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MUST READ! Ultimate Guide: How to Buy Butt Plug Sets

Looking to add some spice into your sex life? Maybe even go into the wild realm of dark anal sex for erogenous anal pleasure during your BDSM session with you equally adventurous partner? We know the anticipation of finally getting that mind-blowing anal orgasm has been fantasizing about and the frustration of a too tight butthole that can’t take some fullness.  With itching determination, you have tried some fingering or even gone the crazy step of letting your partner force in his penis hoping the butt will just burst open with pleasure. And all you ended up with is a hollowing scream of pain and a traumatised butt. Believe us, we understand.

That’s why at Peaches and Screams, we offer you effective butt plugs sets specifically designed to loosen up your backdoor and get it used to having some fullness for sexual stimulation. Before we go any further, it’s important to note that loosening up you backdoor to take in a firm warm thrust from your partner’s penis is not easy. It is a slow but pleasure filled journey that must be travelled with a lot of patience and commitment. But, with the right tools, you are in for a body- jerking anal stimulation never ever imagined.

Butt plugs sets are packaged with butt plugs that vary in size, starting from small to large, to help you loosen up by gradually increasing the plug size with every insertion. They are also crafted to get your butt used to the feeling of fullness which is intensely sensual and does send pleasure shivers up your spine. Most beginner butt plugs sets come with 2-5 butt plugs of similar design but different sizes. But, for more advance anal players, there are a mash-up of butt plug sets with shapes, sizes and designs to increase pleasure, fullness and toe-curling stimulation all- in- one.

What to Consider When Buying Butt Plug Sets

Level of Experience

The butt plug set you choose is highly dependent on your level of experience. For beginners, go for a beginner- friendly butt plug set which normally contain small to medium butt plugs of the same design. Always start with the smallest plug in your collection and work your way up the ladder until you can comfortably take in the largest member of the plugs. Though, remember to take it slow and apply a lot of lubricant on both your butthole area and the plug itself for smooth insertions. For more advanced players, there are butt plug sets with medium to large sizes for a big adventurous butthole. You can at last open up like a fire balloon and enjoy a gigantic dildo for deep penetration or a well-deserved anal fisting during your BDSM session for explosive orgasms that will leave your entire body throbbing with satisfaction.

Set Variety

If you are already a backdoor play master looking to add some twist to your anal play adventures, mix up a few sensations and spoil yourself with intense pleasure by getting a butt plug set with variety packaging. Browse through the Peaches and Screams online shop for a range of butt plug sets with a variety of butt plug and toys in one single package. Depending on your artistry, you can pick a set packed with anal beads, vibrating butt plugs, and butt plugs with cock rings and set your game room for anal pleasure bliss.

Material Used

When it comes to purchasing sex toys that will be inserted into your genitals, you need to be very careful. Butt plug sets materials vary form silicone, metal, glass, rubber jelly to stone, wood and plastics. Some are soft and flexible while others are very rigid and firm. Which type of rigidity you choose depends on your personal preference and level of experience. However, for health purposes, we recommend you go for body- safe, non-porous materials that are easy to clean. Silicone and the more rigid materials such as glass, metal and stone are known for their non-porous nature hence body safe. If you can, stay away from some types of rubber and jelly as they are highly porous. Porous materials can encourage moulding and bacteria growth inside the toy leading to bacterial infections to your anal cavity. Some types of rubber jelly and plastics also contain phthalate, a plastic softening chemical and can be harmful if absorbed by the body. Make sure your butt plug set collection is of materials that are easy to clean and can stand high heat temperatures for when you need to sterilize by boiling or using a high voltage sterilizing machine.

How to use a Butt Plug Set

Using a butt plug set is simple and petty much straight forward. For beginners, start with the smallest plug in you set, don’t be too impatient to try the larger one. They might look manageable but can be quite excruciating to take in. For the first few tries, there will be some discomfort, but worry not, that’s your backdoor stretching and learning to accommodate some fullness and stimulation. Always remember to take it slow and use lots of lubricant on both your butthole area and the plug itself before inserting. You can add some spice to your foreplay by letting your partner lubricate you and softly finger your anus to help you relax.

For pro, you already know the insertion and lubricating drill. However, as you increase the size or mix up the plug for a multi- active stimulation, be tender and gentle to your butt. We want you flying away with anal rapturing orgasm and still taking care of your rectal walls for when you come back for a second dose.

With absolute confidence, we can say that butt plug sets are an exciting way to train your butt for intense anal pleasure. Simply visit Peaches and Screams online for perfect butt plug set and transform your anal play. From silicone to glass, small to large, with same designs to sets with anal assortment, Peaches and Screams got you covered. Own your set of butt plugs and let your sex life rock.


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