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Duo Penetrator

Duo Penetrator

  • Toyjoy Silicone Blue Realistic Double Ended Dildo - Peaches and Screams
    Toyjoy Silicone Blue Realistic Double Ended Dildo - Peaches and Screams
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    Original Price £38.86
    Current Price £29.89
    Toy Joy Sex Toys

    Toyjoy Silicone Blue Realistic Double Ended Dildo

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    Indulge in the ultimate shared pleasure or solo satisfaction with the Toyjoy Silicone Blue Realistic Double-Ended Dildo. The double-ended dildo is ...

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    Original Price £38.86
    Current Price £29.89
    Save £8.97
    Only 2 left!
  • 10-inch Huge Foot Shaped Black Dildo - Peaches and Screams
    10-inch Huge Foot Shaped Black Dildo - Peaches and Screams
    Save £26.52
    Original Price £114.91
    Current Price £88.39
    Various Toy Brands

    10-inch Huge Foot Shaped Black Dildo

    Only 2 left!

      The Footx dildo from the Fist Impact range is a sex toy made up of two parts.The foot measuring 24cm in length and the upright part of 18cm of in...

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    Original Price £114.91
    Current Price £88.39
    Save £26.52
    Only 2 left!

Double Penetration Dildos and Vibrators - Double Ended Dildos

Anal stimulation can enhance orgasm and provide tremendous sexual satisfaction. Our selection of Double Penetration Vibrators provide just that whilst penetrating the vagina simultaneously, hence their name! Choose from our selection of double penetration vibrators and experience twice the pleasure from dual and double vibrators that you would from single penetration vibes. Our double penetration vibrators come in the guise of strap ons, waterproof vibrators, anal rotators and double ended rabbit vibes. Double vibrators equates to twice the sexual satisfaction!

Don't forget to use anal lubricant because the anus does not make it's own.

Experience mind-blowing sensations from simultaneous anal and vaginal penetration with the perfectly designed Duo Penetrator Sex Toys.

If there is anything that can win many votes regarding bedroom antics, duo penetration would probably be at the top. Watching porn films would likely make you want to switch and be part of the mood that those actors who take double penetration portray. You will see how these people mourn, curl their toes in happiness, and hit multiple orgasms with vaginal and anal penetration.

The good news is that you are not far from high-end stimulation because there are various sex stores, such as Dimepiece LA, that offer great duo penetrator sex toys for beginners and sex toy pros. Therefore, if you want to spice up your sex life delightfully, search for these toys and enjoy the rest of the game.

What Are Double Penetration Dildos?

Duo Penetrator Sex Toys or double penetration sex toys are adult toys that offer both anal and vaginal penetration at the same time. However, they are not limited to female use only. Both males and females can use double-penetration sex toys such as vibrators and strap-ons. Women can use them for anal and vaginal penetration or dual stimulation with their lesbian partners. Men can use duo penetrators with their female partners during anal-to-anal or vaginal-to-anal penetration. This means a couple can insert the same toy in their anal openings while enjoying vaginal intercourse.

The significant advantage of duo penetrators is that they allow couples to achieve dual orgasms. Although they are not designed for everyone, and beginners will find them overwhelming and challenging, duo penetrators offer a great way to scale up things in the bedroom, whether you are on a solo stimulation or enjoying with your partner.

How to Choose the Best Double Penetration Sex Toy

You will find hundreds of sex toys that promise incredible dual stimulation on the market, and it is okay to be daunted when searching for your best choice. However, choosing the best sex toys, especially as a beginner, is driven by major factors, including the following;

Which Style Is Best for You?

Although the end goal for all fucking sessions is orgasms, the question is, 'do you want that from a big dildo or a simple G-spot stimulator?' Many people would choose deep vaginal penetrators to achieve maximum G-spot stimulation. You need to decide which style best suits your sexual needs. For instance, dildos give full vaginal or anal penetration, but most do not have vibrating features. G-spot vibrators have curved tips for targeted stimulation, while rabbit vibrators offer clitoral and vaginal stimulation, which can be used for anal stimulation.

