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Sex Furniture and Position Enhancers

Sex Toy Furniture is a fantastic alternative to regular dildos and vibrators. Coming in a range of easy to assemble and inflatable items, sex toy furniture can put a whole new spin on all things sex related. We stock loungers, chairs and beds as well as hammocks, swings and pillows. There are also special position mastering aids available that help you and your partner to experience sex from angles that you did not know were possible!

The furniture a person has in their house often says a lot about them. Peaches and Screams’s fetish furniture says that the owner is a fun, kinky & erotic individual, although it might be best to hide some of the furnishings when you have the family over.

Here you will find a range of furnishings including sex swings, bondage chairs & many other items that are all sure to help build your very own fetish fantasy with hassle-free construction.

Fetish Furniture

We have a wide range of Bondage furniture for your enjoyment. If you have tried fetish and you liked it, you will love Fetish Furniture!

Comprising of hammocks, inflatable bondage beds, chairs and loungers, our bondage and sex furniture allow you take it from almost any angle that you can think of!

Strap yourself or your lover into one of our loungers and experience multispeed vibrator action or chain your sub to a leather hammock and delve into the most intense sexual play possible and it will remain in tact!

Our fetish and bondage furniture is made to last so that whenever you feel tired of your usual bedroom sexual pursuits you can revisit some seriously sexy furniture. One thing's for sure, you will never look at your couch in quite the same way again!

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Sometimes it is just too much work to get your lover to lie across the kitchen table. This is a category of toys that offer the perfect sex furniture for that equally perfect angle. Why not get a stripper pole, inflatable bondage chair or choose from our wide range of sex fuxking machines? BDSM furniture and dildo sex fucking machines combine accessibility and lusciously deeper penetration. Peaches & Screams have the BDSM furniture for those days when you want variety in sexual positions and crave deeper vaginal or anal penetration. Buy and use stripper poles, inflatable bondage chairs with a vibrator and dildo sex fucking machines from Peaches & Screams. These sex machines take away the problems of putting your lover in the right position and fiddling with finding the right angle for deep penetration. These are BDSM toys built for performance enhancement and to make your experience more enjoyable. There is a wide selection from which to choose from. These BDSM sex toys are safe to use but require that you acquaint yourself with how they operate. Start with beginners sets and the least daunting of the toys. Practice builds confidence in players. In all bondage play it is important that players agree and respect rules of engagement. A safe word should also be agreed on. Ideally players must be in good health and no recreational drugs must be used before or during games. If the submissive expresses anxiety or discomfort and an unwillingness to carry on play must be stopped for safety reasons. Bondage requires trust which must never be breached if play is to be successful and enjoyable.

Constantly build into your bondage play new routines and exciting new sexual positions to avoid tedium. Browse BDSM furniture and order a variety of sex toys from this amazing category. Brighten your bondage delivery with position enhancers and sex swings that put back access on the table. Invest in sex furniture that will change the way you pleasure your lover. Dazzle and impress your lover with your use of toys from this stunning category. Add to your bag of tricks toys from this category. Join the masters of bondage buy and use toys that enhance your ability to access and penetrate your lover in a way you never imagined possible. Create a brand new world of sexual gratification. Introduce excitement in your bondage delivery. Exercise your imagination and powers of creativity dream up and breathe life into new sexually stimulating positions. Invite erotic anticipation in your lover buy and use toys from this sexually striking range. Enjoy the benefits of easy access and deeper penetration. Retire old sexual positions and introduce mind blowing new ones. Embark on a journey of discovery and erotically stimulating fantasies. Embrace your need for sexual regeneration and pay homage to your fantasies with these innovative toys. Lay the foundation for toe curling multiple orgasms. Aim to please with your sexual skills and use of these toys. Put your lover across a position enhancer, tickle, lightly whip, kiss or caress them before penetrating them. Taunt them, tease them and combine with other toys to delay gratification. Build your lover's expectation to explosive levels and get them begging with wanton lust.


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