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Sex Furniture is here! Get sexy. Get naughty. And get ready for a wild time. Do you need to spice things up? Heat up your sex life with large Fill up the Inflatable Lube and Wrestling Ring and Sex Bed and gear up for some excitement. Let the anticipation build as you and your partner wrestle for pleasure or as you watch others wrestle in whatever you decide to place in the Wrestling Ring. Lube up your bodies and slide around, on top of, and underneath another lubed body to see what pleasure points you can meet. At Peaches and Screams, we want you to know ecstasy and fantasy go hand in hand. Be sure to check out our Fantast Sex Swing where you can pleasure her from any position you can imagine. Swing higher in your sex life as well as in the air as your orgasms build and build from positions where your body is supported and your partner can reach all the places you need touched. On your knees, you’ll be able to please your lover in ways you never thought possible for other positions while lying in bed. This swing moves you both in ways you never dreamed possible bringing ecstasy to the right places on and in your body. Transform your sex life with the Fantasy Swing. With a swing stand and a Fun Swing, you and your partner could be placed in padded comfort that will help you reach new heights in many positions. Speaking of positions and angles that bring sheer pleasure, take a look at our Sex Sling. We are certain you will find yourself having the time of your life while placed at the perfect angle to make all your parts meet all their parts. Your hands can roam free while your partner is supported by the Sex Sling. Ever dreamed of making your partner cream by dancing? Bring the pole into your bedroom with our Strip Dance Pole. Take a quick class or check out videos and seduce your lover by going up and down the pole in the most seductive ways. By the time your routine is over, they will want to touch and lick every inch of you. Feeling alone tonight? Or just want to share a good time with your partner? Check out our Louisiana Lounger. It’s inflatable and easy to store when not in use. But when it’s in use, expect bondage and vibrating pleasure. With three vibrators including a G-Spot vibrator, you are sure to cum again and again. If you’d like to tie up your partner but lack the headboard, grab a Bondage Bedsheet all ready for keeping your partner in place while you please the however you wish. This sheet feels like velvet with four easily placed anchor pads to move your lover’s arms or legs to varying positions where you can tease and tantalize however you’d like. Shop for sex machines, sex swings, sex furniture, inflatable vibrating dildo chair, fucking machine now!


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