Is Bigger Sex Toy Your Dream?

The best thing is that most penetrating sex toys are designed similarly to the average penis. This means you will not have issues choosing the right size for both anal and vaginal penetration. As a first-time buyer, do not go for a 20-inches dildo that you will not enjoy using. For anal penetration, go for something slimmer as you adapt to a thicker version. For vaginal penetration, it all depends on the size of your partner's manhood, but not anything bigger and more uncomfortable.

Check the Material

In the sex toy industry, the phrase 'you get what you pay for might be true, but you should be keen on the type of material you choose. Choose a body-safe material with a mark of quality on the toy. This means you should choose a material that is hypoallergic, non-porous, and easy to clean. Lube and price also determine the type of material you pick. For instance, silicone is the best material for internal penetration but is quite expensive and incompatible with silicone-based lube. Ensure you crosscheck every material and its safety features before buying.

Added Features

Duo penetrator sex toys may come with unique features such as vibrations, waterproof, and noise-proof. Vibrating sex toys intensify the game, driving the user into a quick orgasm. Test with different vibrating speeds before actual penetration for a comfortable fucking session as a beginner. If you intend to use your sex toy in public places, go for quiet penetrators that will not raise the alarm. Those dreaming of shower sex should also choose waterproof penetrators.


  1. Due to the attached vaginal dildo, the double-ended dildo has a built-in stopping mechanism which keeps your bowels from "sucking in" the dildo. No one wants THAT trip to the hospital - no matter how often a doctor may see that sort of thing.
  2. This is the perfect alone-play starter to get used to a real man anal encounter. You know, for that special guy who is so generous with love play which does not necessarily provide him with sexual pleasure.
  3. To the male shopper: Get this often thinner-than-your-willy toy to introduce her to anal. This will be more convincing than expecting her to take your thick shaft for the first anal encounter.
  4. Giving a single vibrator to the bride is sort of expected nowadays. And you can safely bet someone else at the bridal shower may bring the funny vibrator "joke-gift-that's-not-really-a-joke." But a double-ended dildo will be the shockingly funny star of the party.


Those who have never tried anal may wonder, "What if I get the double-ended dildo, but it hurts?" Here are some suggestions to make things more pleasurable:

  1. Have an orgasm first - or, even better, multiple orgasms. Orgasms affect all the muscles nearby. When muscles become worn out, they might relax, especially if you stay hydrated.
  2. "Just an inch." Yeah, we have all heard that from men. But it may work nicely in this situation. Put an inch in and then leave it there for a minute or three. At least a fake penis is fully in your control and will not try to go inside for its own pleasure.
  3. Similar to the "Just an inch" technique, simply place it on your back door entrance and get used to the feel.
  4. Think of the odd satisfaction from having a bowel movement. Maybe your in-and-out movement can be out and then go back in for more.
  5. Use good quality lube that is safe for your toy's material.
  6. Stay hydrated for easier and more fun anal play.


Some cleaning tips specifically for Double Penetration Dildos:

  1. Do not switch the two dildos around. Switching from the anus to the vagina can cause unwanted infections.
  2. Put a condom over the anal dildo to "keep your place." This also makes cleaning easier.
  3. Wash the toy immediately before and immediately after. Use dish soap rather than moisturizing hand soap. Dish soap has more detergents and fewer softeners that get in the way of super-clean. For extra cleaning, check if your toy's material is safe for a dip in rubbing alcohol. Just be sure to let the alcohol evaporate before play. Invest in specialised sex toy cleaners for extra cleansing.
  4. Get an easier-to-clean double-ended dildo, such as those made from silicone.
  5. Keep your hands away from your face during play. If you use your hands on your body, take a thorough shower immediately after.
  6. Wear thin gloves, such as surgical or food-handling gloves. Do this, especially if you have any tiny cuts on your hands. An easy way to check for tiny cuts is to rub them with alcohol.
  7. Scrub under your nails with a nail brush after play.
  8. Wash your undercarriage before play. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Duo Penetrator Sex Toys

What Are Duo Penetrator Sex Toys?

