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Sex Furniture and Position Enhancers

Sex Furniture and Position Enhancers

Sex Furniture and Position Enhancers

Shop Sex Furniture, Sex Pillows and Sex Chairs at Peaches and Screams UK sex shop. Choose from our BDSM sex furniture range and buy a stripper pole, inflatable bondage chair or a dildo sex fucking machine today! 

Sex furniture and position enhancers are devices or pieces of furniture that are designed to enhance sexual pleasure and help couples achieve different sexual positions. These include items like sex swings, sex pillows, and sex wedges.

Sex Swings: Sex swings are devices that allow a person to be suspended in the air and swung around during sexual activity. They usually have straps or harnesses that a person can sit or lie on and are attached to a ceiling or door frame. They can enhance sexual pleasure by allowing for deeper penetration and a greater range of motion.

Sex Pillows: Sex pillows are specially designed pillows that can be used to support different parts of the body during sexual activity. They can be used to raise the hips, support the back, or position the head or neck. They can help to make different sexual positions more comfortable and enjoyable.

Sex Wedges: Sex wedges are triangular-shaped cushions that can be used to raise and tilt different parts of the body during sexual activity. They can be used to raise the hips, to provide support for the back, or to tilt the pelvis for deeper penetration.

Liberator Shapes: Liberator shapes are furniture-like pieces designed to enhance sexual positions and pleasure. They come in various shapes and sizes and can be used to support the body, to create leverage or to help with deeper penetration.

Sex Benches: Sex benches are furniture-like pieces designed to enhance sexual positions and pleasure. They provide support and leverage, making it easier to experiment with different positions and to achieve deeper penetration.

When using any of these items, it is important to read and follow the manufacturer's instructions to ensure safe and proper use. It's also important to keep in mind that these items are designed to enhance pleasure and should be used in conjunction with consenting adults.

It's also important to remember that communication is key when it comes to experimenting with new things in the bedroom, so talk with your partner about what you're both comfortable with and what you're looking to try.

As always, it's a good idea to use appropriate lubrication, especially when trying new positions or using different tools to enhance your experience.

Pieces of Erotic Furniture for Couples and Position Enhancers

Sex furniture and bondage sex position enhancers come in different types, enabling an individual to get what they prefer. Below are the discussed types of erotic furniture.

Weightless Sex Stools

Forget about straining the thighs and have fun with a fetish fantasy sex stool that enhances weightless sex. This erotic furniture enables a partner to bounce with ease while trying new sex positions and styles. Moreover, it boasts strong, durable material and a still frame that holds you and your lover weightlessly. Weightless love position enhancers are flexible, comfortable, and easy to clean and maintain.

Chairs for Sex

You can indulge in various sex chair positions to feed your cultivated sexual fantasies, whether alone or with your lover. With these special chairs in the bedroom, meeting the sexual demands of your pregnant woman can be easy. Your lover with joint discomforts may also need these pleasure tools for comfortable sex. You can opt for other sex furniture, including stools, benches, and lounges if chairs limit your movements. 

Sex Pillows, Wedges, and Cushions

These comfortable and pleasure-enhancing products were first made with stones. Increased discomfort resulted in further inventions that bore the modern soft models.  Though most people use them on couches and beds for comfort, sex pillows can also be sex toys. In the bedroom, they enhance various positions to add flavour to your sex life. For instance, you can kneel on them for a mind-blowing job. With reduced discomfort, they allow you to suck your lover's penis for a long time. On the bed, you can place the sex wedge under your lover's butt to elevate the pelvis for deep vaginal penetrations.

Similarly, you can turn your lover to lie on their stomach and place it under her hip to enhance doggy style.  Sex pillow positions are exciting and versatile. You can explore them in solo vibes with sex toys or with your lover.

Fetish and Fantasy Love Swings

Bondage play swings and slings are harnesses that suspend a lover in the air. At the same time, the other partner remains untied for steamy penile or sex toy penetrations. They come in various types to help lovers create new sex scenes and experiment with kinky positions. Common BDSM love slings include body sex swings, spinning love swings, conventional swing slings, and door swings. Sex swing positions that can add flavour to your sex life include floating oral sex, swinging cowgirl, hanging doggy style, and swinging missionary.

Purchasing Sex Furniture and Position Enhancers

New sex positions, styles, and deep penetration are what everybody in a relationship wants. This is achieved by using sex furniture, position enhancers, and other sex toys. Shopping for this furniture is easy, but some factors are worth considering before purchasing. Below are some highlighted guides for purchasing sex furniture and position enhancers.

Consider the Material

Some materials never last, regardless of how much one can maintain them. Instead of concentrating on what people suggest about specific material, check its quality. Common materials used in making sex furniture are fetish, leather, and soft fabrics. Most importantly, the material should withstand the weight and retain its original state after use.

