for sex toy cleaners with alcohol or fragrances. Remember to buy what suits your preference.

How to Clean Sex Toys

Cleaning sex toys is essential, especially for increasing their lifespan. Clean them before and after every session to keep them in good shape. Clean and well-maintained sex toys keep you from bacterial infection, even when using them in solo play. However, cleaning sex toys also depends on numerous aspects, like the material used and the type of detergent or method of washing. Use clean water, soap, a paper towel, or a clean cloth to dry it up. Use warm water, bleach or spray, a dishwasher, and a paper towel for thorough cleaning. You can also opt for cleaning sprays or sex toy cleaners.

Do Sex Toys Need Specific Toy Cleaners?

Sex toys are designed using different materials, making it challenging to clean using the same toy cleaner. However, most toy experts agree most sex toys can be washed using warm water and mild detergent. Sex toy cleaners are also available in large numbers, allowing you to choose what works perfectly for your sex toy. The right toy cleaner can easily protect your toys from early damage. Manufacturers have different ways of cleaning sex toys. They also recommend different sex toy cleaners for different sex toys. Therefore, ensure you go through toy-cleaning instructions before washing your toys.

How to Use Sex Toy Cleaner

Numerous aspects often apply when cleaning sex toys with their cleaners. Below is a complete guide on how you can use sex toy cleaner:

  • Spray or apply the cleaner gently on your toy
  • Consider submerging the toy inside the spray.
  • Let the cleaner sit on the toy for 10 minutes.
  • Gently wipe down your sex toy with a paper towel or clean cloth.

What Does Sex Toy Cleaner Contain?

Sex toy cleaners use natural antibacterial agents such as guava bark and tea tree oil. Also, sex toy cleaners are free from harsh chemicals, parabens, and fragrances. Therefore, ensure you buy sex toy cleaners that keep your sex toys safe and durable. Sex toy cleaners with harsh chemicals have a high chance of damaging or deteriorating your toys. This is why most sex toy cleaners contain ingredients compatible with sex toys. When cleaning your sex toys, avoid using sex toy cleaners with lotions for the safety and durability of the toy. Buy an antibacterial sex toy cleaner for your sex toys.

Where to Buy Sex Toy Cleaner

While there are numerous sex toy cleaners from different vendors, there are effective, body-safe, and highly rated-products to consider. This ensures the customers' demand is fulfilled. Online shopping is the best place to purchase sex toy products. Consider buying your sex toy cleaners from reputable and tested sex toy brands for safe and high-quality products. They offer a wide range of products, allowing you to choose your preferences. They also come in different prices and forms, making them available for anyone who wants to buy them.

Other Sex Essentials To Have 

Sex Toy Cleaners

Sex toy cleaners are specific for cleaning after use. These are unlike other detergents and do not require vigorous scrubbing. Some sex toy cleaners contain antifungal and antibacterial properties for hygiene and infection prevention.

Sex Toy Storage

Sex toy storage ideas vary from travel bags to storage cubes and shelves. Storing sex toys clean and discreetly ensured good hygiene and privacy. Storage type and size for sex toys depend on the kind and size of the sex toys.

Soft Tampons

Soft tampons promote feminine hygiene and can be used when one wants to engage in sexual activity during menstruation. One does not have to worry about making a mess when using stringless soft tampons. Most women use soft tampons when going for sports, swimming, and going to the sauna. 

Intimate Shaving

There are various intimate shaving products available for trimming and removing pubic hair. Smooth and clean private parts are arousing and enticing. These products can be added to one's items for sensual time with their partner.

Chargers and Adaptors

Investing in high-quality chargers and adaptors is important for someone with sex toys. These allow for quick, high-quality power transfer to ensure the sex toys work perfectly. 

Batteries for Sex Toys

Powerful rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries for sex toys ensure that one enjoys using them for longer. The batteries vary in type and size for small and large sex toys


One may be turned off when one gets an awful smell from sex toys while making out. Sex toy cleaners come in handy to eliminate terrible odours and bacteria from sex toys. The cleanliness of the sex toy makes one's desire much stronger and helps create a sexual bond that will be great for both partners. This is why most couples opt for sex toy cleaners to ensure that nothing prevents them from having much fun when engaging in sexual activities. Sex toy cleaners are available in different forms, such as anti-bacterial solutions, creams, and gels. They help pave the way for great and worry-free stimulation, thus giving room for creativity and experimentation with the different types of clean sex toys.