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Chargers and Adaptors

Chargers and Adaptors

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We sell a wide range of sex toy chargers and plugs. Do not leave your sex toy behind while going on a holiday or tour because power adaptors for vibrators and sex toy chargers have a solution for you. One main component of vibrating sex toys is batteries. To enable your vibrator, erotic gear, vibrating ring, or any other sex toy to work efficiently for a longer time, ensure you have a high-quality sex toy charger. Enjoy the stimulation of the sex toys comfortably without worrying about the charge running out.

    What Are Adaptors? 

    Adaptors are mechanical tools designed to supply electrical power to your sex devices through the charger for greater results. The tools are available in various forms, sizes, materials, and colours in the market. They are coated with different high-quality materials to offer you a gentle touch.  

    What Are Chargers?

    Chargers are electronic tools used with adaptors to supply power to your rechargeable sex toy. The products are made in different forms and serve every device perfectly. Furthermore, they are coated with different materials for compatibility. 



    dildo is a device that resembles a penis and enhances the stimulation of the vagina or anus. Silicone rubber is used to make dildos, but metals and glass can also be used to make them. A double-penetration dildo has two ends that are capable of penetration. A strap-on dildo is worn and penetrates another person. Glass dildos are made from a medical-grade hard glass called borosilicate glass that is non-porous. 


    Kegel exercisers help in improving the muscle tone on the pelvic floor. They help to enhance vaginal response and create sexual pleasure. Kegel exercise juggles and balls are used. 


    sex machine is a device that is motor driven and enhances penetration with rotational and reciprocal movements.


    butt plug is inserted in the anus, with a flared base, to prevent the device from penetrating the rectum.


    Vibrators stimulate the body sexually and vary in different sizes, shapes and uses. Vibrators used for internal purposes have a phallic shape. Penetrative vibrators measure between 5-7 inches in length and 1-2 inches in width to resemble the average size of an erected penis. Different vibrators, such as rabbit vibrators and mini vibrators, can be charged via a USB. Compared to battery-powered vibrators, vibrator wands produce more power. Anal vibrators stimulate the prostate in men when inserted in the rectum. Other vibrators include bullet and G-spot. One of the investments you can have in your sex life is buying rechargeable sex toys. Enjoy more, and save money on batteries while providing power to your sex toys. Many rechargeable vibrators are waterproof, so there is no need to worry.

    Why Do You Need Chargers and Adaptors?

    To Have Better Sex

    Chargers and adaptors are used with rechargeable sex toys which provide powerful sensations resulting in better sex compared to battery-powered devices. 

    They Offer A Comfortable Bedroom Experience

    Chargers and adaptors allow you to enjoy a comfortable sex experience with your partner without the need to replace batteries in the middle of the pleasure. 

    To Improve Bedroom Hygiene 

    Chargers and adaptors eliminate the environmental contamination done by disposable batteries that may lead to health problems. 

    To Save Money

    No pressure to buy and replace batteries in battery-powered sex toys when these electronic products are involved in your sex life. 

    Points to Consider When Buying Chargers and Adaptors

    Look at Charger Head Design

    There are various charger heads designed to fit different sex toys. For instance, some have one port, while others feature 2 or 3 ports. Buy a charger or an adaptor that fits your sex toys’ charging system.

    Look at the Durability

    Most adaptors and chargers spoil easily after a short time. Look at their durability before you buy them to save money. Even though durability depends on maintenance, some adaptors and chargers can last longer no matter how you handle them.  

    Check the Quality

    Beautiful coatings should not confuse you when buying chargers and adaptors because they may cover fake products. Therefore, check all chargers and adaptors' quality before you buy for comfort sex life.  

    Consider The Size 

    Look at the size of the toys you want to use with the adaptors or chargers before you buy them to avoid confusion and missing pleasure. You can carry the toys to the shop or take photos, especially the charging ports.   

    Look at The Price

    Chargers and adaptors have varied prices, even though they are expensive, especially if you own high-quality rechargeable sex toys. The choice of price is personal. Some consider cheaper adaptors and chargers. If you look to have powerful pleasures, buy pricey products.

    Look at The Materials

    Materials like high-density plastic, aluminium, resin, and are used to make chargers and adaptors. However, not all are compatible with every environment. Choose the material carefully, depending on your environment, to avoid damage. 

    How to Use Chargers and Adaptors

    • Use the adaptor with the right voltage for your device to avoid inconvenience.  If the adaptor’s voltage is lower than the sex toy with the same current, your toy will work perfectly. But when an adaptor has a higher voltage, your sex toy runs hotter and shuts down. This affects the toy’s internal parts leading to its damage. 
    • Read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully before using the chargers and adaptors to avoid damage. 
    • Disconnect them from the power socket when not charging to maintain their durability.
    • When they heat up on charging, switch off the main switch and disconnect them immediately. 

