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Sex Toy Storage

Sex Toy Storage

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Sex Toy Storage - Storage Bags for Sex Toys

Buy personal hygiene sex toy essentials to clean your toys and protect them from dirt and dust. Peaches and Screams bring you anti-bacterial toy cleaners, lockable cases of various shapes and sizes, snazzy play chests and drawstring mesh, and satin or lace bacteria-resistant storage bags. 

Safely keep your pleasure toys with sex toy storage tools. The storage ideas below include sex toy cubes, fake English dictionaries, hiding pillows, and leather boxes. Bondage play is always exciting when the sex toys are clean and bacteria-free. Therefore, keep the sex toys clean and in good hygiene after cleaning them. You can also add anti-bacterial sex toy cleaning solutions, lockable cases, lubricants, and bacteria-free laced satin for your pleasure gods.

What is Sex Toys Storage?

It is a bag to store sex toys in the house or when travelling. Sex toys are used for intense sexual pleasure, either solo or with a partner, and should always be clean and stored in safer places. Storage helps prevent sex toys from accumulating dust from the surroundings and keeps them organized and under good hygiene conditions. Best sex toy bag and box storage options are more private, while others are not, depending on the number of sex toys to be stored and individuals' tastes.

Importance of Sex Toys Storage

Helps Keep the Toys Organized

Storing sex toys keeps them organized and accessible whenever they are needed. The erotic mood can be easily killed if one stops everything to search for sex toys. When organised, it becomes easy to locate the toy, lube, and charger when needed.

They Keep Pleasure Products Dust-Free

Dust can stick to the surface of sex toys and cause bacterial infections. Storing them after washing helps to keep them clean and dust-free. When sex toys are stored properly, they cannot be contaminated with germs.

Hides the Sex Toys from Other People

Keep them away from children, parents, friends, and other relatives by storing them properly. This enhances privacy.

Best Love Toys Storage Ideas

Sex toy storage bags are designed in different styles depending on how one wishes to store their toy. Below are the types of sex toy storage available in the market.

Individual Storage Bags and Boxes

Novelty-safe sex toy bags with zipping are ideal for storing each sex toy separately. Individual bags are the best because they make storing the toy with its original charger and compatible lube easy to avoid confusion. It is cheap and made of breathable cotton material.

Fake English Dictionary

Fake English Dictionary for one small sex toy is discreet. One can walk with this storage bag without people noticing what is inside.

Hiding Pillows

They are used for hiding toys in the bed. They should be moist-proof to prevent moulding your sex devices.

Sex Toy Shelves

They help store massive devices that require extra space. However, they are not discreet like other storage options.

Leather Toy Storage Benches

These kits are ideal for storing large BDSM collections. Leather benches can accommodate toys and fetish gear of different sizes and shapes.

Storage Ideas for Small Collection

This type of storage bag is best for storing small sex toys. They have compartments bundled together after placing the sex toys in separate pockets.

Storage Cube

Packing cubes are the best to store and hide sex toys.  With these bags, people won't tell if something is different on the trip.

Store the Sex Toys Collection in One Big Bag

This storage option involves putting a collection of sex toys in one big bag but in different compartments. Storing sex toys in a bag with separate pockets and compartments makes it easy to locate them whenever needed.

Purchasing Sex Toys Storage

Below are some of the essential guides on choosing a perfect storage option.

Know the Materials Involved in Making the Storage Kits

Sex toy storage bags are made from various materials depending on an individual’s taste. Pick the best material which is safe and worthy of the investment. Ensuring the material will not affect the sex toys or the skin is important because the toys are only picked and used. Pausing the romance to clean the sex toy will kill the mood.

Consider Size

Choose a bag that can accommodate a variety of sex toys. If travelling, pick a bag that will fit the toys you intend to carry. However, the storage bag should be spacious to prevent breaking your love toys.

Check Different Sex Toy Storage Types

Sex toys come in various shapes, and so do the storage options. Choose a storage bag that fits the style and shape of the sex toy to avoid damaging them.

Compare Prices

Consider your budget and invest in the best quality sex toy storage bags. It is better to buy an expensive and quality bag than a cheap one that gets damaged quickly.

How to Store Sex Toys While Charging

It can be very disappointing when one is prepared and in the mood to have fun and then find out the battery is flat. Sex toys should be ready for use always. Therefore, the battery should be full throughout. For the toys with rechargeable batteries, use a USB cable, whether multiple chargers can charge more than one sex toy or a single cable that can only charge one device.

Hygiene tips for Sex Toys Storage

Storage kits have to be washed regularly. Clean the storage options using a sex toys cleaning solution that kills germs and bacteria. One can also clean them using normal cleaning detergent with cold or warm water. After cleaning, allow it to dry and disinfect it if possible.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sex Toy Storage

Should Batteries Be Removed from Sex Toys When Storing Them?