Think About the Size

When it comes to size, consider the height and the size of the body. Choose a piece of furniture that will be comfortable for use. Sex furniture comes in a wide range of sizes, making it easy to find a perfect size.

Hygiene and Safety Tips

Always check the joints to ensure the furniture is safe to avoid worries during play. For those with vibrating dildos, ensure the batteries are in good condition and fully charged. Make sure the inflatable ones have sufficient air for a great bounce. Like other sex toys, sex furniture and position enhancers are supposed to be cleaned.

Cleaning helps to prevent the risk of bacterial infection. Wash away the body fluids, dust, and lubricants because using a clean sex toy is more fun. Clean the sex furniture with normal washing detergent with warm or cold water. There are perfect sex toy cleaning solutions for killing bacteria. These cleaning solutions are manufactured by specific sex toys brand. After cleaning, the furniture can be disinfected or sanitized.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Use Sex Furniture

Sex furniture is a piece of work designed for sexual pleasure. There is a variety of sex furniture for partnered and solo play. Sex on the bed all the time can be boring and monotonous. Partners can spice things and have special furniture for some sexual adventures. Sex furniture can be chairs, couches, or a bed. They are perfect for sex positions that partners cannot have in bed. Some are meant for kinky adventures, while others are for passionate sex. You can purchase a piece of sex furniture or modify a tool into something sexy.

How to Build Sex Furniture

Making a piece of sex furniture is not difficult. Visualize the ideal sex for the purpose before making sex furniture. Some furniture is built from scratch while others are ready, and partners need to improve them. To create a dildo seat, you should find ways to attach it to a chair. Connect a sex toy to your furniture and explore with it. You may add a feature in a piece of furniture, for instance, a rail on the wall to hold during sex. Some partners make massage chairs to sit on for clitoral and butt stimulations. You can also make yourself a chair and have a dildo fixed on it. Alternatively, stick a dildo on a wall for doggy-style masturbation. Both partners can use this for vaginal and anal stimulations.

How to Make Sex Furniture

Sex furniture can be made from scratch, or you can add a sexual feature to your sex toy to turn it into a sex toy. You may make your sex toy from scratch. The sex toy only needs to be comfortable but not perfect, as it is an item you will use occasionally. Make it firm and soft because sex requires movement. For instance, you can use fur and cotton to make a sex pillow for clitoral grinding.

What is Sex Furniture?

Sex furniture is an item built for sexual pleasure. Sex furniture is firm to withstand the body's weight. The furniture may be purchased or can be some DIYs. You can make your sex furniture from scratch or improvise it. Attach a sex toy to sex furniture - for example, a fleshlight toy on a couch, table, or a dildo on a chair. The sex furniture can be made for partnered or solo play. Some partners use sex furniture for kinky play, while others use them for casual sex. Sex furniture help get out of the monotony of having sex on bed.

How to Work Sex Furniture and Position Enhancers

Sex furniture makes sex more pleasurable. Having furniture for sex means you have put some effort into making your sex life exciting and not meant for kinky play only. Position enhancers make sex more exciting but help partners get into a position they naturally would not maintain. Some examples of position enhancers are chairs, hammocks, and slings. Communicate with your partner and get their consent if you plan to introduce them in the bedroom. Learn how to use furniture and position enhancers. Partners should use safe words when using enhancers in BDSM plays. Use lubricants in the play to make it more exciting.

How to Use Sex Furniture and Position Enhancers

Sex furniture and position enhancers the design gives partners a hint on how to use them. They come with instructions on and procedures for using them. You may ask the seller to demonstrate or explain different positions with each enhancer. Go for tutorials online on how to use the furniture and enhancers. However, nothing should stop you from being creative. You only need to be keen on safety. Communicate with your partner for consent. Have some lubricants for more gliding and sliding to reduce friction and injuries. 

Other Sex Machines

Large Accessories

If you are looking for more in your sex life, invest in large sex machines. These increasingly popular products give users control over their pleasure while providing them with an array of stimulation options that can satisfy even the most experienced bedmate. No matter what type of sex machine you choose, it should reflect both your and your partner's desires in order to make sure everyone involved has a positive experience every time. 

Sex machines are a great way to spice up your bedroom and bring excitement into the bedroom. There are many pros and cons associated with these tools, but the main thing to consider is that they can add variety and intensity to your sexual experience. From stripper poles and dildo machines to BDSM furniture, Stripper Poles, Bondage Chairs, and Sex Machines offer something for everyone. Whether you're looking for an intense full-body workout or just want something new in the bedroom, sex machines have a lot to offer. You can have an unforgettable experience that will leave both of you satisfied. So if you’re looking for some kinky fun in the bedroom why not try out a sex machine?