    Tips for Charging Sex Toys 

    Rechargeable sex toys are the most popular type of sex toy. Here are some of the tips for charging your sex toys:

    • Read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully before using your sex toy.
    • Avoid charging your sex toy from a laptop. The laptop may go into “sleep mode”, which means the toy won’t get enough charge. Use the sex toy charger or the power adaptors for vibrators to charge directly from the wall charger.
    • Ensure your sex toy has an indicator that shows its charge status (whether charging or fully charged). Some toys have a magnetic contact, and this mechanism does not click into place. It is difficult to know if your sex toy is charging. Make sure the sex toy has an indicator.
    • A large percentage of rechargeable sex toys have a travel lock. Always turn the lock off before turning your sex toy on.
    • Although many rechargeable sex toys are waterproof, ensure that the charging socket is dry before inserting the sex toy charger.
    • Make sure to keep your sex toy in a good environment. Hot or humid areas may cause the battery to run down more quickly.
    • It is advisable not to charge your sex toy below 32 F and above 113 F as this may reduce the battery life. Most sex toys use consumer-grade lithium-ion batteries.
    • If you want to store your sex toy for a long period without using it, ensure the battery is between 30- 50% charged. Storing it fully charged may cause the battery to lose its charging capacity.

    Safety Tips to Use Chargers and Adaptors

    • Do not touch them with wet hands when they are charging. 
    • Store correctly to avoid damage.
    • Clean them with toy cleaners to prevent rust.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the Best Sex Toy Chargers and Adapters?

    The best sex toy chargers and adapters come with the gadgets. If your charger or adapter spoils, contact the manufacturers to get a replacement. However, you can get chargers and adapters from reputable dealer stores. Read the instructions manual of your sex toy to know what chargers and adapters are compatible with the device. If you are shopping online, check their customer reviews and feedback before purchasing any merchandise.

    How Do I Use Chargers and Adapters With My Rechargeable Sex Toy?

    You should always follow the manufacturer's guidelines since they will have the most up-to-date information on your equipment and its batteries. The charging process of certain sex toys does not include a click but a magnetic contact. Sometimes it might be hard to see whether it is truly charging. You should check whether the charging indicator light is still on before leaving the device plugged in since any movement might disrupt the charging process and render the product inoperable.

    How Long Should I Charge My Sex Toy?

    All new sex toys should be charged before use. Charging the rechargeable vibrator for the first time should take around three hours. When the lithium battery is completely charged, the power button's LED light will cease blinking and stay lighted. The correct power source must be used while recharging a rechargeable vibrator. A UL adapter with a 5V (volts) output and a maximum 2A (amperes) current must be used with the USB connection. Never attempt to charge your vibrator without first using the cable that comes with it. Always unplug the sex toy after it is fully charged.

    How Do I Pick the Best Charger and Adapter for My Sex Toy?

    Check out the manufacturer's guidelines to ensure you get the right charger and adapter for your toy. They have in-depth knowledge of the product's specifications and the batteries used. If your sex toy doesn't work right away, give it the recommended amount of charging time. 

    Where Can I Buy Chargers and Adapters for My Sex Toys?

    You can get sex toy chargers and adapters at almost any store. Any shopping mall will have whatever charger or adapter you choose, provided it meets your sex toys' user manual requirements. Adapters and chargers may range in price depending on the manufacturer. You can still get chargers and adapters online. Ensure the charger or adapter you buy is compatible with your sex toy.

    Other Sex Toy Essentials To Have 

    Sex Toy Batteries 

    Some sex toys require charging, while others need batteries for power. Avoid leaving dead batteries inside toys even if they don't require replacements immediately because this could potentially cause leakage leading to dangerous chemicals being released into the air, posing potential health risks.

    Sex Toy Cleaners

    If you’re an adult toy enthusiast, you know the importance of keeping your toys clean and well-maintained. Some companies even offer specialized cleaners made for adult toys which could help maintain their original quality better if regularly used, depending on the material.

    Sex Toy Storage 

    Proper storage is fundamental in keeping sex toys and related gadgets intact and avoiding premature damage caused by dust, moisture and other particles. Having somewhere secure, like a box or bag, can help keep things organized.

    Intimate Shaving

    Shaving and trimming can be a great way to increase intimacy in the bedroom. With the right shaving tools, safely removing pubic hair can be an arousing experience for both partners. Although trimming and shaving can create increased pleasure during sexual activities, it is important to understand how to properly shave or trim with quality products.


    Adaptors and chargers are powerful tools to power your rechargeable devices for unforgettable sexual pleasure. The tools differ in several ways but serve the same function. They are made from different high-quality materials like resin and high-density plastic. Various shortages caused by these power suppliers may lead to damage. Thus, everything will work well in your bedroom if you consider the tips above.