When you are done with the sex toys, the best thing to do is clean them. The batteries should be removed and put separately before washing. For the batteries to be long-lasting, they should only be put back when engaging in sexual activities. This means they should not be inside the sex toy when stored.

Does Storage of Sex Toys Ensure Cleanliness?

Haley et al. (2019) reported that storing sex toys correctly and properly ensures their cleanliness. This is because they are placed in a place far from dust that may damage them. The next time you use them, they will be new, and you won't have an issue cleaning them.

How to Store Adult Toys

Proper storage of sex toys is essential as it helps maintain their safety and durability. Different sex toys have different ways of storage; therefore, ensure you store your toys appropriately. Ensure you clean your sex toys thoroughly before storage, as it helps increase their lifespan. Below  is a complete guide on how to store your sex toys;

  • Ensure your sex toy products are clean and dry.
  • Consider satin or silk storage.
  • Store sex toys of different materials separately.
  • Remove batteries from your toys before storing them.
  • Store the charging cables close to their respective sex toys.

Where to Store Sex Toys

Different sex toys come with varying storage methods, depending on their materials. Proper storage of sex toys enhances their safety and durability. Different options for storing sex toys are available, allowing you to choose what suits your sex toys. Here are some sex toy storage options to consider;

  • Sets of drawers.
  • Under-bed storage and closet shelves.
  • Bedside table and boxes.
  • Soft pouches, drawers, and plastic bins.
  • Shelving, on displays, organza bags, and boxes.
  • Boxes, UVee unit, and suitcase.
  • The bag they were delivered in.
  • Storage containers, a nightstand, and on display.

Can Male Sex Toys Be Left in Warm Storage

Male sex toys can be left in warm storage. However, not all male sex toys can survive in a warm environment for a long time. Sex toys are made from metal, TPE, silicone, and glass. Different sex toys are designed with varying storage methods. Ensure you go through the storage instructions given by the manufacturers before storage to keep your sex toys safe.

How to Make Your Own Sex Toy Storage Bags

Making your own sex toy storage bag might seem challenging, especially for first-time users. However, making them might be cheaper compared to other forms of sex toy storage. Below are tips on how you can make a storage bag for your sex toys;

  • Consider choosing the right material (satin or silk).
  • Make the storage bag, depending on the size of the toy.
  • Find a place to make your storage bag.
  • Keep the toy at a favourable temperature.

Where to Hide Sex Toys

You can hide sex toys in different places and prevent anyone from accessing them. Your kids can access your bedroom. Find a perfect place to hide your sex toys. There are numerous ideas to consider for hiding sex toys, including;

  • Consider buying a lockable vibrator case.
  • At the top of your walk-in robe.
  • Hide inside your purse at the top of the closet or wardrobe.
  • Hide inside the bedside table, but ensure the bedroom door is locked.
  • Hide your sex toys inside a black box under the bed.
  • Hide inside the bottom drawer of the filing cabinet.
  • Box at the top of your cupboard.

Other Sex Essentials to Have 

Sex Toy Cleaners

Sex toy cleaners are a must-have if you want to maintain the hygienic conditions of sex aid gadgets. The cleaners will ensure that any bacteria or germs won’t get transferred from one person to another during playtime. You should also ensure that all surfaces of your sex toy are washed before every use to minimize the chance of infection or irritation due to bacteria build-up.

Chargers and Adaptors

For sex toys that require frequent charging, one should invest in a good charger and adaptor that is compatible with the device. Take note of safety certification labels on electrical product packaging components to ensure complete peace of mind when plugging directly into outlets without worrying about device malfunctions.

Soft Tampons

Menstruation should not hinder good sex, thanks to soft tampons. Most women use these tampons for swimming, sports, and even lovemaking. They are not messy and stringless, ensuring nothing is on the way. 

Intimate Shaving

Shaving is a hygienic way of keeping one's private parts clean and an intimate way of spending time with a partner. Browse through our category of intimate shaving products ranging from razors, shaving creams, wax, bikini trimmers and electric shavers. 

Sex Toy Batteries

Batteries are an essential part of nearly all sex toys. Most vibrators that use AA or AAA batteries are easy to find in most stores. If unsure what type is required, double-check the manufacturer’s website first. They will also provide additional information about how long each charge should last.


Storing sex toys is not a difficult thing to manage. It all depends on a person's ability to follow some precautions. Owning a sex toy can be fun as you can enjoy the great stimulations they give out. However, it does need one to provide some care and protection for them to last longer. Therefore, the sex toy will take care of your needs, but you also have to care for it for them to last long and serve its intended purpose. After you are done with the sexual activities, wash the sex toy and keep them locked away where one cannot reach them and away from dirt and dust particles. 


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