Duo penetrator sex toys are tools specially designed to provide you with maximum sexual pleasure. They are ideal for men and women who want to explore their sex life and take their bondage game to the next level. These sex toys offer you double penetration for extreme pleasure. You can use them for either solo pleasure or with your partner. Enjoy hands-free stimulation and sensations as you use these amazing sex toys with remote controllers and create a third-party illusion in your bedroom. 

How Do I Have Sex with a Duo Penetrator Sex Toy?

If you are new to duo penetrator sex toys, don’t worry. Here is how to use them comfortably. These sex toys create amazing senses of closeness since they have no straps, which may prevent them from getting in while using them. Insert one end of the Sex toy into your vagina and the other long end to penetrate your man. The double-ended duo is perfect for vaginal penetration for same-sex couples. You can engage in anal play since they are not large and have a comfortable circumference. Consider going through the guide and know other tips on using these amazing devices.

Are Duo Penetrating Sex Toys Safe?

Duo-penetrating sex toys are medically tested and proven safe for your use. They are made of body-safe materials that do not cause allergic reactions to your sensitive body. You should be careful not to buy defective products that will leave you with injuries because of the low-quality materials they are made of. These amazing sex toys are compatible with most lubricants for you to experience a pain-free experience. The safety measures on the device labels are also important in making them safe.

How Do I Choose the Right Double Penetration Sex Toy?

There are key factors that you need to consider before making your purchase. First, consider your ideal size; you should not go for an extra-large sex toy to avoid overstretching your orifice. Ensure the price is friendly to your pocket.

Materials used in the sex toy are also vital to consider since low-quality materials may be faulty and cause allergies to your hypersensitive body. Check the ease of cleaning the sex toy. While some are challenging to clean and may need sex toy cleaners or other special detergents, others only need warm soapy water to remove accumulated dirt.

You get used to the strange sensation and may even like the sudden warmth.

Other Female Sex Toys to Consider

Orgasm balls

Orgasm balls are often made out of silicone or metal and range from small to large, depending on what intensity level you’re looking for. When inserted into the vagina, they provide stimulation thanks to their weighty nature. This causes them to move around inside while also providing a sensation against the vaginal walls.

Ben wa balls

Ben Wa Balls have recently seen a surge in popularity as more people are becoming aware of the potential for intense sensations these little sex toys offer. They can be used solo or with a partner for an exciting new experience that pleases you.

Remote control love eggs

Remote-controlled vibrating love eggs can add fun and excitement to your sexual experiences. They are available in many different designs and sizes to find one that suits your needs. These toys let users take control of their partner’s pleasure from afar, making them great for foreplay and sex.

Kegel exercisers

Kegel exercisers such as Ben Wa balls and Kegel weighted exercise balls have become increasingly popular for strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. These devices come in various sizes and weights to suit different needs, allowing you to customize your routine.

Vibrating love eggs

Vibrating love eggs will take your enjoyment further than ever before. Not only do they make it easier to experience orgasmic pleasure on demand, but they also provide intense clitoral stimulation through vibration patterns tailored specifically towards female anatomy. With their remote controls, wireless capabilities and multiple settings, you'll never get bored playing with them again.

A duo penetrator is a great option for those looking to experience double penetration. Whether using it with a partner or solo, these devices can provide intense stimulation and pleasure. Double-ended dildos and vibrators offer different shapes, sizes and speeds to explore various sexual sensations. The possibilities are endless when exploring the world of dual penetration with a duo penetrator.

No matter your experience level, there’s something for everyone when it comes to finding the right double-ended dildo or vibrator for you both. A little research goes a long way in finding the perfect toy that will take your sex life up a notch. Don't be afraid to experiment. Try different positions, techniques, and new products until you find what best suits your desires. Enjoy yourself while getting creative with your duo penetrator. They were designed so that two people could simultaneously enjoy each other's pleasure.